Halloween Clearance: B3G1 Mac & Cheese Reminder

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So I hope those of you who scoped out the Halloween Clearance at Target today had some fun and found some good stuff! I was happy to hear a lot of you report that many Halloween food items were also 50% Off!

My buddy Kristin reminded me that the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Boxes are still on a B3G1 FREE and she found them on clearance today for .58 cents. So be sure and buy in multiples of 4- she paid $1.74 for 4 boxes or .43 cents each after clearance and deal. 🙂

And if you missed my post yesterday- there is a roundup of coupons you may want to have on you HERE if you are planning to try your luck at finding some clearance. While some stores may be wiped out – it certainly can’t hurt to check out the clearance while you are there and you may want to check the regular aisles for the mac & cheese too.

-Thanks Kristin of Couponing to Disney!

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  1. I found these at my Target today. They were mixed in with the regular boxes of mac n cheese and not marked on clearance. I scanned them and they came up as .62 each and when I checked out they were B3G1 free. So awesome deal. Make sure to scan them even if they’re not marked! 🙂

  2. Pillsbury cookie halloween dough is $1.25, use $1.00 target coupon and $1.10 from Pillsbury.com.
    Final price $0.20 each.

  3. I asked the Target staff about the mac and cheese deal applying to the clearance and they said it wouldn’t. I figured I would find out for myself and they were wrong. I was excited to get this and picked up some extra for my daycare mom too!

  4. I was so bummed, there was no mac & cheese left at my store. I love mixing that with spinach or broccoli for a less-guilty insta-meal. Couple of notes–my store had moved most of the paper products (tissues, paper towels, and select cups) to the Halloween section (even though they were with paper products yesterday), although the Solo kids portable cups were still with the paper stuff. The cookie dough had also disappeared, which is a shame because there’s a Pillsbury coupon on coupons.com. If yours has it, I’m sure you can score a great deal. While you might not want to eat pumpkin shaped cookies in January, I like buying the cheap dough to bake off and then I freeze the crumbs for cheesecake crusts.

    Also, the Halloween Oreos and Pop-tarts were on the regular snack aisles. There was some candy in each place–my store’s Halloween section was pretty picked over but there were still tons of the Harvest M&Ms (target coupon online!) and other mixed bags in the candy section. My store also had some of the candy, socks, and cereals up front by the registers. Orange & black storage bins were on an endcap. The cake mix is a fab deal with the Target coupon–.13/box. If you don’t want Halloween Funfetti you can easily sift out the sprinkles when you go to bake it. This was the Pittsburgh PA Target in Shadyside. Happy clearance hunting!

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