Halloween Clearance Up to 70% Off & Candy 50% Off

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Quite a bit of Halloween clearance should now have moved to 70% Off for many of you today if it hasn’t already. All stores are not on the same schedule so it may not be all of you but many of you will find 70% Off on children’s and adult costumes, Halloween Craft Kits, select Halloween costume accessories, lights, decorations,  disposable tableware, treat bags and more up to 70%.

Kelley found some select decorations, accessories & lights still sitting at 50% Off, but much of Halloween was 70% Off this morning for her and I hope many of you find the same. Also be sure to check the Dollar Spot at your stores for Purple dot merchandise to be up to 70% Off. There is some non-Halloween purple dot items too but still at 70% Off, so be sure and check this section. Candy should also have moved down for many of you from 30% Off now down to 50% Off.

And don’t forget to scan, scan, scan! Not all stores get their signage up- so while the signs may be right- you will never know if they are wrong unless you scan. 🙂 We should see another drop to 90% Off Halloween in the next few days- usually around November 6th or 7th. Let me know if you find/have found anything good!

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  1. Nov 6th- Target in Hadley, MA a lot of things at 90% off. Count Chocula 0.29, Boxed candy 0.10, kraft marshmallows- free with coupon, tinned popcorn 0.79…etc. Lots and lots of stuff

  2. my target is 90% for clothes/deco/costumes, 70% for everything else 🙂 got a bunch of costumes for dress-up parties!

  3. my local target has 90% off. Found 5 pairs of boxers for the hubby at $0.59 each! I’ve been trying to throw out his ‘reserve’ boxers. He insists on keeping his old boxers that are faded and the waist band is stretched out. Can’t wait to throw them out.

  4. My store has loads of the Boo Berry and Count Chocula cereal marked at $1.33 up by the register…grabbed two boxes and they rang up at .72 so I grabbed two more. Then the Catalina machine printed off a $2 off $5 GM cereal purchase. I don’t need more cereal but thought someone else might benefit! I did steer a woman over to the Halloween Kraft macaroni and cheese though! It’s still mixed in with the regular stuff at my store.

  5. I was able to grab Solo cups for kids with lids and straws on the shelf with the regular disposables for 50% off. They are in packs of black or orange. Also saw Halloween kids Colgate at 50%, but there were lots left—I will wait until 90% off! Found the Halloween mac n cheese and Pillsbury cake mixes unmarked–it does pay to scan—thanks!

  6. Found great deals yesterday! Got lightsabers 70%off along with Princess costumes that I plan to give as Christmas presents for dress up. Also got 2 bags of M&M’s 50%off plus used the Target coupon. Love it! Thanks!

  7. bags of 10 rawhide lollipops for dogs were $1.49 down from $4.99
    halloween paint and coloring pads from modern kids..same price as the dog pops above
    halloween squinkies 1.19 ea..down from 3.99
    teddy grahams bag of 18 ind serving packs..1.49…down from 2.99

  8. went to my store this morning was still 50% and candy at 30% but wasn’t much left over did get 3 boxes of pillsbury halloween cake mix and 1 frosting for free after cpns

  9. I found the Kraft Halloween Mac & Cheese for $0.36/piece. I bought 10 boxes and there were still plenty on the shelf. The buy 3 get 1 free deal is no longer active, but 10 boxes for $3.60 is a bargain!

  10. I swear I live at Target when there are big clearance events going on! 😉 . I went to a Target in Houston, TX yesterday and picked up a Halloween craft book from the dollar spot for .30 and also picked up some Thanksgiving wall clings for .30 as well! Today I went to a different Target hoping the decorations would be 70% off and the candy would be 50% off and it was! I picked up 3 foaming Softsoaps for .89 each, various bags of candy and a pumpkin that lit up and sang thriller!!! I have been eying the pumpkin since I saw it a couple of weeks ago and if it hung around until 70% off I knew it would be mine(90% off was just too risky)! Make sure to scan the candy because not all of it was ringing up as 50% off. I think this was because regular candy was mixed in with it as well. I plan on going to a different Target by work on Wednesday to see what is leftover!

  11. I went to a store here in Nashville, TN. It was 70%, but the candy what there was of it, said 30%. And there was hardly any candy to speak of. I’m thinking that now since my Targets carry groceries, they pulled alot of the candy and will just shelf it for full price. If you know what I mean. Because there is no way that all the candy they had sold at 30% off.

  12. Kerry, yes I did buy in groups of 4. I just didn’t add that because i wasn’t sure if the B3G1 free deal was still going.

  13. Some of the pillsbury cake and cookie mix and frosting have expiration dates past halloween of next year!! Saw some halloween goldfish in the big cartons but it wasn’t marked down.

  14. Stopped at Target after church with my husband which means it had to be a brief trip, no lingering. I was able to find some Pillsbury cookie mix, $.50, cake mix $.38. I had 3 $1 TQ so picked up 4 cookie mixes and 2 cake mixes for free, register auto adjusted the price which was fine by me. I picked up 2 bags of M&M’s for $1.50 each, used the $1.50 TQ (which beeped but cashier saw I bought them and put it through) so $.75 a bag. Then I found the International Delight Pumpkin flavor on clearance for $.64, I had 3 $.50 TQ and they were doing taste testing of In’t Delight passing out $.55 MQ. There were lots of them, so I bought 3 and the register gave me overage of $.41 on each of them when I expecting it to price adjust. Fortunately the extra from the M&M’s absorbed my overage so all the above cost me $.30 after tax and bag credit.

  15. idk if it’s bc I live in Socal but my target is still at only 30% off. I even scanned a few items to confirm and they were all 30% only. I’m hoping they’ll go down more this week as they bring in more xmas and thanksgiving stuff.

  16. I was at an area Target (not “my” store, LOL) yesterday and most items were 70% off, with the exception ot t he candy (50%). Some areas still had the 50% signs up, but it was 70% off. I got some Angry Bird boxers, and a cute Snoopy t-shirt for myself, all less than $3 each. I hope others have lots of luck!

  17. At one of my target’s they had the Halloween mac n cheese mixed in with the regular boxes of them. They weren’t marked but yesterday I they rang up as .36 each. So definately check there and scan them if they’re not marked 🙂

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