Target Halloween Clearance Up to 90% Off & My Trip!

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Halloween clearance should now be at 90% Off for most of you if not all of you if your store has anything left. I know some of you saw the drop to 90% yesterday but if yours hadn’t yet, today should be the day for most of you. If y’all were wondering why  I got such a late start today- it was because I was busy shopping! 🙂 There were baby bibs and apparel, costumes, costume accessories, a few paper goods, decorations, trick or treat bags, craft kits and more left at my store so it was a great day.

I know many of you have stores that there was barely anything left at, so I know I am fortunate to find as much as I did at mine this morning. Almost everything Halloween was at 90% Off for me, and candy and some food was at 70%. Just a quick note too- if you don’t see signs for 90% at your stores, it certainly can’t hurt to scan and double check. While not all stores may go to 90 and there may be a few stragglers, you never know if your store just hasn’t gotten around to their signs yet if you don’t scan.

I felt like I had a great trip- the only thing that made me sad was that despite getting there at 8:20 am- every single box of Count Chocula was swooped off the shelves, but there was plenty of Frankeberry & Booberry- for just .29 cents each. Plus I had heard the catalina machine has been popping out $1.50/3 General Mills Cereals catalinas, so I paid for 3 first, then was lucky enough to get the catalina, and used it in my next transaction, making the next 5 cereals I bought in my second transaction FREE.

So this last pic above was the final results of my trip today. 🙂 I bought 8 boxes of cereal- 4 of which will go in a Food Donation box I have going, a Toy Story Woody Costume for a friend of mine for only $3, Tissue paper for .19 cents, spider webbing for .30 cents, and some other great buys. My favorite finds today were the Huge Frankenstein Wall Sticker for $1.49 and an Eerie Eyeball Light Kit for $1.79, an Owl pail for .20 cents, and I also loved my adorable Jack O Lantern pillow for just .99 cents.

Between the cereal catalina, the $1/2 Pillsbury Baking Items Target Coupon, and some .35/1 Pillsbury Mix manufacturer coupons from the 11-4 RP I had- I only spent $21.62 and saved a whopping $193.59! 🙂 I hope many of you have/had some luck at Halloween clearance this year too!

While it will be very hit or miss today- if you are headed by a Target- you may just want to pop in and see what you can find that you can tuck away for next year! Good luck & Hapy Hunting everyone and let me know what you find!

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  1. 11 kids shirts (girls & boys), 2 baby body suits, 3 baby hats, baby bib, two really cute stuffed animal rattles, an Eskimo costume that was originally $35, cute witch hat, and 4 Halloween gift bags for $24!! I saved $170. I was surprised that there was no food at mine but wasn’t too disappointed since it is all junk food anyway. I would have bought a couple cup cakes mixes if they had them though 🙂 They had a lot of dog costumes, plastic pumpkins for treat-or-treating, and pumpkin decorating kits left. I was really happy with my purchases .
    I might go back tomorrow and dig around in the kid’s clothing section some more. My husband was with me tonight so he was rushing me, haha.

  2. I went to a Target near my work in Houston, TX and was surprised at the amount they had left, but the candy was FULL PRICE!!! I saw several bags of Reese’s (they had pumpkins on them so I know they were Halloween) and Kit Kats and thought I hit the jackpot, but when I took them to the scanner they were almost $3. I was really bummed, but I was able to pick up 2 bibs, a little cat onesie, a pumpkin carving kit, and I saw Glade candles on sale for 50% off…all of that for around $3.50!

  3. Our target mashes everything into 1 or 2 aisles and marks it 70% off, but since its all mashed together I have no idea what the prices on anything are! We also don’t have any of those scanners to price check stuff. So I just have to hope its a good price, if the price isn’t specifically marked on the item. I was happy to get an owl and pumpkin pillow 70% off. And got some discounted candy and 70% off Halloween themed shirts!

  4. Soo dissapointed my local target sold all the pirates booty cases. There was about 30 so can’t believe it sold in 2 days. But I should still consider myself fortunate. Found the cereal at 26 cents,cake mix, dog treats at .49, and other goodies I had decided to wait for. Fontana, CA

  5. The day after Halloween, there was only the nasty candy left, funfetti mixes, and some pillows. I didn’t see any cereal. =( I heard that you can freeze the funfetti mixes. Since they do not expire until next year, I will make Halloween cupcakes again! Plus, I don’t mind if I have Halloween funfetti cupcakes during the summer. 😉 The day after Halloween, they started putting up the Thanksgiving baking items on the same shelf and started working on their Christmas isles. I might check back, but seriously doubt anything will be left. I am glad that I waited to get the poison pillow on clearance, because it seems like no one buys them.

  6. My Target went 70% clearance on food and 50% clearance last Friday morning because the manager told the employees he wanted Christmas out pronto for the upcoming weekend. So I got alot last Friday. The great thing about the cake mixes is if you don’t want the sprinkles in the mix just sift it out and you basically have a yellow cake mix with a 1/14 exp. date. Great all year long.

  7. My store had already taken all the Halloween section down this morning and was putting up the rest of the Christmas. However, I did find M&Ms for 89 cents and Halloween village kit for 99 cents (which we are going to use for Christmas just using red & green candy instead of the orange & yellow that comes with it) They also had Halloween sprinkles in the dollar section that had the purple dot but they were ringing up 50% instead of 70% or more. The cashier tried insisting that they weren’t Halloween til i pointed out the word right on the top! She still wouldn’t change the price.

  8. I got very lucky in the clothing department. I went to 3 targets today and found out a lot of the boys boxers, baby pj’s, toddler shirts and beanies are all in there separate department in additional to the Halloween secetion. You would think they might be mixed with clearance racks items but they aren’t. For instance the Baby/toddler pjs were behind the Christmas pj’s rack, and the thor, spiderman, and iron man beanies were with the other boy winter hats. Also, the boxers were hanging with the non seasonal boxers. I think you got the point. Happy hunting!

  9. some woman bought 2 carts full of candy early this morning at my store. i was able to buy a couple halloween costumes that i can take apart to make customized costumes for next year for about $2 each. but damn your target had sooo much stuff left!

  10. I was excited, the Halloween Marshmallows were 11 cents each! I bought 10 pounds of Marshmallows (20 bags). Now, just need to find a sale on Rice Krispies!

  11. I went to my target store today and they still had a lot of candy and clothes. I purchased a skeleton sweater for $1.00 and a bib for 39 cents, 2pqck pajama set that was 2t and it was $1.49, infant onesie for 0.49, a big coloring book for 0.49, two big bags of Halloween candy at $2.39 each, a angry birds t-shirt for 1.19, a skeleton t-shirt for 1.00, Halloween paper plates at 0.30, silverware for 0.39, two plates for food at 0.39 each, carving kits at 0.40. I purchased all of this and my grand total was $16 dollars. I saved $111 dollars

  12. Our store has a little bit of items left. The costumes and other items dropped to 90% today and the candy was at 70%. I picked up 2 t-shirts for my niece for $0.60 each, a shirt for my nephew for $0.90. I got two capes for $1.20, a Iron Man costume for $1.00 and a ObiWan costume for $2.00. I was pleasantly happy with my trip today, including the really cheap candy ($20 bags were $6 and $10 bags were $3) which will come in handy for Christmas cookies!

  13. I got my 1 year old a 4 piece pj set for $1.49 and a shirt for myself for $.99. I’m happy with that

  14. I bought a lot of Halloween items today at 90% off. We have a huge Halloween party every year, so I like to buy all of the prizes and some decorations for the next year. I went to 2 stores today in So. Colorado and they had quite a bit of stuff left. My favorite purchase was the pilgrim nutcrackers that were $1.30 each- they were mixed in with the Christmas nutcrackers, but they rang up 90% off as did the Halloween nutcrackers. I also bought a vampire nutcracker for next Halloween. I have the pilgrim nutcrackers on my mantle with the turkey nutcrackers that I bought last year. Very cute.

  15. Our store is usually wiped out pretty quick, I think they have started ordering less to start with so they don’t have so much leftover. I found some pajamas for my son next year still in the baby section. I plan on going to target tomorrow and see if anything is still left…… Actually, maybe I will go now! You never know!

  16. I have to go and check out my Target in California! Ours had a ton of stuff left on Monday night but was only marked down to 50% at that time. I wonder if they have anything left! I will go in a few hours to check it out 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on all the great deals! Hopefully I can find some steals as well!

  17. Today I spent $23.90 and saved $131.08. My store had lots of candy, even good Hershey’s stuff as of this morning. I did find some candy items were actually scanning at 90% off–look for the theater style boxes of M&M’s and candy corn, butterfinger pumpkins in a 2-pack, and the tubes of Reese’s pieces with a pumpkin on top–they were all only 10 cents each. Also yesterday I found the Halloween Colgate toothpaste for 29 cents each at the end of an aisle near the napkins/paper towels–not marked clearance at all. Even better than the Halloween clearance for me though was boys’ uniform pants for 85% off–only $2.24 for khaki and navy pants. Some were not marked clearance at all, but they were. (These deals were found at the 2 Harrisburg, PA Targets)

  18. It was a good/bad thing for the candy to be 70% off…I was able to get lots of candy for a local group that sends Halloween candy to the troops (53 count bags of Snickers/M&Ms/Starburst/Skittles were $2.39), but bad for me personally as the “harvest” bags of pretzel M&Ms were only 89 cents – and that’s my favorite kind! I tried limiting myself to one bag, but it will probably be gone today : )

  19. My store marked to 90% yesterday… there were tons of items, 2 full aisles and 3 end caps! The key is to get there early! Once the word is out things start flying off shelves! Literally! By the time I left the store (about an hour and a half) most of the food items were gone. My favorite items were 24ct individual count of Pirate’s Booty for $.79 a case, PJ’s 2pk for $1.49, we got a 7 costumes for $1-$3 each! And cereal for $.26 (for donation 🙂 Totally worth dragging all 3 kids to Target! Candy was marked to 70% today!

  20. Thanks so much for your post! After reading it, my son and i hurried to our target! We got a wonder woman costume for one o f our dogs, a t-shirt for 69 cents for another dog, my son got a cowboy outfit for $2 and a car for $3 for dress up. also got a fireman hat for $1, a t-shirt for 69 cents. i also had two skeleton hoodies for $1 but must have dropped them while trying to carry everything (my son hates sitting in target carts so i dont even bother getting one anymore). Also got some reeses p-nut butter cups for my hubby. got $130 of stuff for $19. awesome – thanks!

  21. Yesterday my store had a ton of cereal and cake mixes, like an entire end cap of each, and today it was GONE. I can’t believe they actually sold it all yesterday. Oh well, I still made out like a bandit. At one store (Northtown, Blaine, MN), there was an entire end cap of fall themed cake pop mixes, caramel popcorn, hot chocolate, cinnamon sugar pretzels, etc. and it wasn’t marked, but ran up 90%. I also found a ton of toddler boys shirts and toddler girls pajamas in the regular section for 90% off. The pajamas will make another great donation to the charity I mentioned above. Yes, I went back out after my initial post. I couldn’t help it!

  22. I popped in today to grab diapers and scored the toddler donkey costume, a skeleton hoodie and a skeleton t-shirt for $5! I got the free $2 GC shopkick reward when I walked in, so $3 after that! WOW!

  23. Fantastic haul! I got 8 boxes of Boo berry and I guarantee they will be gone before they expire lol. We love the Halloween cereal around here and miss it when the season is over! I got lots of little things but was super bummed that neither of my stores had any good costumes left. There were tons of dog costumes but not kids!

  24. Wow what a great haul! I was surprised to find Halloween stuff 90% off last night. I got the Pillsbury cake mix and frosting for 12 cents and 15 cents. Expiration date was Nov/Dec 2013 so good until next year’s Halloween. I also got treat bags for 19 cents and marshmallows for 29 cents.

  25. Sara the cake mixes & frosting I bought don’t expire until 2014!!! Always check the expiration dates…I now have cake mix & frosting for next year and don’t have to worry about it going bad 🙂

  26. Found tons of candy at my store. Got 3 bags of the huge child’s play for $2.38 each and a spiderman costume for my baby for next year$2.00. 69 cent halloween shirt for my dog.

  27. I am so jealous I went to 3 stores last night after work hunting clearance and found absolutely nothing at all I was looking for cereal and cake mixes and frosting and snacks I came home with nothing 🙁 I wanted a Lallaloopsy and Barbie for my daughter not one to be found One store had absolutely no halloween at all the Christmas section was all set up so disappointing I did not make out well this year like I did last year as I wasn’t expecting 70% to happen so fast and everything was gone by the time I went

  28. My store in South Florida had tons of costumes, candy, pumpkin kits, decorations and baking stuff on 70% off. I was able to get tons of cupcake liners, cookie cutter sets, and even those cute little spider cupcake holders at 70%. I also found cake pop holders marked down to .70 cents and I plan to spray paint those for other seasons.

    The best part is that I got some fun catalinas. I got a $5 off $50 purchase, .50 cents off any brand of eggs (!) and .50 cents off any brand sandwich brand. So excited for all three of those!

  29. @Sara I bought several of the baking mixes and plan on using them for upcoming holidays and birthdays. They could be Christmas themed with green and red sprinkles on top, St Patrick’s Day themed with just green sprinkles, Valentine’s Day themed with red and pink sprinkles.

  30. Hey Sara – I loved my pillow too. I REALLY wanted one of the owl ones- but they were gone- but hey! Ill count my blessings Iknow some peopl ehad nothing left. Hope you can get some rest soon 🙂

  31. That’s awesome – you are very organized about it 🙂 I love buying any cereal if it’s under $1 for sure but I am always afraid it will get wasted. I have to agree with you on the cake mixes – they taste good anytime so that’s a good point. Plus I’m sure you can make them Thanksgiving-ish too! Sorry I didn’t read the entire post – I am super sleep deprived this morning 😛 I love your posts – you get amazing buys and I hope to be as great as you are at getting deals. PS I love love love the pillow you got! What a steal!

  32. Sara – most of the Halloween foods have sell by dates in June of 2013 or later….the cupcakes are good through 2014. I went to two stores that had a lot of stuff left. I spent between $60 and $70 and got lots of the theater candy boxes (check the regular candy aisle!), dress up clothes, 13 boxes of cereal @ .26 without clearing the shelf (10 for my daycare provider), several pairs of pajamas to donate for a charity called Sweet Dreams for Kids that donates pjs to children’s hospitals, craft items, baking items, cupcake boxes, 10 sippy cups (again for the daycare), my son’s costume for next year, and a lot of craft items. It was so much fun!!

  33. Hey Sara- the cereal is good for many many months to come and as I said in my post- I’ll be donating 4 of them. As far as the cupcakes go – around here we don’t mind eating Halloween themed stuff past Halloween as long as it’s tasty. 😉 I also always have a donation box going and go thru my pantry once a month to see what is nearing expiration that I will not use so I can donate it to a local church to be sure it does not go to waste.

  34. My local store does not waste time selling clearance Halloween items. They replaced everything Halloween almost immediately with Christmas items.

  35. Where in the world do you shop where your target has that much stuff left? Our shelves were pretty bare at 30% off and now, there’s maybe half an aisle of stuff. Very lucky, good job!

  36. What do you do with all the Halloween foods? I mean who really eats that much of that cereal? Do you donate it? The cupcakes won’t be good next Halloween do you donate that as well? Good deals aren’t good if they are wasted so I’m curious what you do with it? =)

  37. Incredible that your store has SO much left!! Besides candy, my store is almost wiped. I’ll have to go back and check out the cereal today though. Last time I scanned it, they hadn’t even begun to mark it down yet!

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