*Expired* FREE Baby Spoons, Bottles, Cups & More

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UPDATE: Bad news folks – but as of now – 11:45 pm 11/10- Target has now pulled this $5 Off coupon out of the mobiles. When I check my link it is now gone and quite a few of you have now said the same thing. 🙁 But if you have the Shopkick App on your phone there is still a $5 Off $25 Baby Purchase coupon you can use.

It is valid on Layette items, Feeding Accessories, Bedding, Infant Toys, Nursery Accessories, Furniture, or Baby Gear. And you can stack the following manufacturer’s coupons with it…
$3.00 off when you buy any ONE AVENT Multi-pack BPA-Free Baby Bottles
$1.00 off when you buy any ONE AVENT Pacifier Pack
$1/1 Munchkin Click Lock Cup at zip 77477
$2 off wyb Gerber Apparel or Bedding ($10 or more)
$2/1 MAM Pacifier, Bottle, Teether, or Oral Care Product
-B1G1 FREE PLAYTEX Pacifier 2-Pack (up to $6.99) wyb (1) Playtex Bottle

So while I was super leery about that new $5/1 Baby Nursery Item Target Mobile Coupon x11/23 from this morning- I am super happy to report that it sure is working just fine! 🙂 It is valid on “Layette, Feeding Accessories, Bedding, Infant Toys, Nursery Accessories, Furniture, or Baby Gear.” Karen, Kelley & Jennifer all tested it out today in their stores and were excited to report that it is working great!

In all 3 cases the Target Coupon did NOT BEEP and came off without a problem. I asked Karen to buy something under $5 and the result was the $5/1 coupon just auto-adjusted down to the price of the item and scanned flawlessly. 🙂 Here are the 3 scenarios they each did – all without any beeps for some FREE Baby Stuff!…

Munchkin Click Lock Trainer Cups 2 pack 8 oz $5.99 (PC thru 11/17)
-$5/1 Baby Nursery Item Target Mobile Coupon x11/23
$1/1 Munchkin Click Lock Cup at zip 77477
= FREE after stack & Price Cut!

Munchkin Soft-tip Infant Spoons 6 pack for $2.99
-$5/1 Baby Nursery Item Target Mobile Coupon x11/23
= FREE after coupon which should auto-adjust down to $2.99

Buy a Playtex Ventaire Single Bottle ($4.74) and a 2-Pack Playtex Pacifiers ($5.49) = $10.23
-$5/1 Baby Nursery Item Target Mobile Coupon x11/23
– $5.49 (use the FREE PLAYTEX Pacifier 2-Pack, With Purchase of Bottle
= a FREE bottle and a FREE Pacifier 2-Pack after stack!

But that is just the tip of the Iceberg folks! Remember this coupon is good for $5 Off any one Layette item, Feeding Accessories, Bedding, Infant Toys, Nursery Accessories, Furniture, or Baby Gear. This should mean FREE Rattles & other baby toys, baby bowls, cups, bottles, utensils & more! So Happy Shopping folks!! And a big thanks to Kelley, Karen & Jennifer for testing out these deals!

You can check out the rest of the new mobile coupons along with matchups on my post HERE. And if you are new to mobile coupons you can learn more about Mobiles & how to sign up on my post HERE.

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  1. I don’t understand how they can just pull a coupon like that. I was counting on using it when I went to Target today. To me it seems like a very bad business practice to give the coupon to people with a set expiration date and then pull it before said date. I’m becoming more and more frustrated with Target.

  2. I just used the coupon even though it no longer appears the $5 came off. I was able to use it for multiple purchases.

  3. Tried to use the shopkick one when buying a carters layette outfit, a pacifier clip, and some bassinet sheets, & other baby items & it wouldn’t work. 🙁

  4. I went to Target today around 3pm(I know because I left my husband home with the kids while they took a nap!)…

    And the coupon worked fine…I didn’t even know about this post update that the coupon was pulled last night….I wonder if it’s because I had the screen pulled up on my phone from y’day when I first received my text?

  5. It still works!! I was totally bummed when I found out they pulled it, I checked and I know I did not see the coupon there but when the cashier scanned the barcode from my phone sure enough it took $5 off my $6.99 Similac 2 pack Bottles!! I was so psyched I went back and got another 2 pack and had her scan my hubby’s phone and another $5 was taken off. I used a $4 check that I got from Similac making 4 bottles totally FREE! I did this transaction at 2 pm EST on 11/11/12 . So try it, it may still work for you too!!

  6. I have my mobile coupons on passbook on my iPhone and the $5 off is still showing when I view it through passbook. It’s not there when I click on the link in the text though. I’ll be going to target and trying it using passbook, hopefully the barcodes are different.

  7. You’re still the best 🙂 I have saved so much $$ from your knowledge and have stock piled $5 gift cards for holiday shopping and have $245 saved. Thanks for the 4-1-1 about the coupon. Next time I’ll run to the store! haha

  8. I get the regular mobile coupons and not the baby ones and mine did not have the coupon you are all talking about. Bummer

  9. This is frustrating! I saw the coupon on targe mobile and I tried to bring it up again and it’s gone 🙁 I wonder why I dot have it anymore?

  10. I was excited when I read bout this but I get both baby and reg mobile coupons (have for awhile) and neither had this awesome coupon :((

  11. I’m signed up for both sets of coupons & I didn’t receive this specific coupon in my text this morning!

  12. I am not eligible for this set of coupons because i got the baby ones earlier….i sent the text offers to target and that was the reply i got. Stinks! :-C

  13. I thought this coupon was pretty broad and knew there would be great deals to be had. Thanks to those that were the guinea pigs on this deal! Great for the gift closet for the next baby shower!

  14. I bought the munchkin sippy cups that were on sale for $5.99. I used the mobile coupon and $1 off munchkin manufacuters coupon, I only paid .06 sales tax with no issues!!

    I tried later with my husbands phone and had more difficulty. He has his mobile coupons set up through passbook on his iPhone. After pointing out that the coupon said $5 off a feeding item, she had the manager put in a code to override the system. I made out with four sippy cups that retail $11.98 for FREE! So awesome!

  15. Woo hoo! I just texted my reminder since I did not receive it earlier and got them instantly. Can’t wait to get some snack traps tomorrow. Ours seem to always disappear! Thanks so much Kerry, you are the best, best, BEST!

  16. Adriana-
    You can go to guest service with your receipt and ask for a “post coupon” and they should do it. They do it with the paper coupons. I had to do this once and they told me that although the system wasn’t set up to recognize the mobile coupons (it was pretty early on in the mobile coupon program) for this process they would just enter it manually.

  17. I didn’t get the coupon either. I signed up for the mobile coupons and just copy the links in the text message to my computer internet and print off the sheet with the bar code because I don’t get internet on my phone. I’ve never had trouble with them accepting it.

  18. Will this coupon eventually become a printable Target coupon? I don’t do the mobile Q’s but would love to get some goodies for upcoming babies in the family.

  19. Gah! I just bought some bottles for my friend’s baby shower and totally forgot to check for coupons. Will they price adjust for mobile coupons?

  20. I know! I saw that right after I asked the question! Thank you! Love your site. About to go to target to get the free bottle and pacifiers!! =)

  21. I got a target baby mobile coupon text this morning. That coupon wasn’t part of it though 🙁

  22. sweet, i need the spoons. if anyone happens to try buying the spoons or anything less than $5, please report back as to whether it takes $5 off or just the amount of the item. If it took $5 off regardless, I’d buy 2 packages of spoons. Ive been needing some and havent found a good deal on them yet.

  23. @Martha- you need to have an internet capable phone in order to pull up the barcode at the coupon link that is texted to you. hth

  24. Hi Erin, Shelby & Bri- there were 2 different sets of mobile couponns this morning- one was for being signed up for Baby Alerts and one set are the regular mobile coupons. This coupon is in with the regular coupons. if you did not get the regular ones yet and are signed up for them- try texting OFFERS to 827438. hth

  25. Hey Kayla- I highly doubt it although Icould be wrong. But since it says “item” I really think it will only deduct $2.99 hth

  26. Quick question.. I got the mobile coupon text message this morning, and it did not include this awesome coupon deal! Is it regional?

  27. Ok thanks. 🙂 One more question- would it work on 2 items? Like if I got 2 of the Munchkin spoons for $2.99 each, would it take $5 off both or only 1?

  28. Well that stinks! I got mobile baby coupons but there was no $5 one in there. Apparently we don’t all get the same coupons 🙁

  29. I got my baby mobile coupon link today, and I don’t have a $5/1 coupon. Is this on the regular mobile coupon list?

  30. Do you know if I could use this coupon on multiple shopping trips? Like if I used it today could I use it again tomorrow?

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