Kellogg’s Family Rewards: Get 100 More Points

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Kellogg'sThere are 2 new Kellogg’s Family Rewards codes worth 50 points each you can enter in your account to get more points. Just click on the banner to the right and register or log-in and enter the following codes to get another 100 points- REDBOOKKFR50pnts and GOODHOUSEMAG50pts..

When you join Kellogg’s Family Rewards, you can get rewarded for buying Kellogg’s Products. Just click on the banner to the right to join the program.

When you purchase specially marked Kellogg’s Family Rewards products such as cereal, crackers, and more you can enter the codes found inside to start earning points. You can then redeem these points for lots of good stuff – including high-value coupons! By joining the Program, you will also receive special offers, recipes, and exclusive savings.

While most coupon rewards require around 1,000 points- there are sometimes markdowns with high-value coupons available for as little as 50 points! Here are a few more codes you can enter right away to help boost your starting point balance…


You can also access coupons on their site that you don’t need rewards to redeem. Once you click on the banner and are registered and signed in, just click on the “Promotions & Coupons” tab toward the top of the site- then click the “online coupons” link on the left.

-Thanks for the new code to Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free?!

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  1. I am late coming to this post, but the KELLOGGSMEDAL20P is no longer valid. Just so you know for future posts!!

  2. There’s another code out KFRN-OWON-FACE-BOOK worth 20 points. The email says to log on to the KFR Facebook page, but I’m guessing it might work on the regular KFR page.

  3. Thanks! 😉 I was just about to send you a message to let you know about the new code I found in my Good Housekeeping magazine today but I see I’m too late. 😉 I love all these codes!!

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