Furreal Friends Butterscotch Pony $49.99 at Target

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UPDATE: Dead deal now folks. I hear it is now ringing up $99. 🙁

UPDATE: So it appears that they changed the online price at Target.com to $99.00 :(. However, as of 12:36 pm EST it was still signed and scanning for $49.99 at Target for Kelley. Even though that in-store price says valid thru 12/25 on the sign- I have a bad feeling it won’t last that long- so if you have any interest in grabbing this deal in stores- you may want to do it soon.

Wow! Here is a HUGE price break on the Furreal Friends Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony! It is on a new Price Cut that started today all the way down to $49.99 (regularly $119.99).  

If you have a REDcard (credit or debit) for FREE shipping, keep in mind this deal is also available on line- and if you use it to checkout- in addition to FREE shipping, you will also get an additional 5% Off. Plus you can go through ShopAtHome.com who is offering 4% Cash Back today (regularly 2%) or go through EBATES who is offering 2% Cash Back on Target.com purchases.

Once you are logged into EBATES or ShopatHome.com, just do a search for Furreal Friends Butterscotch Pony and add it to your cart. Once you add it to your cart it will come up as $49.99 now $99. 🙁

If you are new to ShopAtHome.com you can earn a $5 bonus for signing up, and if you go through EBATES, you will also get a $10 Gift Card to your choice of Target or other popular stores as a bonus in your account for signing up if you spend $25 in one transaction within 30 days.

-Thanks for the heads up to Hip2Save!

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  1. Oooh…one reader (Erin) previously said she showed Wal-Mart the pic. Wonder if she used this pic? It seems blurry.

  2. I wonder if I show Walmart the picture of Target’s price drop sign, if they would match the price? The song does say it would last through Dec. ;). BUT I was hoping someone had a more clear picture of that sign? The one here is a little blurry.
    I need this dang pony at a decent price! Help!
    Please and thank you! 🙂

  3. hi frances where did u buy your pony im very inerested cuz i need to buy 2 but all the targets near me dont want to price match

  4. Just scored the furreal pony for 49.99 it is ringing 99.00 but the manager said they were on mark ndown. I am so happy and my little girl is going to love it. This is an awesome deal. Thanks to all the ladies that put the news out.

  5. Yeah I found one so adorable and have everything on her list now. I would so not pay $99.00 for this and still dont know if its worth 49.99 but happy to be done Christmas shopping. No Thanksgiving/Black Friday for me:)

  6. I bought this today 11/21 in Houston. Sign said $49.99 it rang up $99.00 but they honored the $49.99 price.

  7. My Target no longer had this price, but I showed my Walmart a picture of Target’s shelf tag and they price matched it for me.

  8. I got two yesterday at my Target. They were scanning at $99.99 but I brought the $49.99 shelf tag up with me to check out and they honored it. And even better the cashier produces the $5 off Furreal coupon and took it off each one. Score!

  9. las vegas- signs are down- no ponies to be found on the shelves. I got one yesterday at 49.99 but went back today for the uno robot game. Had 10.00 off plus its marked down until Wednesday for 18.99– so I got Uno robot for 8.99! Awesome deal 🙂

  10. Can someone tell me if there target is still scanning for 49.99. The temporary price cut sign is gone at my Target and it is now scanning for 99.99.

  11. I bought this yesterday evening (11/19/12) and the price on the shelf said $119.99, but when I took it to a price check scanner it came up as $49.99. I managed to get the last one on the shelf and my daughter is going to be over the moon. No way would I have bought this even at $99 but it’s a GREAT deal at $50. It’s absolutely adorable in person.

  12. I just printed off this posting and took it to Walmart on 11/20 at 12:30pm and they matched the price for $49.99. They called Target to verify that the $49.99 price was still valid and it was. So excited about this deal! I wouldn’t have bought it for $100.

  13. Target change the price back up to 99.99. They were out of my target for the last 2 days And they told me to do shipment in today But now the price increase:(

  14. Yesterday we went to buy the horse since that is all my daughter has been talking about, the price cut tag was not on the shelf and the price showed $119. However, the item still rang up as $49.99! What an awesome deal!!!

  15. There were 2 DIF coupons thateveryone is talking about. If you got the toy book in the mail, on the back was a coupon for $5 off 50 toy purchase. That one could be used on any toys. The one inside the book was 5 off 19.99 fureal friends purchase excluding butterscotch.

  16. I got one today! Thank you! I will have one happy niece at Christmas! The shelf was empty but I asked an employee if they had more and he got me one from the back room!

  17. I purchased one on-line last week for my daughter Brooklyn and I took my invoice to my local Target and got the difference. So excited.

  18. @ toni actually my cashier was the one who told me about the Fur Real friends coupon in the Target christmas toy book. I was just letting couponers know sorry if your cashiers arent as friendly as mine.

  19. Not sure where to post this but I really wanted to share my savings as totally target has helped me save a lot. Maybe I can help someone else save ; ) .Today I was in my target in Houston TX area not really looking for anything spacific, but came across a typo in the ad. On page 4 lego sets are on sale for $30. Pictured is the Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers 7962 and also stated in the text below it DPCI# 204001096. This item is regurally priced $89.99 in stores signed for $85.49 and $69.99 right now online on sale for $66.50. I got mine today for $30 because it is pictured and stated for that price in the ad. Also thanks for the heads up on the baby butterscotch as that is the only toy my daughter keeps talking about this year and i got her one for $49.99.

  20. I got mine in Cedar Rapids IA! We still don’t have the Toy books. I haven’t gotten one in the mail and I’ve asked customer service numerous times. Very frustrating! Although, I did get my holiday book in the mail. Not as good but at least I know they didn’t lose my address!

  21. Well – I guess we can all expect Target to quit issuing coupons when people use them on items that are specifically excluded and then brag about it…

  22. I didn’t notice the butterscotch exclusion. I just got one!!!! it’s still working as of 2:30 mountain Sunday.

  23. Hi Kerry, just bought mine at Target it is $49.99 AND there is a 5.00 coupon in the Target toy book. So I just paid $44.99 for mine 🙂 hope everybody else gets the same deal.

  24. Same here, I was in pj’s…threw on some clothes and hit my coon rapids target store and they had 2 left! Just got back actually…. And just like you said, they rang up for $49.99!!!!!! Thanks for the heads up we were watching this for my 4 year old daughter and I was debating even spending a hundred bucks, but for this price… It’s going to be a good Christmas!

  25. Houston, Hollister location, had them! Just picked up one and they had a couple left. Thie tag said price thru 11/24 or 12/24. I was too excited to double check.

  26. I tried ordering Butterscotch online and it was comming to $99. Threw on some clothes (was in pj’s) and got to my Target. Two left on shelf for $49.99!! Thanks for heads up, Kerry. My Grand daughter will be one happy little lady:-) on Christmas Eve!!

  27. Hey ladies I just updated the post and just had kel ck signage & scan at store – still $49.99 in stores as of 12:41 pm EST sunday 11/18. I cannot guarantee how long it will last though since they changed the online price. If you are headed to Target soon though good luck!

  28. bummer! I was about to order it!!I was so excited since my daughter loves this baby pony but $100 was too pricey for my budget.Anyone know if its the same at store,as in $49.99.Or was this a price error?I will run out and buy it,seriously!

  29. Hi there
    I added this to my cart online and it came up as $99.99 at checkout. Was there anything I was supposed to enter? Thanks

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