New Coupons: Jingos, Crayola, Rayovac & More

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  1. I’m about to call Target about this problem. my coupons have no exp date and print “funny”. Am not able to print all of them either and then it says I printed them. also having this problem with Coupon Network. they tried to help me resolve with no luck. ???

  2. Up until this point I had no clue about why some are missing expiration dates, however- I believe the Target coupons are starting to have rolling expiration dates- ie they will now change depending on when you print them- I am still waiting to see if that is the case or not. they seem to be going back and forth with it and I have a feeling that is what is causign this glitch. I may be way off and wrong- as I said it’s just a theory but time will tell. I am sitting on it for now for a few more days to see if they all in fact start to roll or they go back to fixed dates. SOrry I can’t offer any help on how you can fix the problem though 🙁

  3. @ Jennifer–I have no idea!! I keep waiting for a cashier to question it, but none have so far. I hope someone can give us some info!

  4. Does anyone know why some Target coupons don’t print with an expiration date? About half of mine don’t have it and when I went today to Target, they would not accept the coupons without the expiration date. Thx!

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