Get 4 Totinos Party Pizzas for Just 48¢ after Rebate

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Be sure and keep an eye out for these specially marked boxes of Totino’s Crisp Crust Party Pizzas I found at my Super Target new this week. They offer a special code inside and if you find 4 of them – these codes can be redeemed for $5 in grocery cash by mail or Paypal by entering them at The codes must be entered by June 1, 2013 and there is a Limit of one rebate per household.

There are no coupons that I know of right now, but the Totino’s Pizzas are $1.37 each at my store, so if  you find the same price at yours, it works out to be just .48 cents for 4 after rebate. At .12 cents a Pizza it makes for a great deal if you find these specially marked boxes at your stores too! Good luck & happy hunting!

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  1. This was a money maker for me, I found the pizzas on sale at Save a Lot for $0.99 and bought 4 for $3.96 and made $1.04. I know, not much, but I was happy! I choose the paypal route too because I have a card that is connected to my account so I dont lose any money in the transfer process to my bank.

  2. I did this after getting them from my local grocery store. If you choose to go the paypal route they deposit it within days, I know it took less than a week for me to see it in my account.

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