*Expired* Alvin & the Chipmunks Chipwrecked on DVD $2.28 After Coupon & Price Match

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UPDATE: Price is back up at $11.29 now on Amazon- still cheaper than Target’s price though and will be $6.29 after coupon & price match. But I will let you know if I spot it anywhere else or if the price comes back down!

I am not sure how long the price on Amazon will stay this way- but right  now- they Amazon has the Alvin & the Chipmunks Chipwrecked DVD listed at $7.28.

If you haven’t heard- thru December 16th, Target is price matching their competitor’s online prices, including Amazon, and there is a $5.00 off Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked on DVD or Blu-Ray Coupon HERE. That makes this movie just $2.28 after coupon and price match! It is regularly priced at $13.00 at Target so it’s a huge savings- like getting for 82% Off.

To take advantage of the holiday price match at Target- just print your coupon HERE, grab the DVD at your local Target and bring that and your coupon up to Guest Services. You can either show them the price on your phone, or if you don’t have internet capabilities, just ask them to look up the price for you.

Again- I am not sure how long the price online will stay this way, so if you want to take advantage you may want to do it soon.

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  1. I printed the price $7.28 two days ago and just got over there this morning and they still honored it. Awesome deal!

  2. @Dee, I got the same response from my Target here in Kansas. She said they won’t match 3rd party sellers on amazon, they only match if amazon is the seller.

  3. When we price match from amazon.com, does the seller have to be from Amazon or can it be from other seller selling through amazon. My targets around my house in Southern Cali says that it HAS to be amazon as the seller and not anybody else. Please let me know. Also I tried to price match furby at target from Walmart.com for $15. Even though target has the exact furby and color, they said they can’t price match bcos Walmart.com says its out of stock and they won’t match out of stock items online. Is this true. Or just my target. Thanks for any inputs!

  4. I just went to my Target after verifying prices at $7.28 even though it was expired. I was able to get the deal at Target 20 minutes ago. After arriving home it was up to $11 again. Thanks for the tip. I was happy I squeaked the deal in.

  5. It’s back down to $7.28 — I was able to price match and use the coupon! Thanks so much for this great deal!

  6. I just price matched/purchased this DVD for 7.28 minus the 5.00 coupon at Target. Price is/was back down to 7.28 30 minutes ago!

  7. The Target in Lancaster, PA honored the price match from Amazon (just showed a print out of the $7.28 price) as well as the $5.00 coupon. Woo hoo!!

  8. I was able to price match and use the coupon for this DVD today at my Target in Summerville, SC.

  9. Hey Meshia- you should show them their own policy found here:

    which states:

    Can I use a coupon when price matching?
    A guest can use coupons when price matching per Target’s normal coupon policy. When the guest presents a coupon(s), these steps will be followed:
    • Manufacturer Coupons: Manufacturer coupons will be applied after the price match is made.

    Price match made = $7.28. Coupon applied = $2.28

    I would ask for a team leader if you are turned down and ask them to look at their policy

  10. My Target will not let me do both. I was told it was one or the other, but not both. That is in AZ. Not sure if it’s up to the store. I didn’t argue.

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