Fijit Friends On Sale for $15 in Target Stores thru 12/8

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So if you have had trouble price matching the Walmart site because they keep going in and out of stock- no worries since looks like Target has these put these pricey toys on Sale in stores for $15 thru 12/8. Vanessa sent me a picture from her store this afternoon, where she just just picked 2 up today.

Target sells 4 different kinds of Friends too, and all 4 are $15 each, regularly $40+. She only found a sale sign in front of the purple one, but Vanessa said all 4 different ones scanned at $15 when she checked. If you don’t see a sign, your store may just be missing it, so be sure and scan to double check and you should get a $15 surprise.

-Thanks so much for the heads up & picture to Vanessa!

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  1. Got one yesterday..there was a sign in front that said $44 reg $54 but it scanned at $15 just like everyone said!…thinking to give to my 4 year old niece, but my sister already said she’s disinterested in her friends, bummer. I’m sure I can find someone to give it to for christmas…especially at that great price!

  2. Just asked my 8-year old daughter if I should get one of these for her friend (birthday party today) and she said no….just had to chime in to echo shanshan!

  3. This is an insane deal! It’s so insane that the people at Target didn’t even believe it. I sent my mom to snag two of these (as I’d already been to two stores and found them sold out) and she had to ask for help in order to find them. When she did that, she mentioned the price and the worker she was talking to insisted that it was wrong. It ended up being a big deal – a manager had to be called, etc…Just a heads up – if there’s no shelf tag, grab them and scan for a price check yourself! Don’t involve any Target employees!

  4. Didn’t see any peelies, wanted the pink one, but it was gone, got the purple one though, what city were u in that had the peelies?

  5. I was able to snag all four colors and get a 10 gift card back with the facebook target offer. All three kids are going to love them.

  6. 8 yr old got the pink one 4 months ago. When I ask if she wants another one (since it’s now $15) she said no! Oh well fine. She was only interested for about 2 weeks and hasn’t played with it since.

    Our only does “knock knock” joke, say good-night and ask “what you wanna do now, huh?” That’s 20 phrases tops.

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