Hot Target Coupon Still Available! FREE $10 Target Gift Card When You Spend $50 In Store thru 12/15!

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If you weren’t around yesterday- just a heads up that Target released another AMAZING coupon valid for a FREE $10 Gift Card with a purchase of $50 or More. This offer is only valid thru December 15th, and is an in-store offer only.

You can also use other coupons with this coupon – just be sure your total reaches $50 before tax and then hand over this $10 GiftCard coupon FIRST. Then hand over the rest of your coupons. You can also use it on transactions that earn GiftCards as well.

And while the fine print states that GiftCards will not count toward the total- in my opinion this refers to Target GiftCards and you can try purchasing other Gift Cards like restaurant, iTunes, Disney and more and you can use the coupon to get a $10 Target GiftCard back. My hubby picked up a $50 Disney Gift Card last week with this coupon and used it with no trouble, and no beeps, but just letting you know it may be a ymmv.

I know some of you have asked for scenarios- so I am working on a post- so stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. I soo sad I could’t print the coupon [the message said, Your coupon sent to your printed but never come out]

  2. And by the way, if you are working on a “scenario,” here is one transaction I did (I have 2 computers, and my store allows as many Target Q’s as items)…

    4 Angel Soft 5.99 each =23.96
    3 Bertolli frozen meals 5.49 each = 16.47
    4 ID Gum 2.50 each = 10.00

    $50.43 total, minus:

    Coupon for $10 GC
    (4) $1/1 Angel Soft MQ’s
    (4) $1/1 Angel Soft TQ’s
    (4) $1.50/1 ID Gum MQ’s (all from

    $36.43 and got back $5 GC for Bertolli, plus $10 for spending $50 = like $21.43 for over $50 worth of stuff!

  3. Loving this deal! Last week I had a ton of stuff to get (and they had the coupon at the register at my store), so with multiple transactions I got $60 in gift cards! Now this week, I went back and got some groceries, toilet paper and a few other things, used those gift cards, and got 2 more. 🙂

  4. Went to Target just now & the cashier asked for all of my coupons, sat there & sorted them & scanned the coupon after each item. My total post coupon was 41.17. She wouldn’t give me the gift card, nor would the manager.

  5. @Susan– I used the $5 coupon off $50 last week with the gift card deal. Not a problem. I asked the cashier before she started if it was okay.

  6. I just left target with a smile on my face!
    Grabbed the Conair Infiniti Pro Spinair Brush ($59.99 original price) with a price match for Walmart at $39.99.. Got a $10.00 giftcard that they had for that item this week too! Added some boy’s clothing that were reduced and a few Pokemon toys that were reduced as well making me pass the $50.00 mark..
    Aside from that, the Guest Services lady happily applied my two new $10.00 giftcards to my purchase and which brought my total to $59 and change!
    Got 2 pants, 2 shirts, 3 pokemon toys and the conair tool for the original price of the conair brush! 🙂 loveee target!

  7. @Erin You can always print two of each coupon on their site. They didn’t seem to do anything special about this one (even though the fine print says 1 per customer).

  8. My daughter came home with a coupon (printed at the register) for $5 off purchase of $50 or more. Can I use this as well as the coupon for the $10 GC? If not I plan to use it at Publix but would rather bring my target total down 😉

  9. I printed it yesterday and the link must have been reset because it let me print another one today…

  10. Paired this with great Mio coupons and GC back and the Glade coupons and GC along with a $5 off $50 Q. Great deal.

  11. When I used this coupon last week, I probably made the mistake of handing over all my coupons at once, but the gift card coupon was on top as I wanted that scanned first. The cashier made a point to set the gift card coupon aside, scan all of my other coupons, and then scan the gift card coupon last. My total was still over $50 (darn Target) so I ended up not having an issue. 😉 But I wanted to point this out in case the cashiers are getting direction to do this. So be sure to hand over the gift card coupon first, by itself, as she already states.

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