Get 70% Off Holiday Greeting Cards Plus Get FREE Shipping and FREE Stamps!

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Today is the last day (12/17) that you can grab a BIG discount on holiday cards at Cardstore with guaranteed Christmas Delivery. Cardstore is offering 70% off Holiday Cards & Invites using the Coupon Code: CCP2147.

They have some great 8×4″ Value sized flat cards for $1.09 each before code, AND you get a volume discount the more you order, AND you get FREE Shipping AND to make it even better, you can get FREE stamps if you mail them directly to your recipients.

I did this deal back in November at 70% Off and was so happy with my cards. While everyone’s quantity and needs will differ – as an example- for my order I had added (31) 8×4 value cards to my cart, which brought the cost down from $1.09 per card to .89 cents per card before code. I also chose to have them delivered direct to my recipients which means they will provide the postage and mail my cards for me for FREE!

After using the code CCP2147 at checkout I got 70% off my order plus the FREE stamps for a grand total of $8.32. The postage alone to mail my 31 cards would have been $13.95, so it was almost like them paying me to order my cards through them! 🙂

To mail directly to recipients is a lot easier when you create an address book first. Making this address book is easy, and Cardstore offers plenty of promotions throughout the year- many times even FREE cards, so you will likely use it again in the future. To create your address book, just go HERE and create a new account or log in if you already have one. Click on “My Account” at top right and then click on “Address Book” and add your addresses.

Once you are done with your address book, now create your custom card. You can choose any style you want, but if you are looking for the value cards that are $1.09, just enter the word “value” in the search box at top right to find them quickly. When you are done creating your card you are then given your shipping option. You get FREE shipping no matter what, even if you choose to have them mailed to yourself.

If you would like them all stamped and mailed for FREE, choose “Mail to the Recipient”, and once you do that, your address book will pop up and you can choose your recipients. Cardstore does a great job and their cards are great quality- I have yet to be disappointed and I am happy to get such a great deal on cards this year! Just go HERE to check out this great offer and use the code CCP2147 at checkout to get 70% Off your total.

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