Hot Target Coupon Still Available! Get $5 Off a $30 Grocery Purchase at Target Plus a Direct Link!

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grocery-purchaseIf you have not heard- Target released an awesome Target Coupon for $5 Off a Grocery Purchase of $30 or More and does not expire until 12/24. And for those of you who were having trouble finding it- I am hoping this new direct link to this coupon HERE will help!

For those who are wondering – you should be able to use this coupon with other coupons, just be sure your total reaches $30 before tax, and then hand the $5 Off $30 coupon first, before your other coupons. You can check out my Best Deals of the Week post HERE to help make the most of this coupon.

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  1. If you need a filler for your $5 off of $30….there is a TQ for $1/2 Planters peanut butter and I had printed $.75/1 Q from but when I got to the store there were $1/1 coupons on most of the peanut butters. It made them bogo!

  2. @ Kara-frozen foods should count towards the $30. I bought $30 of groceries today and about $6 of that was frozen (MP frozen appetizer) and was able to use the $5/$30 Q without a problem.

  3. Valerie — I had the exact same situation today – had a $5/$25 frozen foods and the $5/$30 grocery coupon. I’m sad to report that I could NOT use both coupons unless my total had been $55 – the total value required for BOTH TQs. Oh well; it was worth a try, because I wanted to know, too! 🙂

  4. My Christmas candy rang up under ‘Home’ and didn’t count so be careful if you are close to the $30.

  5. I also have a $5 off $25 frozen foods purchase from a previous trip to Target. Do you think I could use that in addition to this one?

  6. Hi EMilie- imo groceries is anything edible- no household or cleaning or paper towels etc. fo rme on Sunday- thtat coupon was not gonna budge until I had $30 worth of food. I believe Christmas can dy shoul dbe fine. hth

  7. This might be a dumb question, but what qualifies as groceries? Is it just food like pasta and bread or does it include Christmas candy, or cleaning products?

  8. AJ, when you get to the register let them ring everything up, hand them the $5 off $30 grocery coupon and after they scan that one hand them the rest to scan. The total needs to be $30 before coupons for it to work. I’ve used it twice, works like a charm. 🙂

  9. The register is also printing a $5 coupon on some items as well… was so bummed I forgot to bring mine to the store, but then when I purchased some sugar/tissues for my husband’s office, the register printed one, so I was able to use it on groceries in my next transaction. Yay! 🙂

  10. Hi AJ- TQ policy prohibits combining MQs in that manner -the only other coupon you could use would be a TQ and it would have had to have been a $1/2 sinc eyou cannot use a TQ against an item made free by an MQ. hth & makes sense.

  11. I planned on using this with 2 Bogo Tillamook yogurt coupons.

    Can I also use the buy 4 get $1 off Tillamook yogurt with the bogo?

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