Big Discounts on Thomas & Friends Toys – Get Up to 75% Off after Coupons & Toys R Us Price Match

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There are a couple new very high-value coupons for Thomas & Friends Toys available to print…

$10/1 Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Great Quarry Climb
$14/1 Thomas & Friends Risky Rails Bridge Drop

The prices are quite high at Target right now, but in this Week’s Toys R Us ad thru 12/22 they are on sale- so while you can buy them at Toys R Us, you could also Price Match at Target for some nice deals after these coupons…


Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Great Quarry Climb
Price Match with Toys R Us printed Ad (pg 13) for $19.99
-$10/1 Thomas & Friends Play The Great Quarry Climb
= $9.99 after coupon & price match (regularly $39.99!)

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Risky Rails Bridge Drop
Price Match with Toys R Us printed Ad (pg 15) for $29.99
$14/1 Thomas & Friends Risky Rails Bridge Drop
= $14.99 after coupon & price match (regularly $59.99)

To price match, you can bring your item & the Toys R Us Ad up to Guest Services. Manufacturer’s coupons CAN be used on a price match, Target coupons cannot. While some of you may be having a hard time doing this- their policy is published online and you can politely ask them to refer to it if you have trouble. The policy can be found HERE.

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  1. I’ve never had any issues with using manufacture coupon’s at Toys R’ Us since I’ve used them for both Blu Ray movies as well as for Toys. So just FYI, even though the Risky Rail coupons don’t seem to work at Toys R’ Us, depending on your store’s manager, he/she will usually do the override in the system so you’ll be able to get the discount.

  2. After the suggestion of Jonathan, I was able to use the manufacturer’s coupon at Toys R Us. I returned the one I bought at Target for $20. I also sent a note about it to, but they did not seem overly responsive.

  3. I got them both at Toys R’ Us with no problem at all! My little guy is going to be thrilled to get these for his third birthday! 🙂

  4. I have always been able to use manufacturer coupons at Toys R US without any issue. Wanted to get this deal, but they were sold out everywhere in my area.

  5. is AD regional? i went to the store,but unable to find the price in the ad, i only got two piece of paper.

  6. Jonathan Hew…how were you able to use the coupon at TRU? Their policy says no internet manufacturer coupons. My store has always said “no.” But my Quarry Climb didn’t work at Target either. I sent a note to the website about it.

  7. I see that I’m not alone with my Quarry coupon did not work @ target. I will head over to Toys R Us in the morning since it looks like it has been accepted there. That is so weird!

  8. Manufacture coupon for the Great Quarry Climb did not work at Target, but worked fine at Toys R Us. However, the manufacture coupon for the Trackmaster Risky Rails worked fine at Target but not at Toys R Us. Go figure!

  9. I had the same problem as Shelly with the Great Quarry Climb. It said my coupon was invalid and they would not take it.

  10. I used the coupon for The take and play great quarry climb at target and it said something like invalid coupon please see manufacturer. So they wouldn’t take it but I didn’t have a problem buying the trackmaster riskey rails one!

  11. its in the policy too at the bottom- I suggest printing that wholoe page kerry links too and bring to your store- it helps!

  12. Hi Isel- mine was in the SUnday paper. It is supposed to be the original print ad. perhaps a neighbor has a SUnday paper still or you could always buy at TRU

  13. Where can we find the Toysrus ad? Can we print them or does it have to be original? I just recycled mine this morning 🙁

  14. I thought Target didn’t allow the use of coupons when you price match from a competitor’s ad?

  15. Target has these on clearance online…wonder if they’ll clearance in the store and go to 70% in January? Might almost be free after Q if that happens!!!

  16. Hey AUbrey they no longer price match ONLINE prices after the 16th. Follow that lin k to the policy- this is actual competitors paper ads not online price matching. It is still valid all the way up until the 24th. You just cant PM any ONLINE competitor with the exception of hth

  17. I went to Target last night to price match and Guest Services said that after the 16th they are no longer price matching. Any one else heard this? I was very upset!

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