In With the New… Get Your Year in Gear

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If you haven’t seen this area starting to be set up in your stores yet, you probably will soon. Each year at the beginning of January Target puts together a section of marketplace items, some of it is bulk-packaged, family size, and bonus pack items. In years past it has been The Great Save Event, and the Bullseye Bodega and this year it is Get Your Year in Gear. As the Christmas clearance section shrinks, this area will get stocked with all kinds of things.

This section usually lasts in stores until around the 2nd to 3rd week of February, and in the past, clearance on these items has usually begun as early as the first week in February. Sometimes during the event there are good buys to be had with coupons, but typically the clearance is when the good deals can become great.

Target has several store coupons geared toward this articular area of the store. You can find them in their own directory HERE, however the same coupons are mixed in with the regular printable coupons area.  you can see any  manufacturer’s matchups available  for these coupons on my Target Coupon Page HERE.

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  1. this is not set up in my target store yet..

    2 isles and lots of end caps of clearance left.. Nothing really great unless you want to rummage through the shopping carts full of clearance.. Which i did and found the good candy, planters peanuts and burts bees

    My store has tons of gift wrap, bags, tissue paper, stockings and wreath hangers.. and tons of Hickory farms ,

  2. man, my Target was down to 1 endcap yesterday!! I can’t believe how fast they broke Christmas down and set up with the bulk items. NO candy at all, and I walked all over the store. The worker said whatever candy didn’t sell at 30% got pulled!!!

  3. I live in Houston and it was still 70% yesterday! There is never anything left at my stores to go to 90%.

  4. My Target looked like they were getting ready to take all the Christmas stuff off the floor(everything was getting put in carts). It was at 70% so I don’t think I will see it drop to 90%. FYI-I’m in Michigan.

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