My 90% Off After-Christmas Clearance Target Trip

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I was MIA this morning since I was certain I would see 90% Off today at my store and it sure was! 🙂 My store had quite a bit left- lots of gift bags, lots of wrapping paper, stockings, pre-lit trees, ornaments, ribbons, bows & more. I know many of you aren’t as lucky to have this much left- if anything at all, so I was happy to find it pretty full this morning.

I didn’t not find very many surprises- everything seemed to have been moved to the clearance aisles, although I did find 2 Christmas Goldfish in the cracker aisle- one box for .30 cents and the bag for .21 cents. I had stocked up quite a bit on wrapping items last year, but was also shopping for a friend this year who had to work. So I got several gift bags, lots of tissue (the solid red, green & white will work fine for any time of year), a few rolls of wrapping paper, and some other odds & ends.

My candy was at 70% but there was not very much at all left at my store. I managed to get 4 bags of M&Ms for .14 cents each after my $1.50/2 Target coupons since hubby was with me. I was so glad he came with me since I ended up buying a 7.5 foot pre-lit Christmas tree that was $18.50 down from $185 and he was in charge of keeping an eye on that while I shopped. 😉 All in all together we spent just over $43 and saved around $364 and almost $20 of what was spent was the tree. 🙂 I had a lot of fun this morning, and I hope lots more of you out there found 90% Off today too and had some luck!

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  1. Diane – I went to the Cary Crossroads store at 6 today and found a couple of the toothbrushes. They were not on the end cap. They were mixed in with the regular toothbrushes but they were only the ones with the UPC code was a stickers.

  2. Went to the Target in Cary, NC today, and it doesn’t appear they even have a Christmas department anymore. They either sold what little they had left, or just packed it up. (They never went to 90% off that I’m aware of.) Tried to find some of the great finds in other departments that others have posted about, but didn’t find anything. (There were some children’s power toothbrush/toothpaste sets on an end cap, but they were no where close to $0.49 – scanned them just to make sure. Same with the other items on clearance. Even the few remaining holiday candles they have left, they had not marked down any since their initial reduction before Christmas. Did see a ton of of the 30% off holiday Coffee-Mate creamers though, but just don’t have any more room for any more, LOL.

  3. If any one has seen the nerf guns in the Twin Cities area let me know. Can’t find them anywhere even if the store locator says they’re in stock. Would love to get a few for my kids. Thanks

  4. There wasn’t much left at my store in CT at 90%. Got some more ribbon for 30 cents which I can use for birthday and other gifts. I was excited to find the D&D Gingerbread coffee for 79cents (on its regular shelf in the coffee aisle) and some acorn votive candle holders for $1.79 instead of $17.99.

  5. Still waiting for Frisco, TX Targets to go 90% off. Called this am – still 70%. Seems much later this year.

  6. I was at Target Yesterday where I live, and things are just at 70%, it was a bit disappointing. They were pretty picked over so I did pick up a few things that were items that would be good to have (incase I can’t get there when it does go to 90).

  7. I called 2 stores before deciding on which to go to. The first store (Lisbon CT) said they only had half an aisle left of Christmas clearance. The second store (Dayville CT) said they had multiple aisles…I went with the second store. They had tons of bags, tags, tissue, and for some reason tons of the $29.99 5 pack of LED snowflakes. For $2.99 each I bought 4 boxes. I’ve been checking the kid pj’s each time I go into any Target and they keep ringing up full price $14.99 or some only at 30% off. Really…how much longer can they sell Santa pj’s at full price? Even the seasonal coffee from DD, Starbucks, and Seattle’s Best was all regular price. I still ended up spending $40. $12 of that was on two $6 clear green totes. I should have bought more totes for all the extra stuff I ended up buying.

  8. So I went tonight to my Target in McAllen TX was very disappointing they hardly had an xmas items left I was hopping to get wrapping paper but the shelf were bare. I did find a snowflake tree topper for $1, Goldfish for .19 each and Dunkin donuts coffee bags for Free!!! used .75/1 coupons got 10 of them they were rang up .74 each I was super happy . .14 M&M got 2 bag and a couple of boxed ornaments for .50 each I also found BC cookie mix for .20 a pop. Spent a like over $20 buck but saved $264

  9. @ Adrry..what did the ipad covers look like? I would love to get some. I wish I could find these headphones that everyone is talking about!!
    That is so awesome that there were trees left!! I don’t think I’ve seen any trees left to go on clearance.
    I went to a store in Houston, TX that was 90% off and there was surprisingly more things than I thought there would be. I got kids shirts and dresses varying from .79 – $1.29 (these were in the kids section under a sign that said 70% off, although pjs that were obviously Christmas themed weren’t on clearance),I also got adorable white pine cone and acorn votive candles for $1.79. I have been eying since I first saw them!! I got some cute flasks for .59 and .79. I was wanting the pretty silver and gold plates with the trees on them, but I didn’t see any left. I wish they had more of the holiday Planters nuts flavors because those are soooooooooo good. I would go to another Target, but I really don’t need anything else at this point (actually I haven’t really needed anything since last years after Christmas clearance!!).

  10. Thanks Kim, maybe I’ll brave it. That store is awesome. The closest one to me is Arlington South but it’s a pretty popular one so I decided to skip it.

  11. In Jersey Today I bought lots of goody and hidden item that might not look like Christmas items. Slippers with silver tags $1.29, Rolled pjs flannel shorts $1, iPad covers 2.99, iPhone5 covers 1.49, Oreo holiday cookies .29, certain Christmas woman pj with silver tags 1.79, holiday kids shirt .99 ex hellokitty toy story Charliebrown Dora princess, men’s holiday boxers character and silver wrapping .59-.89

  12. My store let me buy the 10.5 foot noble fir tree normally $520 that they had on display for $52 dollars, they even let me keep all the ornaments that were on it:)

  13. Cris…..the store on 7th street had the most I’ve ever seen….anywhere. In fact, I would say there will be a good bit there tomorrow. It seems the superstores have the most.

  14. After reading Kim’s comment I wish I had gone to Fort Worth. Thought it would be picked over and nothing left even though the City View one had TONS left on monday. Oh well… Dallas South and Grand Prairie on 360 was 90% but Carrier still at 70%. I found some dollar spot items that wouldn’t scan but they still sold it to me for 10c! Super cute silver ceramic owl for $1 and check for Threshold silver frames packaged in pink/ blue boxes also at 90%. One set of 3 was originally $27.99!! Also cute talking stuffed animals (bear, cat, bunny) for babies for 0.49. Girardelli and Godiva were 90% too. Starbucks gift sets not cheap but their cake pops kit was about $3. Burts bees lip balm with snowflake package 0.29 and balm and tin lotion 0.49. Someone got the last tree! I wasn’t looking for one but could have started a second if found one like Kerry’s! LOVE TARGET!!!

  15. Kerry, thank you for the heads up about the 90% off. My store in NY (Levittown) was 90% off today. I stocked up on tissue paper, wrapping paper and various other Christmas items. I saved $76 and was so giddy!! I know it’s small compared to other people, but I didn’t need everything and tried to just focus on what I really needed, not just buying because it was so cheap. I even stocked up on some white garland I know I can use in a few months for an engagement party. I wanted to thank you for all the time you put into this website. I really appreciate it!

  16. At the stores in Raleigh, NC found lots of kids power toothbrushes for .49 (Crayola, Star Wars, Arm & Hammer). Only the ones where the UPC code was a sticker rang up at .49 otherwise they were full price. Took me a little while to figure this out.

  17. I just scored an awesome deal on the Tonka Chuck & Friends Twist Trax Die Cast toy for $0.39 a piece!!! I was so excited! Normally $3.99. I found it at the Fenton Target in Mo.

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