Fudge Covered Ritz Crackers as Low as FREE

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Keep an eye out for the Ritz Fudge Covered 7.5 oz Crackers that may be as low as .29 cents if your store is at 90%. Watch for them to possibly be in the regular aisles, and unmarked & unstickered. Heather found a bunch of them in the regular aisle and if you got the .75/2 Nabisco products 3.7oz – 25.2oz coupon in your 1-6-13 SS#1 today- they will be as low as FREE after coupon if you find them too!

-Thanks Mar, Vanessa & to Heather for the picture!

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  1. I went to 3 targets in central Florida no luck so I went to Walmart found a shelf full and they priced matched them 🙂 so I got 11 boxes free with coupons

  2. There was an empty clearance shelf in the Ritz Crackers section of the grocery in Morrisville, NC which I’m guessing was this holiday item sold out.

  3. hmph. every time i scanned these at my stores they come up regular price. is there a seasonal version i am missing? i tried at 70% and also at 90%. Same with the red winter oreos. Can they manually remove some items from seasonal clearance?

  4. What’s the normal aisle for these? With cookies and crackers? Guessing my stores are out I looked all over

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I got 6 boxes today and actually got paid $1.50 for them with my coupons!

  6. the winter oreos ring up .29 each as well but they are in the cookie aisle not marked here !

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