More Hidden Target Clearance Finds: Pajamas & More

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There are a few more hidden clearance finds that some of you may want to hunt for. While there is no guarantee everyone will find what is mentioned- thanks to some comments & emails I have gotten- here are some things you may want to watch for.

First you may want to check out clearance in the Women’s Pajama section. Several of you report finding Xhiliration silver tag pajama sets and sleep shirts in the regular racks on clearance, with no mention of clearance signs or stickers anywhere.


If your store is at 90% Off- these sets will be as low as $2.49 (regularly $24.99) or the sleep shirts will be as low as $1.79 (regularly $17.99). As you can see these sets do not look Christmasy at all- so be sure and check out the regular sleepwear section for them and scan to check. There may be different styles too- just look for a silver Xhiliration tag.

Also check around the toy aisles for these little blister pack Chuck & Friends cars- you can check regular aisles, or clearance endcaps for them. Or if your store has started to move their clearance toys to one aisle you may want to check there too. You may not find them stickered, but upon scanning you may just find them included in holiday clearance as low as .39 cents if your store is at 90% Off. They would make great Easter Basket stuffers if you find them too. πŸ™‚ (-Thanks Bre!)

Next there were iphone & ipad covers by Pure Gear that seem to be part of the Christmas Clearance. I have heard they are being found in the regular areas and in with the clearance, although those found hanging on a clearance endcap did not have stickers. The brand you are looking for is PURE GEAR and if your store is at 90% Off- the iphone covers will be as low as $1.99 and the ipad covers (regularly $19.99) will be as low as $2.99 (regularly $29.99).


Also to watch for are the Men’s Totes Elements Moccasin style Slipper Gifts that were also found (originally $15) now ringing up as low as $1.50 if your store is at 90% Off. Just look for the silver boxes shown above with a little red snowflake on them. Also Men’s Beavis & Butthead Pajama Christmas sets & possibly other kinds too. You can check in the men’s clearance for these and even if the stickers don’t reflect the bigger discounted price- you may want to check at the scanner. If your store is at 90% Off- these will be as low as $1.99. Also you may even be able to find some of the Christmas-themed Holiday boxer shorts like a Christmas Story that come in tins for as low as $1.19. You can also sort the blog by Clearance to see the latest finds at Target!

-Thanks so much to Whitney, Adrry, Bre & Heather & for the pics to Bill, Kelley & Vanessa!

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  1. @ Lindsey, could you please tell us more about the women’s thermal pj sets? what did they look like? what was the price? thanks..

  2. Odd question: I got several Tonka Chuck and Friends cars at 90%, but I’m wondering if the wheels turn… Do they? The boys I bought them for don’t have the track that the cars are supposed to go on. Can they still play with them like regular cars?

  3. The newborn sleepers that ring up are fleece red striped ones with Santa on them (the green striped reindeer ones do not). There are also newborn sets of a onesie and a hat that ring up – one says who you calling elf and another has a snowman face on it, i think there were one or two other designs too. I also found women’s striped thermal pj sets that ring up 90 off – thanks for the tip to check the pjs, had not thought to. We also found the grinch pj sets like the beevus and butthead ones which was very exciting.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the Chuck and Friends trucks. Found about 25 of them on the shelves at my local Target. Got some for my son’s Easter basket and for a birthday present.

  5. Got the pj sets as gifts for next Christmas… $2.49 each, not even marked as clearance. Thanks so much for the heads up πŸ™‚

  6. Springfield,MO store pj’s were still at 50% off. I saw this post before I left,so I scanned them just in case. Pepperidge Farm holiday cookies still full price. Saw some Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Nut coffee marked down to 5.xx,if you have a coupon,might want to be on the lookout. Last week I bought several of the Westinghouse ornaments that light up for 1.50ea… one seemed to be buying them but me….LOL….still had tons,so I got several more 50c ea! Be watchful of the Lean Cuisine deal if you use the “buy 4,get 1 free” coupons….they didn’t take off the free ones,but I didn’t check until I was home and 30miles away πŸ™ They did the same thing to me last week with the buy 2 Three Musketeers candy bars,get one free….they zipped right thru the coupons,computer didn’t take the free one off.

  7. I was able to score two Christmas shirts for my daughter next year for $1 each, two rattles for $0.48 each, and 8 Tonka trucks for $0.39 each πŸ™‚

  8. I found a Nordic Ware Whisk in the regular kitchen aisle with christmas packaging for .49! Also my Dunkin Donuts Gingerbread Cookie Coffee was in the regular coffee aisle with not mention of it being on sale but scanned at .74- paired with the $1/1 coupon from an older insert and I had some free coffee πŸ™‚

  9. This site is awesome! I just found it yesterday and was able to snag A Christmas story boxers, pj pants, beavis and butthead pj set, angry birds pj pants, grinch pj pants! All 90% off!

  10. went to 4 targets today! lol gotten a lot of things mostly for family members. i had a savings all together of 600 dollars. spend only about 50 dollars

  11. THANK YOU!! I went to two Targets yesterday and was highly disappointed they were still at 70%. The clothes weren’t marked lower than 50% and the Christmas jammies didn’t even have clearance tags. I was discouraged but I went back tonight anyway…I had to check again. I’M SO GLAD I DID! πŸ™‚

    My store in Layton, UT had moved to 90%. I got a bunch of Christmas art supplies to donate to my 8yr old’s elementary school. They’ll be thrilled! I then went over to the men’s department. The Beavis & Butthead pajama sets were still on the rack they’ve been on all season, no clearance stickers on them, and the same $19.99 full price sign above. I scanned one of each style that was on the rack. At my store, ONLY the Beavis style shown above is 90% off…they scanned at $1.99. There was another Beavis one with a white shirt that did not scan on clearance. The Angry Birds were on clearance, but still in the teens. I bought four pair of the $1.99 for my teenage son and husband. The Christmas Story underwear tins were 90% off. Right next to the Christmas Story tins, there are boxers in clear ornament ball packaging. One pair per package. They’re originally $9.99 and scanned at 99 cents! Woot! Bath and perfume gift sets are still only scanning at 15-30% off at this store.

    Anyone who lives near my store…there are still LOTS of the Beavis & Butthead pajamas left…all sizes. There are also lots of the underwear packages.

  12. I have to say, you have a rockin’ awesome Target. I went Saturday (specifically to look for the toddler’s Charlie Brown L/S shirts) and we had 1 aisle left that was extremely picked over and bare and it was still only 70% off. I know where all the clearance sections are, so I hit all of them…our pj’s were only 30%-50% off. There were pretty much no toys or electronics (I did find a board game that was 50% off). Our Target is older and small and the clearance section rarely gets to 70%, let alone to 90%. What part of the country are you located in? Is yours a SuperTarget?

  13. Sorry I said before the clearance thongs that prompted $2 off xhilaration pajamas had tag with snowflakes but its just the glittery ones like mentioned above. Don’t know where I saw snowflakes. And of course I went back to a different store later today and found the blue pajamas shown here for $2.49 so only 0.49 after my coupon I got earlier!! I’m going to be on the lookout for more as I know I’m not done with my shopping! I also saw some gold and red shinny flats (may just be for indoor use but reminds me of fast flats) with maching pouch for 1.69. These were in the sleepwear area, bellow shelves with pajama sets. Wish the gilligan pajamas were also 90%. The cashiers act so surprised when I get all these cheap stuff but it’s all there for them to buy too!! I feel like we know so much more than them because of Totally Target!!

  14. I can’t wait to go tomorrow! Iwas so excited with the .30 xmas goldfish I found in reg aisle.They were the big box!

  15. I found that the red potted Amaryllis by Smith & Hawkin were .99. The Cala Lillie’s were full price.

  16. I was at the Target in Portage, MI. The stuff here was pretty picked over, so I was only able to get some of the stuff. I got one of the Xhilaration shirts for $1.79 and a pair of Angry Birds PJ pants for my husband for $1.49. I was only able to find one of the Chuck trucks, but it was 39 cents. I got a pair of the Coloud Colors headphones in teal for $2.49. The scanner in the store was not working, but came up at the 90% off price at the register. I found a string of Toy Story Christmas lights for $1.49 also.

    The toothbrushes weren’t ringing up on clearance at my store, and I couldn’t find any of the mini poufs, but hoping that my trip to the other side of town tomorrow morning will pay off. Thanks for all the tips!

  17. I found the Xhilaration shirts for $1.79 and found the mens boxers for 90% off. The pajamas pictured above were still scanning at $13.98 for me. I did find the Chuck trucks for .39! I got 8 of them for my sons second birthday in March. They go great with the Chuck set I got on Amazon a few weeks ago for only $5!

  18. All this cheap stuff is great! I want to just get everthing! HAHA! I do not really need this stuff right now, which is why I am not getting it. I will leave it for others to enjoy. I will just enjoy hearing everyones good deals. I am trying to simplify my life and live minimally. UGGGH, But I want to get things badly…..maybe gifts or to donate to still get the “high” of a good deal.

  19. It has been weird what HASN’T gone on clearance at the Seattle City Target – Christmas tree shaped pine candles are still full price, but they put gorgeous mercury glass candle holders on 50% off before Christmas.

    Thanks for the heads up on the iPhone covers – I just broke mine this week, so I will definitely look for those.

  20. One hidden find that I have not seen mentioned here yet is Colgate kids toothpaste for $0.29. it is watermelon flavor with polar bear on front. They were in the regular aisle unmarked. My store had t least 30 of them.

  21. Another find was Mossimo cloth belts in the mens section for $1 originally $10. Found these in solid green or black.

  22. No luck on the PJs at the Rowlett, TX Target. Most of the Christmas clothing was still stuck at 50% off.

  23. dayna – there are two kinds of the coloud headphones. The in-ear headhphones are in a triangle shaped tube packaging in all colors ringing up 1.49. The other ones are in grey or white square boxes and say Coloud Colors. I have only found these in white & grey. I also found Funkfonic headphones for 2.49. I found all of these in the electronics section or electonics clearance.

  24. Today a sales associate pointed out that glitter clutches and belts in girls were 90% off…(my daughter was wearing red glitter cowgirl boots) Clutches .79, belts .79 and headbands were .50. We have a drawer full of glitter for future birthdays! They didn’t have clearance tags….

  25. I was just at my Target and they had liquid Coffeemate Creamer – Pumpkin Spice and Eggnog flavors – 32oz for $.55

  26. I found newborn sleepers for 59cents and 89cents = 90% off and NO sign of a markdown anywhere

  27. Darn I tried. The silver tag xhilaration p.j.’s were only 50% off at my local Target. Maybe tomorrow.

  28. My Target tends to clearance things out after other Targets. πŸ™ The one I usually go to, also tends to be higher priced than another that is a little farther from me. So when I see deals on here, I can usually bet either my Target won’t have them, or they won’t be as cheap. I did find the toddler licensed Xmas tees for 90% off ($.90 woo hoo), as well as the usual Christmas stuff (wrapping paper, tissue, ribbon, etc.) for 90% off. Did price checks for end cap clearance, just to see if anything was further marked down, but not mark, yea, it wasn’t. So the holiday sets of bath wash’s, Colgate toothpaste, etc., 50% at most. Tempted to go back in the next few days, to see if any stuff just is not marked. Highly unlikely, but possibly. In the mean time, I’ll be waiting for the big clearance event, for inventory. I got so much last year, that was not holiday, but that they were moving out for inventory.

  29. My store also had a bunch of Pepperidge Farm cookies with red snowflake packaging that were ringing up 90% off for 29 cents. Unmarked & in the cookie aisle along with the rest.

  30. P.S. If anyone has bought the Coloud headphones, or any other brand that is 90% off for that matter, can you describe what they look like, original price, color, etc? Thanks in advance!!

  31. If only I had seen this post before I went to 2 different Target’s today! I was able to get the ipad covers for $2.99. I picked up 3 to have on hand for gifts (for those that I know that have an ipad of course!). I found these in the electronics aisle unmarked at one Target and then marked on a clearance end cap at the other Target. I tried to look for the Coloud headphones that everyone has been mentioning, but I didn’t find any and I probably scanned about 6 different headsets. I picked up some fleece Oscar the Grouch pants when they were 70% off. Even though they are men’s pants and they are baggy on me, they are soooooo comfy and soft!!!
    Do I go to Target after work tomorrow or do I convince myself that I have enough already?!?! Darn those cute looking pj’s!!!

  32. Am waiting for them to clearance these really cute holiday soup mugs that I found in the stationery section. They keep saying it is not part of clearance even though it says “Eat, Drink, Be Merry” and says “holiday” on the tag.

  33. Puyallup Target is sticking to ONLY left over ornaments are 90% off and the cell phone cases.No storage, no PJs, no gift sets.

  34. Yesterday I was able to get girls headbands, bracelets, earmuffs, purses and tights for 90% off! (They were the silver Cherokee packaging) I also got the iphone/ipad case, ELF stocking stuffer lipglosses, Lip Smackers, thongs and a lot of the other stocking stuffers on sale too. But my favorite was the Neiman Marcus black/nude lace dress (70% off) for 29.99! I had been waiting for it to be on clearance since they arrived. Best shopping trip EVER!

  35. Grinch pjs, angry birds christmas boxers, and grouch sleep pants. Found some table ware in the regular section…muds, dip bowls, salt and pepper shakers,etc.

  36. I found Colgate Transformers dental gift sets for .29. The box included 2 toothbrushes and 1 tube of toothpaste.

  37. Ugh! Wish I had seen this pic before I went to Target this a.m. Wonder how many more days things will be 90% off …

  38. I bought xhilaration thongs today with winter packaging for 0.49 and a few other little things at 90% that I know were by the clothing sections for stocking stuffers and it prompted a $2 off sleepwear! I realy want some new pajamas and would love to find it cheap. These all has white/ silver labels with snowflakes. Also ELF orange lipgloss for 0.19. I just can’t stop going to target!

  39. Check the electronics section as well. I found lots of Westinghouse power strips, surge protectors and timers at 90%. The packaging is red and white and says holiday, but were mixed in with the regular packages.

  40. I found Christmas-y l/s shirts in the baby/toddler section that weren’t marked (they were 70% off several days ago). They were the type that look like they are a layered tee, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess, Hello Kitty and Grinch for little girls. Disney Cars, Charlie Brown and a couple others for little boys.

  41. Also check the girls my way spinbrush in pink box .49, gum crayola battery powered kids toothbrushes .49, starwars battery powered toothbrushes .49, baby cupcake fisher price rattle .48, chuck and friends cars .49, nerf guns .49, scotch precision scissors .50. I got these all 90% off yesterday at target with no prices being marked.

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