Hidden Clearance: Kids Battery Toothbrushes & More

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Here’s even more hidden clearance finds to look for at Target. I know many of you spoke about finding bonus packs of Character toothbrushes & toothpaste for super cheap- but here’s another deal to look for on select battery operated toothbrushes ringing up as much as 90% Off.

ARM  HAMMER SPINBRUSH MY WAY IN PINK: These can be found as low as .49 cents right now and found hanging up in the regular aisle. The trick is to hunt for the Black UPC codes as only these are the ones that will scan at up to 90% off. So you can easily glance at all the pink My Way bushes from the sides of the boxes. Most of them have bar codes that are blue- but you may find ones with a black UPC code and that’s what you are looking for. When you scan them you should get a nice surprise of a price as low as .49 cents. The DPCI # is 049-09-0870. There is also a $1/1 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Kid’s Product, any – 12-09-12 SS x2/23 or a $2/1 SPinbrush on the Arm & Hammer Site HERE to make them as low as FREE after coupon.

clearance-findsGUM BRAND CRAYOLA & STAR WARS TOOTHBRUSHES: Certain Crayola & Star Wars battery operated toothbrushes are also ringing up at up to 90% Off in the regular aisle.  Again the ones clearanced & not clearanced are identical to one another, just different bar codes. But these are also easy to spot & you just have to look at them from the back. The ones clearanced will have a UPC bar code sticker over the original bar code, the full-price ones will not.

SCOTCH PRECISION SCISSORS:  Who doesn’t need scissors? I feel like I have bought 100 pairs over the years, yet they always seem to disappear! This is another one that looks identical to the full priced ones, the only thing different is the Bar code. They are teal & black handled and will be around $5 regular price and unmarked. Just check the backs- and you are looking for the following bar code: 0 51141 93884 4. These will be the ones ringing up just .50 cents! WTVOC also just left a comment that the Precision Scissor can also be found in red with the same bar code too. 🙂 -Thanks WTVOC!


Also watch for these cute Fisher Price Cupcake Rattles. You can check with the other rattles but Teena found hers on a shelf amongst the larger Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Toys. They are super-cute and may ring up at just .48 cents if your store is at 90% Off.  The DPCI # is 204-10-0013. I hope many of you have some luck finding these geat deals! You can also sort the blog by Clearance to see more of the latest clearance finds at Target!

-Big thanks to Bre, Teeena,  Leslie & Heather for the heads up on these deals!

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  1. Pensacola – 2 Targets had the cupcake rattles, 1 did not. Did not find the anything else 🙁

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Was able to pick up 6 toothbrushes (1 pink 5 blue) and a pop up tape. I really wanted new shears but none of the ones at my store were clearance. I also picked up holiday cartoon shirts for next year for 90% off.

  3. Thank You for posting the cupcake rattles deal-I was able to score 8 (some for me and some for my sis).

  4. Well I think that I did well for going in so late after seeing this post. I went to 2 Target’s (one in Tamarac and the other in Coconut Creek, FL) because i was really in need of a good pair of my own scissors. None to be found! I did find 1 Spin Brush, 2 GUM Crayola, and 4 Star Wars!!! So excited between Valentines and Easter (all that candy) they are great gifts to give out.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I found 4 of the toothbrushes. Also found 1 bag of peppermint bark chex for .29 and slim Jim’s for .17.

  6. Thanks for the tips…Ran to my store (E.Setauket, NY) and got the last spin brush .49 (my daughters love those!), sea salt Stacy’s chips w/snowflake bag. .29, one of the cupcake rattles .48, 8 double sided tape rolls .30 ea (still TONS LEFT!!). 4packages of BC gingerbread cookie mix .20 each… And a couple of the Cherokee hair accessories for .50 ea.

    Also found girls’ 2pk. Gloves clearances for $1.40 and 2pc. Thermal sets for only $3… Couldn’t resist the cute prints … Great for really cold days and under snow suits! (Speaking of, I didn’t get, but saw lots of Snow Pants in girls’ clearanced @ 50% for $9.97… We have for this year but if they go lower, I’ll be getting for next year!)

  7. i accidentally discovered the A&H toothbrush on the first day of clearance. i have waited til it’s 70% off so that it’s a MM deal with the printable $2 MQ. by the time it’s 90, all were gone. but at least i snagged about 15 for my 2 kids.

  8. Went to 2 Targets today-the one had already been hit up because they left toothbrushes and scissors laying all over the shelf by the scanners! At the other store, I found 3 of the smaller bath scrubbys and 2 scissors-gave 1 of each to a fellow couponer. No toothbrushes or goldfish. Found 1 rattle and Hello Kitty pink bibs reg. $3.99 for .39!

  9. @Alycia E.—which toys did the Sodo target have at 70%??????????? The regular toys will not drop to 90%, 70% is the best we can hope for. I was there this past weekend but didn’t look for toothbrushes, scissors or coffee. Saw brown bags of gingerbread dd coffee at Millenia target today but didn’t think dad would like that flavor so I passed.

  10. When to my local McAllen TX Target was able to get 1 Chuck car and 1 cupcake rattle. I also found DD coffee bag @ .74 each Gingerbread and Peppermint Mocha and found Pringles cinnamon and sugar cans for .15 ea and Chex mix bags .29. I was super happy that I did find the pjs and men’s boxers for my hubby payed $20 bucks total…. saved $358

  11. Thanks for posting this – I was able to get scissors, toothbrushes and the Chuck toys. These will be great for toy drives next year!!

  12. I found everything at my store today except the scissors. I only have one nugget of wisdom to share… Look in the carts next to the dressing rooms. I found lots of 90 percent clearance in those. must be the first stop at my store before clothes get put back. Found three pairs of fleece men’s pj bottoms there. Also lots of other things that have been discussed. I started checking all carts that employeess were pushing around (indiscriminately, of course…)

  13. Wish I’d found the Chuck toys, I know a little boy who would have loved them! The toy section was super crazy today though, so I’m gonna check tonight again. There was an associate in every aisle with a flat of new boxes, they were consolodating all the old toys into one area & clearing shelves to put new toys up, so maybe I just didn’t see them because they were being moved. Hoping toys are being marked to 70% off today, I’ll be scanning like crazy tonight!

  14. Great post thanks so much! I scored a new pair of pajamas (last ones I could find with that color tag, glad it was a size medium!) they were on a rack marked 30% off. Rang up $2.49 (24.99 originally!). I also got a pair of Princess fuzzy slippers for $3.98, 3 of the pink spinbrushes, 1 cupcake rattle and 5 pairs of scissors! Then I used the $1 off Spinbrush kids and the $1 off any Spinbrush coupons (both from the 12/9 SS) which took off $1 each instead of auto adjusting down to $.49. So I got everything for $8.92!

  15. Thanks for posting. Scored some of the Crayola toothbrushes AND met a fellow couponer who did not yet know about your site.

  16. Was at the downtown orlando target off Kaley and found some items. They still had lots of all the cute girl purses that were $7.99 marked to .79 cents. Also got 2 pairs of the $24.99 pjs for $2 something. All the sizes that were left after that were S/XS they were not marked but were being put on the clearance rack by the target employee. They all had the silver tags. They had lots of toys anywhere from 30-70 none 90 yet. Best find was the gingerbread coffee for .79. I bought 8 bags they still had a full shelf left.

  17. Went to Target in Columbus, OH, with a list and an hour to shop and came out with NOTHING. Much to my disappointment, all the toothbrushes rang up full price, there were no scissors, no pajamas, no rattles, no Chuck Trucks, and I was so bummed I didn’t even check the food clearance. The lunch hour shopping was a bust, I have one other Target I’m willing to check but after that I’m giving up. There were Target associates working in the toy isle that was completely bare, but I didnt see any carts where they were refilling it. I didnt see much of a clearance section either. Good luck to everyone else.

  18. Managed to get 2 rattles (one for my baby-girl-coming-soon and one for my new niece), 3 Chuck trucks (one for my little man and 2 for nephews), and 4 pair of scissors that were completely free with the Scotch scissors coupons that I had! I couldn’t find any toothbrushes or pj’s but my receipt says I spent $1.76 (one of my coupons for scissors was $1/1 and it didn’t beep so I “made” 50 cents) and saved ***$40.12!***

    Thanks for the heads up Kerry! You are much appreciated!

  19. I went to 2 Targets today. One in Sanford, the other in Oviedo. FL. At the Sanford one, I found one lonely Star Wars toothbrush that rang up 59 cents. There were 2 others , but they rang up full price.

    Later I went to the Oviedo store. I found the pink my way toothbrushes, but they all rang up full price. No starwars ones there. I did find 5 pairs of the scotch scissors at 59 cents. I gave one to a fellow shopper and bought the remaining 4. I really go thru scissors in this house, so I really can use all 4.

    TY very much for the heads up.

    No cupcake rattles in either store. A teeny bit of stuff from christmas markdown in Oviedo. Just a handful of wrapping paper, a few boys, ugly ribbon..etc

  20. My Target was boxing up all that was left of the Christmas. Any other Holiday things like soap, garbage bags, boxed sets, or even some of the food things I’m reading about were still only 30% off. No deals to be had. Can’t believe all the fun finds everyone else is finding! Wish my store did the same!

  21. At my target (Ames, IA) they had an entire rack of toddler christmas shirts (the grinch, toy story, charlie brown, cars, etc) all unmarked (with tags saying $9.00), but ringing up .90 each!! i grabbed three of them (i have a daughter so i tried to pick the not so boyish ones as there were no girly ones haha). i was surprised with how many were left, i would say there were close to thirty!! I was able to find some cheap pjs and 3 bags of dunkin donuts gingerbread coffee that rang up .75 each! there were also the small cars and hello kity mega blocks surprise packs ringing up under .50. too bad my daughter is under 2 years or else i would have gotten those too! left them for another shopper 🙂

  22. Found 8 Chuck truck toys & 1 mini bath sponge….no toothbrushes or pj’s at my Hagerstown MD store. Thanks for the heads up!!!!

  23. I found the Chuck toys! They were in the process of moving stuff to clearance and the Chuck toys where just sitting on empty shelf – grabbed one of each (3 total) and it was $1.24 with tax. No tootbrushes at my store

  24. I was able to get a bunch of the trucks, the rattles, and some Christmas shirts for my daughter for next year 🙂 I spent $4

  25. Thank you SO much ladies for sharing the amazing finds on toothbrushes and Chuck toys!

  26. Just went to my Target – Brandon, FL – no toothbrushes marked at that price, managed to get 1 pair of 50 cent scissors and a few of the Chuck and friends cars – my 20 month son adores them! To my shock they still had some 90% christmas clearance. Got my son a few t-shirts for 90 cents for next year. Thanks so much!

  27. at 1 of my stores in MA i found the rattles and a bunch of xmas tissue paper and garland for 90% off. this store was out of the toothbrushes and i could not find the scissors. im gonna try another store tomorrow.

  28. I did find the cupcake rattles. I got one for my son, and a few extra for baby shower gifts.

  29. scissors are regular price at my Lake Elsinore, Ca. store BUT I got a bunch of toothbrushes perfc=ect for next Christmas. Thank You!!!!!!!!

  30. Anyone near downtown Los Angeles, the City Target had about 30 Pink Spinbrushes when I went yesterday morning. I only picked up 5. The City Target is more expensive, so the Spinbrushes were $.59 and not $.49.

  31. For the first time since beginning to follow your blog, I finally was able to find some of the really awesome clearanced finds! I just bought the scotch scissors, the spinbrush toothbrushes, and the gum brand crayola and star wars toothbrushes. I completely stocked up and am so proud of my spectacular buys! Thanks!!!!!

  32. That UPC code on the sicissors was not on clearance at my store in ND. It was a different code for the red/black ones. Did get 1 pair and 1 Crayola toothbrush. Thanks!

  33. off topic but does anyone know how often teh bay clearance gets marked down? i’ve got my eye on a stroller thats currently only 15% off, but lots of other baby is30%..I know it’ll eventually go to 50% if its not sold. anyone have any ideas?

  34. Found a ton of the Chuck and Friends trucks you posted about the other day and grabbed 9 of them for under $4! My sons birthday is in February so these were a perfect find. THANK YOU so much for the heads up!

  35. hey kerry- the bar code for the red scissors is the same as the teal- the one that you posted. i bought 10 pairs in long beach at 70% off- i had the $1 coupons from the mead notebooks i bought on clearance during back-to-school!

  36. At my target I found the jet puffed peppermint marshmallows for .11 a bag in the regular baking aisle. I also found the nestles semi sweet chocolate chip,with red and green morsels for .22 cents a bag ( again in the regular baking aisle). Heading to target to hopefully find the toothbrushes! Thanks ladies for the heads up!

  37. I’ve been looking for a way to use the Scotch scissors coupon I have from my Family Fun magazine 🙂 Thanks!

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