More Target Holiday Clearance Finds Up to 90% Off

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Well if you are not tired of clearance hunting at Target yet- here’s even a few more things to watch for at your stores that may not have gotten moved to the back with all the rest. 🙂 It certainly can’t hurt to look if you have the energy left. The pickings are defnitely getting slimmer, but if you are up for the challenge & are feeling lucky… 

BETTY CROCKER SNICKERDODLE MIX: Be on the lookout for the purple-colored Snickerdoodle Cookie Mixes marked as $2.09 that are included in the offer for a FREE Betty Crocker Frosting wyb 4. Although tagged at $2.09, Heather found them ringing up as low as .20 cents if your store is at 90% Off. There are several different variations of the Betty Crocker Cookie Mix coupon in the 12-09-12 SS too which will make them as low as FREE.


SCOTCH TAPE In addition to the single rolls of purple Gift Wrap Tape that have the gold gift boxes towards the top corner- you may also be able to find these varieties of  Scotch tape also at 90% Off.

tapeOn the double-sided the packages are identical, and the UPC Code you are looking for ends in 3762 and ringing up .30 cents. On the Green Invisible Magic tape – it again comes down to a bar code.

The one you are looking for ends in 46647, and will be as low as .20 cents if your store is at 90% Off. Also look for the Scotch Pup Up Hand Band Dispenser. There are identical packages of full-priced ones and clearanced ones- just different bar codes. The one you are looking for ends in 6188. -Thanks Christie!


FLAMELESS CANDLES: Check the regular aisles for these Energizer brand flameless candles. There are several different types and Monique found all of them on the regular shelves mixed in amongst the others. Just look for the snowflake design on the box like in the picture. She found them as low as $1.30 at 90% Off.


STACY’S CHIPS: Aside from the Stacy’s Gingerbread varieties- your store may have carried other varieties of the Snowflake Packaging. Emily found a ton of the Simply Naked variety also with the little snowflakes on an endcap at her store today unmarked and these are also ringing up at up to 90% Off at .29 cents. Be sure and check the regular aisle too- they may be mixed in with the other bags. Just look for those snowflakes at the top. 😉


NORDICWARE: Some of you have been having luck finding Nordicware for as much as 90% Off. You can look for the green & white striped packaging like shown in the photo, but I had no luck at any of my stores. They were not 90% Off for me, but Laura found some good deals including a Whisk for .49 cents, so it can’t hurt to check.

GOLDFISH: The Santa Hat Goldfish little boxes, bags & medium boxes all seem to have hit 90% Off. There are Christmas Shapes  and then Chocolate Grahams. Check the regular aisles for the medium sized boxes, and one other place to check for the small boxes is up by the registers. Dusti found her little boxes of Chocolate Grahams ringing up for just .09 cents. 🙂


Also watch for Smith & Hawkin Bulb Kits that may still be in the home section for as low as $1.49, Totes Radio Flashlights $1.50, Cherokee hair clips, glitter clutches and other boys and girls accessories with a silver Cherokee tags for as low as .50 cents, Xhilaration Tights & other accessories with this silver type packaging. Not all of these tags are scanning as clearance so you really need to put the scanners to work!

You can also sort the blog by Clearance to see more of the latest clearance finds at Target!

-Big thanks to Emily, Monique, Laura, Dusti, Heather & Theresa for the heads up!

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  1. Chiming in late with a loud THANK YOU for this post. I didn’t find all the goodies mentioned but I did get the men’s slippers ($1.50) and, for my daughters, lots of headbands, tights, bracelets and change purses (.49 – .79). These will all make good Valentine’s gifts.

    Note: when I went to buy more change purses yesterday, they were ringing back at regular price ($7.99)!

  2. I found a bunch of Santa hat PF goldfish in the snack size box and kids a&m power toothbrushes, but they were coming up item not found. So I left those on the shelf. I wish I had seen Lauren P.s comment, but then my cashier may not have been as accommodating. All the silver tagged girls clothing and accessories were now marked down 50% with actual clearance stickers instead of timing up 90% off. The only deal I scored was a GOM ladies holiday pj set originally $17.99, now $5.38 at 70% off.

  3. Just got back from Target and pretty much all the holiday clearance items are gone, but I did find a couple stray items here and there (Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Grahams for $0.09, PF Gingerman Minis for $0.10, and a lonely roll of Scotch Tape for $0.20). They scanned as “item not found”, but the cashier had them looked up and they sold them to me at the last price found.

    Also, I found Simply Lemonade, 89 oz. on clearance for $2.72, and seasonal Pop Tarts, 12 ct. for $2.02 which was nice because I still had ibotta offers for them.

  4. Hi Dayna, the pink rhinestone earphones/earbuds were in a clear plastic package with the Target red, green & white holiday “Get Gifty and Nifty” packaging, item 002 10 0202. So it was the special holiday packaging, no clearance sticker on it but it rang up 90% off. Hope you find some!

  5. I didn’t see it here yet but the fuzzy girls hats (pink, purple, and teal) with ears and knit caps with sequins are ringing up at 90% off too $.79-$.99. They were in the regular girls section. As well as some other items with the grey tags with snowflakes. 🙂

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