Missing the Expiration Dates on Your Target Coupons?

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firefox-couponIf you work on a Mac and use OSX, then you may be one of the many readers I have been hearing from who are unable to print their TARGET Coupons. I have heard numerous complaints that they print with missing expiration dates and the copy is all jumbled. My sister, Kelley, works on a Mac and she’s had the same problem and I know like others out there, she’s been very frustrated!

Well, you may be in luck as one of my reader’s hubbies, Mike, has sent in what looks to be a promising solution and Kelley has already successfully fixed hers! The problem seems to be that Java 7 is not supported by Target Coupon printing. To fix this, you will need to install and enable Java 6 and disable Java 7.

PLEASE NOTE- Whether you choose to proceed with this fix is entirely up to you. I cannot guarantee it will work for all of you, and I don’t know if disabling Java 7 will affect any other programs you use, etc. That being said, proceed at your own discretion and I just want to say thanks so much to Mike!

Here are the steps you will need to follow…

You will need to be an administrator to authorize most of these steps. First, Install Java 6 by downloading and running this installer:  http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572. Remember, you will need to quit any web browsers and Java applications before installing this update.

Next, disable Java 7 and enable Java 6 by going to this link and following the steps provided: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/mac_uninstall_java.xml . This link also provides more support if you need it.

Once you’ve completed the steps, you should be able to print your coupons again! Good luck and let us know how it goes in the comments.

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  1. Pam’s scenario worked for me. i had installed, uninstalled java a million times with no results. That was the easiest fix every. I could kiss you!

  2. This is the specific error I keep getting. It has nothing to do with expiration dates or jumbled text. I literally can’t even get it to print!

    Sorry, we can’t print your coupons!
    The coupons you selected did not print
    Coupons may not print because the maximum allowed prints may have been reached
    between the time the coupon was presented to you and the time you tried to print the coupon.
    This may also occur if you had previously printed the maximum for that coupon,
    but we were unable to detect that before your print started.

  3. I have a Mac with OSX 10.5.8, so this solution doesn’t work for me. It wouldn’t even let me install Java 6 without OSX 10.7 or higher. Does anyone have any suggestions for my older Mac??

  4. I’ve had this problem for months now and therefore haven’t been shopping at Target as much as I used to which is very frustrating. I originally uninstalled Java 7 and went back to Java 6 and it worked the first time but after that it quit working again. I decided today to try it again and made sure I had Java 6 installed and when I went to print it said that because I didn’t have the most current version of Java that it would not print for me. So aggravated!!!

  5. I have been on the phone with Apple doing all these steps and still cannot print Target or Coupon Network (same program) Coupon Network needs to fix something and we need to complain or they won’t do it. I was able to print Target coupons til this weekend and now nothing.

  6. I won’t make any changes right now, because it seems like half print with an ex date and half dont. The manufacture coupons from the target site still print fine, and ironically, I am able to print the smartsource Qs too. I don’t know what the issue is. Also, I just installed Java 11.5 this morning on my coupon printing mac (the older one) and it was still a half and half issue. The biggest thing for me is knowing when they expire. Guess I’m going to be writing some dates on them!

  7. Didn’t work for me. Won’t even print them at all now. Jumbled and missing an expiration date is better than nothing.

  8. I am going to do this! I have had a problem with them printing jumbled every time and without expiration dates often. The jumbled-ness doesn’t affect anything but I have had a cashier and manager reject my coupons because they had no expiration date. UGH! Also, I have to print one or two at a time at the most or my printer freezes. Don’t know if this is connected or if it’s a problem with my printer.

  9. I tried selecting coupons to print today and even though they would select it wouldn’t show up as money saved on the target website. Was not able to print any target Qs. Even restarted my computer and tried a different program. UGH!!!

  10. So today I printed a Target coupon and it had the expiration date! So now I think it’s not a Java issue, but rather an issue with the Target site that some are printing without the date. So glad I made these changes since now I can print Target and smartsource coupons again!

  11. I bought a MacBook Pro back in October and was immediately unable to print Target, Smartsource or CouponNetwork coupons when I was required right away to install Java 7. I read a lot of Apple Support blogs and here’s what worked for me: Because Java operates in 32-bit mode, if I understand correctly.
    Therefore, you need to change the bit mode of Safari and/or Firefox to 32-bit mode, if they aren’t already.
    Chrome does not support Java.

    To change Safari to 32-bit mode:

    Quit Safari
    Go to your Applications folder in Finder
    Highlight Safir and Command-I for “Get Info”
    You will see the option of “Open in 32-bit mode”–check that
    Reopen Safari
    Print your coupons (hopefully)

    I hope this is helpful!
    From my research, it seems that it could be a myriad of “fixes”, so it may be trail and error or a combination of ways to success! Good luck!

  12. @Mindy, I can’t print coupons on my Mac anymore, but when I was, I put in a black ink cartridge in place of the colored.

  13. Thank you! Did as suggested and the coupons are printing fine–still no expiry on the Target Q’s but at least they are legible. Thanks a billion!

  14. I too had to uninstall Java7 and have 6 reinstalled..just did this recently. For those timid like me, I actually went into an apple store (genius bar) (for those who have access) and had them do it after I printed out the instructions. I can now print Target coupons and those from Coupon Network….however, it did not solve the missing expiration date on some of my Target coupons. Although Target Corp has been responsive to most questions…this one they have not answered. I am however starting to wonder if those coupons I have previously printed by me and are not refreshed somehow? My Target stores are pretty funky about accepting coupons so again Im just too timid to try and use them without the expiration printed on them.

  15. Thank you so much for this post!!! I thought I was going crazy. Ever since I installed the latest version of OX just before Christmas I have been unable to print Target coupons and it has been frustrating me because I have missed out on so many good deals in the last month or so. I called Target customer service a few times and they were trying to tell me it was just me and nobody else was having issues and they told me to wait a few days and it would resolve itself, but it didn’t. For some reason when I tried again this week they did print out but they were like you say missing the expiration date and the wording was all crammed together but they scanned fine and they were accepted just fine.

  16. Yup, worked but with no experation date. Also if it still says missing plug-in make sure you are following ALL the instructions on the “disable Java Site” you have to also ENABLE JAVA 6 not just install it.

  17. *Elisha** same for me, fixed the weird jumbled up print but still having problems with missing exp. dates.

  18. iPads operate just like an Iphone unfortunately and not like a seperate computer in the house so you’ll only be able to print coupons.com coupons right now. Hopefully new apps will get created over time for the other coupon printing sites like smartsource.

  19. Any clue how to print them with an iPad? We have a wireless printer with AirPrint but it still won’t work.

  20. Well, I tried it, reboot my computer and now it says “missing plug in”. When you click on that it takes you to Java site and tells you to install Java 7. Ugh! I have a Macbook Pro and I am running on Safari

  21. I can’t print target q’s or redplum. I bought a new computer recently with windows 8. I dint know what to do do to fix the problem.

  22. I’ve had the same problem, but Target has still been taking my coupons. Does anyone know how to set a mac to print coupons using only black and white ink? I can do it with mozilla on my pc, but don’t know how to do it with my mac. The mac will print documents in black and white because it gives you options when you print, but not with coupons. My colored ink is so expensive and black ink cartridges are only 4.99. Any help is appreciated!

  23. I have a Mac and mine all printed fine, just without an expiration date. I emailed and spoke with customer service and they said it shouldn’t be a problem-and if I do have any issues they can call cs and use my reference number. Does anyone know when the new batch actually expires?

  24. I’ve been able to print them but they don’t have an expiration date! So I have just been using them that way and they have worked.

  25. @Stacy… If you are on a pc, try using internet explorer to print from red plum and smart source. If I am using Firefox, I can’t print. If using IE, I can print. Firefox doesn’t play we’ll w/ Java.

  26. I just tried this and now Firefox is telling me the plug in isn’t installed and then it leads me to the Java 7 site. Frustrating! But, good to know others are having this problem. Has anyone here contacted Target about this? I also use Chrome which just won’t let me print out ANY coupons at all.

  27. Awesome!! Thanks so much Mike & thank you for sharing with us!! I have 2 new Macs & have been so bummed that I cant print Target Q’s from them. I have to get out my old HP laptops out to print from them. I cant wait to try this fix on my Macs!!

  28. I have a Mac and I can’t print with java 7.. I did use Firefox and they will print. They words are jumbled together and the words target coupon don’t print but besides that they are fine.

  29. Wondering if anyone has had this issue…back in June or July I think there was an Adobe update on my computer, ever since then I can no longer print coupons on my PC from coupons.com. I have had several computer savvy people work to try and fix the problem and 7 months later I still can’t print. I have just accepted it and its so frustrating when I see high value coupons pass me by. I can still print from myniphone on the coupons.com app but when there is a high value Facebook offer I have to miss out. Did anyone else have this issue? Natalie it sounds like youndidntoo but with Java mine is an adobe flash player deal (at least that’s what I think). It also won’t let me uninstall and when I go to print from coupons.com it keeps telling me to install the coupon printer. Any advice would be helpful thanks.


  30. Java 7 is a HUGE problem for coupons! And when you try to uninstall it it always says error!
    I had to send my laptop to a repair place.. cost me $100… but now I can print coupons!
    I now need to make that $100 up in couponing!

  31. Elisa, I’m in the same boat! Now my Target and smartsource coupons aren’t jumbled up which is great, but I still don’t have the expiration dates. I wouldn’t reinstall Java 7 though since that will just make it worse again. At least I can print out smartsource coupons again! yah!

  32. Shoot. I may have spoken too soon. I was able to actually print coupons, but the expiration date still isn’t showing up. Hmmm….maybe I’ll try reinstalling java again. Ugh, so frustrating!

  33. THANK YOU! It worked! We just installed the latest OSX version a couple weeks ago and I’ve tried everything to even be able to print Target coupons. I’ve missed out on some great deals the last few days, so I’m so excited to finally be able to print them again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  34. I do not have a Mac but I have not been able to print the Red Plum coupons. Could this be the same issue? It is driving me crazy not being able to get those high value Centrum coupons with the gift card deal going on this week!!

  35. YES! We’ve had this same problem and it’s even as bad as I can’t print any smartsource coupons either since it’s all jumbled up. Can’t wait to try this!

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