January Target Toy Clearance Update: 30 – 70% Off

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Every year in January, Target resets the toy section, and when this happens Target has major toy clearance and eventually a BIG portion of whatever survives moves down to 70% Off all at once. Many of you are already seeing big clearance going on with toys in their own aisles, marked at anywhere from 30-50% and some select toys I hear are as much as 70% Off.

While some of you may be finding some toys at 70% Off right now, many brand-name popular toys usually hold out until mid January before most go 70% Off at once if they survive the lower discount. Last year for me, the big drop happened on Thursday, January 12th at one of my stores and Friday, January 13th at the other. But stores can vary and the day of the week that it happens may also depend on your store’s markdown schedule. While many stores do markdowns on Wednesdays in Toys, not all stores do. For example my stores typically do toy markdowns on Thursdays AND sometimes Fridays.

This year- I am thinking it may not happen ’til next week- on the 16th, 17th or 18th of January- but I could be way off and maybe it will be this week and happen in some stores as early as tomorrow, but I don’t think it will. But unfortunately I do not have any definite answers for you, and can offer you no set schedule, just my past experiences. It’s just something to carefully watch on your own too, and worth a good long look in the toy aisles now to see if anything interests you- since there is no way of knowing if what’s there now will survive a bigger discount.

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  1. The targets around me have almost nothing left and are only at 30 to 50 percent off and I doubt there will be anything to mark to 70. I’ve had better luck at Walmart this time around…3 aisles by the garden center and not back by the toys just stuffed full of decent deals (I dont think anyone has been looking up there)- 25 for the fisher price laugh and learn farm activity center, 4 dollar barbies, lego sets for 10 and more. Apparently the walmart toy clearance is flying under the radar so far this year unlike target.

  2. My store had tons of stuff…6 rows of stuff…do you think the 70% off will be this week or next?

  3. I just got the 2012 holiday cabbage patch doll with the red dress for $11.98 from $39.99. My daughter saw after christmas and wanted it, giving to her for valentine’s day.

  4. just went to my winder ga target….pretty pathetic. they hardly have anything i’d even want for 70% off. mostly boy stuff. very disappointed this year. i did get the very last lalaloopsy fun house for 50% off. maybe i’ll check out the other targets around because this one is just lacking to me. what kind of things is everyone else seeing?

  5. 30 & 50% in Charlotte, NC too as of yesterday. They had just completed their 50% markdowns that morning. Asked an employee about 70% off and he said that if they had any toys left they would mark them down to 70% off in two weeks. I hope that helps! 🙂

  6. 30 & 50% in Salem, NH very few things were 70% They do have an aisle (both sides) with clearance but a lot is still on the end caps as well

  7. Chicago was still at 30 to 50 percent off and very few at 50 tried scanning several but no extra mark downs

  8. I’m in south Florida and spoke to one of the workers in the toy section. He said that they will start marking things down slowly starting Monday. Not sure if that’s just that store or others but they were re-shuffling a bunch of toys! Everything is already 50%.

  9. Jennie- No, I can’t blame people for wanting to resell SOME toys….just not ALL of the toys. 🙂

  10. Ginny- I live in Utah too. I can’t say that I blame them for wanting to resell a few (who wouldn’t at those prices) but I agree about the moving trucks. It drives me crazy. I want to get some toys for my kids at good prices too and with the movers I don’t get much of a chance. I can’t say it doesn’t irritate me.

  11. hi i work at target and we don’t know what will be marked down till the day of the PDA (little scanner) tells us what to mark down but it seems like we mark an item 15% then wait 2 weeks to 30% then 2-3 weeks and mark down 50-70% not even the managers or team leads know the percentage till the day of i hope this helps

  12. Amy – Where do you live in Utah? I’m on Hill AFB. The Layton, Riverdale, and Centerville stores have always gone to the big 70% markdown the four years we have been here. Unfortunately, though, there is a team of resellers who show up with rental trucks and buy EVERYTHING on the shelves. Last year I was there 45mins after the store opened. When I went inside, they had flat beds lined up at the front of the store with all of the toys filling them. There were also employees bringing more flat beds full of toys out of the back for them. Totally unfair as I don’t believe the store should be helping them clear the shelves!

  13. I checked in with my Target store in Utah. We just moved from WA and they would just tell you what day they would mark things down, so you could plan on it. I asked the employee today, who called his team lead. He was told (I could hear as well) that they would not be marked down lower than they are now (30 to 50% off). She said they were as low as they were going to go. I don’t know if they are trying something new, or if they were just lying to me, but I plan on checking back next week!

  14. University at Orlando still 30-50%, thought they might go early as the toys seemed to be sticked last week but no luck. One isle of toys and part of the sporting goods/large toy isle had clearance. Christmas came up INF but cashier sold me one box of the Ritz chocolate covered–had several boxes of clearnce end cap in food-none were stickered. Also found several mini bath poofs in the mens shaving isle ringing up INF- I didn’t bother with them as I have enough. Best find, AF spiral sliced hams for .99 a lb. -had a use or freeze date of 2/15 so I think we might have ham at our superbowl party. I was lucky enough to get the mailer with the $3 off coupon so it only cost me $6.99 for a 9 lb ham-score!

  15. Still at 30% in Texarkana,Texas as of early this morning. A few of the toys throughout are 50%, although not too much. My 1 year old has a birthday tomorrow and my other son has a birthday later in the month. Was hoping to get their presents today, 🙁 Employees have not heard anything or can offer any inside information about the markdown.

  16. Lakeland, Florida still at 30-50% off (double-checked several items by scanning but no difference from tag price).

  17. I was in about 4 Target’s yesterday & it was a MAJOR overhaul going on in there!!!! They cleaned ALL the shelves & then restocked with their new items & ones that were staying…the rest went to the clearance aisle like you have shown. I agree that the 70% may be next week.

  18. called a target store in colorado today and they said that all the toys were marked from 30-70% off there. She said the mark down there depended on the toy. Time to go shopping!

  19. Eau Claire,WI had most signs for 30% and a few for 50%. Looking at the tags and scanning items, most were 50% and a few 70%. Employees were evasive in stating when they would be on sale more.

  20. Toys are marked at 30% but most look like they are 50% in stow ohio as of this AM. My store actully had a lot but it looked like a lot of junk.

  21. @ Mimi thanks I’m also in el paso and was just thinking about checking on the eastside stores.

  22. I just can’t wait.. I have most Xmas toy gifts done for next year. I still have a few to get, but I may wait. However I don’t know if I can stay away.

  23. Mine is all consolidated! I think it will be tomorrow. 🙂 I am planning on being there around 9AM just in case!

  24. My store is starting to pull and box clearance. Was there today as they were doing it. My gut says we May not see more than 70% 🙁

  25. They will not go to 90% off. Only seasonal holiday will go 90% off but not even then its not a guarantee it will go that low.

  26. My store was organizing everything into several isles, they had everything pulled and were rearraging. Last year they didn’t consolidate them though and everything was down all the isles and on end caps. I had read too that tomorrow might be the day but I thought it was too early. We will find out soon enough

  27. I dont think my store will EVER hit 90%. I am in NYC (New York City) and I highly doubt we will be that lucky to get that low.

  28. no we were scattered too last year- but it just didnt seem this bad. it could just be my store is behind in migrating it. BUt yes- if you are only at 30% it does not mean you can’t jump straight to 70%

  29. Kerry – wasn’t that how it was last year, though? I seem to remember most of the clearance not being consolidated before it hit 70%. Or maybe that was just the July clearance and not the January one. Either way, I’m going in the morning to check it out just in case!

  30. Mine has already been at 70% -though the signs didn’t say it, the prices did. I was there Monday. Wonder if they are moving to 90%? I better go get some toys 🙂

  31. Hey Betsy that is how I feel too- also because of how not ready my store seems. To me there is too much clearance still in the regular aisles- but like I said- I am not 100%.

  32. I am really wondering if it will be this week or next week my gut says next week just because it took so long for Target to even go to 90% on Christmas clearance.

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