Target Toy Clearance: Waiting for the Big Drop

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I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the big January Toy Clearance. If you are new to Target Toy clearance events you may be wondering what the heck I’m talking about since you probably have been seeing a ton of clearance in toys already- some of it as much as 70% Off right now.

But what I am talking about is a big drop to 70% Off across the board, on many, many clearance toys all at once. Where most of what you have seen sitting on the clearance shelves for weeks at 30, 50 & 70% Off, will all drop to 70% Off at once. While I can’t say with certainty, I am sticking to my guesstimate for this week – Wednesday the 16th, Thursday the 17th & Friday the 18th of January. But I do not have a definite answer for you- and sure- there’s always a chance it could drag on one more week- anything is possible with Target. But I do feel like they have been in their own aisles long enough and hoping we will start to see the drop in some stores as early as tomorrow.


Usually a small percentage of stores go on a Wednesday, lots of stores on Thursday and then most of the rest on Friday. Again- I cannot offer you a concrete schedule and it is something you will need to watch closely on your own too- and it may coincide with what day of the week your store usually does markdowns in toys.

And don’t forget toย scan, scan, scan! You cannot always trust all the signage or stickers. I have quite a bit at both my stores- so I am hoping for some luck this year. But only time will tell and I am crossing my fingers my stores will do like last year and one will go on Thursday and one on Friday, but we shall see! Here’s hoping for the drop this week and let me know if it happens tomorrow (on Wednesday the 16th for any of you)- as that will be a good sign for those of us who usually drop on Thursdays!

If you fnd any larger Dora or Winx Toys on clearance that will qualify- we still have these:
20% off Dora the Explorer Toy $7.99+ Target Coupon x1/27
20% off Winx Toy $7.99+ Target Coupon x1/27

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  1. one of the targets in omaha has a mixture of 30, 50, & 70%. I am hoping tomorrow it will all be marked down to 70% and camping gear to 50%

  2. In Piscataway, NJ – almost all the items were down to 70% off by ~6pm! But, they weren’t advertised as so. I assume they’ll put up the new signs tomorrow.

  3. Checking the store near me tomorrow. I picked up a fisher price rev and go garage 3 or so weeks ago at. 70% off making it $13 something.

  4. Hazel Dell, WA had a few toys down to 70% but nothing that I wanted. I found a lot of 70% off in Men’s. Thermal shirts and coats.

  5. My store in Richmond, Va was not marked down yet. ๐Ÿ™ I did however find a 6 pack of xmas socks for less than $3 and my Jimmy dean delights were only $1.93 so with the $2 coupon there was $.07 overage. Didn’t think target was allowing overage anymore.

  6. Annie, they will not do price adjustments on clearance items. They also won’t let you return it and then just buy it back again at the lesser price. I believe it is suppose to go back out on the shelf before it can be purchased again. Perhaps your store will still have the same items when it drops to 70% and then you can just return the ones that you purchased at 50% after you get the cheaper ones…here’s hoping for you anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. At one of the store in Kansas City (stateline) they already marked it down this afternoon, was able to get a lot of good stuff there! I found some wood thomas the train cars marked at 70% off!! We had to wait for them to manually mark everything down. I was hoping to get the police car, it was at 50%, but they said it wouldn’t get marked down any farther. I may have to go back tomorrow. However the Target I usually go to wasn’t sure when they would mark stuff down.

  8. Will it happen overnight and prices changed when store opens or will they be changed when store is open?

  9. Tallahassee FL is split, N. Thomasville road store is 70% off and Appalachee Pkwy store will drop tomorrow. Was able to get some great deals today, my favorite was a ride on police motorcycle down from $250.00 to $74.00. They also had the big Camero cars down from $3xx.xx to $98.00!

  10. didn’t go down at my store yet (mundelein, il) Anyone have any luck with having price adjustment on clearance? I bought a couple of the thomas things (I was just too antsy!) at 50% and was hoping to just go back and return and buy back right away once the 70% happens…I asked at the service desk and they said they don’t do that and I can’t just buy it back right away. I know that seems a little unfair if they did but if I hauled it all there and drove there I thought maybe they would because it’s not like I’m just bringing the receipt in and no stuff for a price adjustment. maybe I just need to get the “right” person like some high school kid that doesn’t care? anybody else have luck trying this?

    oh by the way she mentioned in one of the blog posts about online items being marked to 70% when you return in store. I saw that in person! I returned a book that we already had and had gotten as a gift she printed the little clearance sticker (70% off) right away and put it on the book. I asked if I wanted if I could buy it back and she said yeah if you want (I didn’t but good to know for any of you returning online stuff or looking to get a better deal!)

  11. At my Target it is usually crazy on markdown day. There are people standing outside the door waiting for Target to open and then they run in the door, grab a cart, and then run toy dept. The shelves are pretty much cleared in minutes, and that was when is was scattered. This year it is all in two aisles! Things are not usually marked down yet either, so I never know what to do–put the stuff in your cart and wait for employee to come and start scanning or hope that everyone is patient and waits? I have seen and heard many people go in the night before and hide items in various places. I have hit the sale several times in the last few years and it didn’t used to be that way. No one has ever been flat out rude, but it has gotten to the point you have to be really aggressive if you want to walk away with anything. I love to go and get a great deal, but I am torn about even trying this year because I feel like it is getting a little out of hand. I feel like it will be even worse now that they have condensed it all into two aisles:( Is it like this at other stores? What do you all feel is ok etiquette when it comes to this event?

  12. It didn’t go down at my store (in Kingsport, TN). I asked and was told it wouldn’t happen today.

  13. The 2 suburban Chicago stores I went to today were still stuck mostly at 30%-50%. Maybe tomorrow, but I will not be making the trip back tomorrow to check.

  14. Thanks Renee, for the update on St. Louis. That saved me a trip to the South County, Mo Target.

  15. Hey Margaret- that is correct- Target will not PM anything labeled as “clearance” from or their competitors. hth

  16. My store here in New York did not go to 70% yet. I’ve got my eye on a ping pong table only down 30%, I’m hoping this goes to 70% as well. Just curious, I inquired about Target matching prices on and I was told they do no match clearance prices only sale prices. Perhaps I just got the wrong answer. Has anyone challenged this at their Target? Thanks

  17. Mine is marked down to 70% off today and I got tons of cool stuff = son’s birthday done….like a boss ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m in Richland Washington

  18. My store (St Louis, MO area) has all the markdown toys in a couple aisles and about 3-4 endcaps all neat and ready to go… but no drop to 70 yet. Hoping for tomorrow!

  19. Gretch –
    It’s usually a whole end aisle right next to the regular priced toys (in my store it’s inbetween the toys and seasonal bulk section)…and some end caps.

  20. Hello! I am kind of new to this. Do they keep clearanced items in the regular aisles also? Thanks in advance!

  21. Checked this morning- my store is still at 50%, but the signs still read 30%. Doesn’t seem to be as much left as in previous years, but still a decent selection.

  22. Kelly B, you may want to get their list from them and go right at opening Thurs. morning. Even if there is a good selection now, after shopping this sale for the past few years I can almost guarantee that there will be practically nothing left by Thurs, evening, let alone Sat. The Legos especially sell within the first 10 minutes at my stores.

  23. My 13 and 14 year olds have been eyeing the clearance section for a week now. I keep telling them, wait a couple more days and then go spend the rest of your christmas cash. Hoping on Saturday they are dropped, don’t think I can hold them off another week. LOL. But, plenty of toys for their ages are left, few helicopters, legos and other items they still want.

  24. Went first thing this morning to Target in Omaha. No drop yet all the clearance toys are nicely organized but a bunch are still sitting at 30%.

  25. I remember talking to someone last year and they said some of the price dropping before the big blanket drop is due to stock on hand. They said that if they have more than 5 of a 50% clearanced toy onhand then it may drop to 70% sooner on that specific toy.

  26. Go figure!! I too have 2 little one’s at home that are sick. Hope you all find some good deals, we have in years past.

  27. I am hoping for THursday this week. I was in town today and there was still two full aisles and all the end caps full of stuff. Plus there is stuff all over the store on end caps. Lots of ailses have clearances and really need to stock up. My box for birthday and donation for kids is empty. So I live in Evansville IN area. Can you call the store and ask if they have dropped the prices?

  28. Hey Denise- there isn’t much. I have gone ahead and added the Dora & Winx Target coupons- if you find any of the larger sets as he Qs are only good on toys $7.99+ but that is all there is that I know of. It’s not a typical time of year for toy coupons though unfortunately.:(

  29. I hope our store holds out til next week. I’m broke but want to stock my gift and donation boxes to the top!

  30. I think this is the absolute worst possible week to have a sick kiddo at home….I’M STUCK!!! ARGH!

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