My Target January Toy Clearance Trips at 70% Off!

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I am sure it’s no big mystery where I spent my morning today! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes I was lucky enough to have my toys drop to 70% today and at both my stores too! There was lots to choose from this morning and it was pretty slow at the bigger store. Even thoughย we only had one aisle signed at 70%, the 30 & 50% aisles had most of the toys stickered at 70% Off, and most of those that were not were also scanning at 70% Off. Always smart to be best friends with the scanner at Target!

I actually found quite a few presents to tuck away for Austin and I really lucked out when I found a Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle Lego Set for 70% Off at $35.98- regularly $119! I think that was my favorite find of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚


My sister Kelley’s store in Maryland also dropped to 70% today. Despite her store only having one lone 70% Off sign and everything else signed at 30 & 50% Off, almost everything was scanning for her at 70. As many of you know I like to shop for a few lucky friends each year, ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I put her in charge of the girls toys and she did awesome! She got lots of great stuff – Lalaloopsy, Disney Brave, Hello Kitty Megabloks, Littlest Pet Shop & More! She even managed to find a Lego City set for Austin at 70% Off down to $14.98 (originally $49.99!).

One of my other favorite finds of hers was the Lalaloopsy Silly Fun House Park for $12.77 (originally $42.99!). She bought 2 and there were still plenty left on the shelf! All in all she spent $130.15 for almost $400 worth of toys!

I was sooooo happy with these trips today and SO glad I managed to get there this morning- I know I have been MIA today- but it sure was fun! Sort of like playing hookey from school. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope lots more of you found 70% today too and had some luck and let us know your finds in the comments! If your store didn’t drop today- there is a good chance it will go tomorrow and don’t forget to scan, scan, scan!

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  1. People in UTAH! I was very disappointed last Thursday when the Cinderella Vanity was not marked 70% at the Layton store. I scanned and asked an associate to make sure. They had, I believe, four left that morning when I was there. I went back tonight and there were only two and they were moved to an endcap. The sign on the endcap said 50% and they still had the 50% clearance sticker on the boxes. I decided to scan, again, just in case. I really didnโ€™t think they would scan cheaper. Iโ€™m SO GLAD I checked because it scanned at $29.98! If youโ€™re looking for one there is one left on the endcap! It was still there just before closing tonight.

  2. I was able to go by one of our CO targets yesterday afternoon (we have 2 others that are close by but haven’t gotten a chance to check yet). The aisles were marked 70% off and everything was scanning correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was able to get a play kitchen (orig $89.99) for $24! A lightning McQueen pump and race car for $3.98, wooden peg puzzles for $2, and a fun little girls play purse with accessories for $4.94. There were still some other fun and great deals for older children 3+, too! So much fun!

  3. Got some really nice deals at my store in CO. The Hot Wheels pictured above is going to be too awesome for my little nephew (he LOVES science) and I also found an Alien Autopsy candy making kit that he’ll get a kick out of. I picked up the Cinderella Holiday doll for my niece (still $10.50, even at 70% off) but she’ll love it. I also found a bunch of stuff for my soon to be here grandbaby!! Awesome trip!!

  4. I’m in Northern CA as well and went to my Target at 4:30 Thursday and almost everything was marked down to 70% off in the clearance isles. I got a ton of stuff for my daughter who will be 3 on the 31st. I spent $75 on what would have cost me over $200! :). I’m a happy Mama!

  5. The one store I went to didn’t have 70% signs but the clearance stickers were at 70%. Got mobigo games, innotab game, wooden puzzle, Elmo aqua doodle. Will try to go to a different one tomorrow but might be too late.

  6. I was there at 8am along with some others. I spent 220 but retail was close to $1000. My best deal was the electric razor ride on retail 219, I paid 65! So excited..

  7. Jennifer I’m in Northern California too. It’s not all toys, there should be 1-2 aisles filled with toys that are marked down. If you went to your store very early they may have not finished marking them down. My store wasn’t done until about noon. They have to scan the item in order for the price to show at a lower price also.

  8. At 1pm 17/01 City Target has toys marked 70%. Im sure they dont have as much toys as a regular store but were plenty toys and girls toys to choose. I saw people buying but in avarage no more than 4 toys. Most of the toys are 70% off

  9. I got to my Target store about 1.5hours after opening on Thursday morning. The aisles were pretty much picked over by then. As I was walking into the store, one lady was walking out of the store pushing 2 carts with 6 huge boxes of some type of Disney Vanity set. I was still able to get a Minnie Mouse boutique playset, Lalaloopsy Silly House playset, Dora House and matching furniture sets, and a huge HotWheels set. All for my own children and nephews, so I was pretty happy.

  10. I am a little confused – I live in Northern California and went to my Target this morning. A few items were on 70% clearance, but the majority of toys were still regular price. After scanning the toys I was interested in, it was apparent that the clearance stuff was minimal at best. Are most of you finding 70% ALL toys, not just a select few? I’ve noticed N. Cal is usually not the best in prices and sales based on TT comparison, but this is disappointing!

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