Target January Toy Clearance Update: Up to 70% Off!


Well folks- today is the day that many of you should see your stores drop to 70% Off on a large majority of their clearance aisle Toys. I’ve already received emails & comments from a few of you already finding the drop at 70% Off in your stores and Vanessa sent me this picture this morning of her toys in Tampa, Florida with the aisles actually even marked at 70%. But remember not all of you will have proper signage, so scan, scan, scan! While there should be many of you who will see the drop, not all stores will go today- but if you don’t scan you may never know! I really hope you guys have some luck and can manage to grab a few nice things and let us know how you make out!

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  1. This is my first year with toy clearance. Will these clearance aisles be located in the toy section, or somewhere else?

  2. I am in St. Louis, MO. I got to my store at 8:00am. The signs were up and there were some endcaps, and about 2 aisles. They were still working on tagging some of it but it was pretty neat and organized.

    Krystle – this year everything in my store is located within the toy aisles. Last year they weren’t nearly as neat and organized but this year they are. Hope you find some good stuff!

  3. Hey Krstyle- usually these clearance aisles can be found on either end of the outskirts of the regular toy aisles. hth & good luck!

  4. Got there@ 8 am. The sign said 30%. However, most things were 70% off. I was able to get a Cinderella Vanity for 29.98 originally 99.98. I got a Camero car for 99.98 originally 328.00. I also got a tea set for 5.01 originally 16.00. What a great deal. Thank you totally target for saving me and my family money.

  5. OMG so excited! Have to take my son to the doctor for his checkup today so I can check out the clearance! This is my first year and I have already snagged some deals at 50% of Jake and the Neverland Pirate toys because those are hot in my area!

  6. The shelves were already pretty bare at 50 percent here…its probably not even worth going to check out since im sure the shelves were cleared by 9 am this morning. We dont seem to have as good of toy clearance at our targets.

  7. My mom just called me from my Layton, UT store and it is at 70% off. No U-hauls yet either!!! So glad to live close to her this year so she can get there when they open while I am getting my 5 kids off to school! Hope you all get some great deals!!!

  8. I found a Disney princess kitchen for 29.98, org 99.99, a lala loopsy rock and roll stroller for 10. I live in palm coast fl and they still had tons of toys left at the local super target. Lots of Legos at 70% off. When I went in this morning at 9 there were maybe 2 other people in the toy section, but by the time I left it was getting crowded and people started piling up there carts!

  9. Went there this morning, some of the toys are 70% off, but some of that are still 50%off at manassas, va

  10. I had great success. I got everything I was planning when I scoped it out yesterday. Only two people in the aisles when I was there. One lady was buying three of everything and had 2 full carts. The associates were so helpful in scanning items that weren’t marked down yet. Not all clearance toys at my stores went to 70%, some dropped to 50%. Thanks for the great tips.

  11. i went yesterday one isle of clearance toys not much tho but they were only 30% i scanned a few so today they are probably 50%

  12. 2 stores in San Diego were still at 30% yesterday…going to check again! Keeping my eye on the Fisher Price Pizza Serve N Surprise! At 70% it will be 24.99!

  13. At my store in WI about half was 70% off and the other half 50% off. I did NOT scan the 50% off stuff (because none of it sparked my interest) so there’s a chance that the 50% might have scanned for 70%. There were a lot of people with cartloads of toys, but still quite a bit on the shelves. Nothing too awesome though. I did get a set of 2 RC cars for around $5.08, a set of 2 disc shooters for around $3.44, HiHo Cherry O for $3.28, and a First Act Cars acoustic guitar for $11.98.

  14. My store went 70% yesterday afternoon and they finished marking today. Lots of hot wheel and matchbox big sets for $11ish. Best deal was the pink Barbie volkswagon power wheel for $35!!!!!

  15. Great finds at target today at 75% off. Signs up still say 30-50% off and no one there when I arrived at 8 am. Purchased lalaloopsy stoller for $4.48, Lalaloopsy rc scooter $10.48, little pet shop items and two baby alive dolls one was $7.48 other was $11.98. Also Glad candles on clearance for $1.25 and used a manufacture coupon $1.50 off and target coupon $1.50 off which made .50 profit. I am glad I went today after all the tips:)

  16. 70% in North Texas. Barbie Volkswagon motor car $35, polly pockets, barbie sets for $11, imaginext airplanes for $5.38, innotab games $7.38, dress up case $5…TONS! So happy to stock up!

  17. I got to my first Target at 8, everything was priced correctly at 70% off and was very organized. I got to my second more central Target and everything was a disaster. There were two associates scanning and pricing items, the signs still said 30%, and the items were not registering properly at the scanner. When I asked the associate she said they actually had to scan the item with their scanner and tag it. She did this for me and the same items I scanned became cheaper on her scanner. Has that ever happened to anyone else? Usually the clearance rings up the clearance price for me on the scanner.

  18. Jessiberggren- Yes that is what they have to do. Ones they scan one of those items the rest on the shelf will be that price. It makes it hard to find good deals when the are doing that when the store is open.

    I was able to get some good deals on Cars items and I got the fisher price table for 23.00 YEAH!

  19. both the stores I went to (one yesterday, one today) had Barbie VW Bug 6 Volt cars for $35 that I was really tempted by, but I talked myself down since we don’t have space to store something that big and my kids would fight over it. We got lots of birthday gifts… lots of Hot Wheels stuff, which I was super thrilled with. Happy hunting, everyone!

  20. I <3 you! I ran out of here as soon as I saw your post and racked up! Even used my $5 off coupon from the mailer. Birthday, Valentines, Easter an some of Christmas done for $60! They even had African American dolls which are super hard to score on clearance. Thanks!

  21. Just got back from my Target and they were just changing the prices. Their were only 4 of us shopping, however the Manager told us it would take awhile to adjust all of the items, I didn’t have time to wait but I did get a Jake and The Neveraland Pirates toy marked down to $11 something from $40, A Dinousaur Train set for $7.48 and a Fisher-Price Imaginext Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3 Pig Ship for 5 bucks!!! My sons 2nd Birthday is in March so this is PERFECT!! I will be going back in awhile. One lady got a Pillow Racer for $11 something but there was only 1 🙁

  22. I went to my target in PA this morning and scored big time on a Cinderella 16″ bike for my daughter orig. $75 for $23, a leapster explorer orig $65 for $17 and a few smaller things! I am really happy with my finds!

  23. The store that is closest to me (Waldorf, MD) is very well organized and still sitting at 30%. The store a few miles north of me (Brandywine, MD) had a smaller selection and not so organized but it was 70%. All toys were tagged as such but the clearance sign was empty. I have not tried the store south of me (LaPlata, MD) since I got most of what I was watching. Plus I am avoiding temptation but I do know they have vastly different sales and prices. It is considered a different market due to demographics.

  24. Cleveland OH, some items were 50% off and others 70% off. Got a Step 2 kitchen for $26.98, Hello Kitty Mega Blocks house set for $10.48, quite a few little mommy dolls for around $5 a piece, also scored a new high chair for $23!

  25. Vacaville, ca store 70% off. Not too bad selection compared with what is usually left. Got a fisher price stunt car toy set for my son next year Christmas and two girl gifts for when my daughter is invited to birthday parties!

  26. I hit two Targets, one in Methuen, MA at he Loop signs still said 30% but most everything was tagged 70% and they had a good bit at 1pm. I then went to the one in Salem, NH and some were 70% and some 50% but they didn’t have much, not nearly as much as Methuen!

  27. Thank you, thank you for the heads up!! My store in Fullerton was still at 30-50 off, but the store in Brea bumped up the majority to 70% off! I made some great finds including Jake & the neverland pirates island for $11.98 (reg 29.99), Polly Pocket, Barbie Squinkies, Fisher Price toys, Spy Gear, Pictureka game, Mega Bloks Spiderman Lizard Sewer Speeder for $3.58 (reg 11.99), Legos monster fighters mummy set for $3.58 (reg $11.99). I was looking for more legos but this was the only one with clearance stickers. Now I’m thinking I should have at least scanned the other monster sets just to price check. I was also hoping to find anything Nerf but nothing was marked.

  28. i didn’t get to mine until around noon and found 1 scantily stocked aisle that they were in the process of marking down. found a few things. the best was a big play wonder build and play dollhouse for 39.01- regular 130! cotton candy machine- 11.81, zero game- 6.28, blokus jr game- 6.26, squinkie carousel- 5.98, barbie squinkie sets- 2.96, hello kitty lava lamp- 9.99, shrinky dink machine- 5.98, ladeeda fashion sketchbook- 3.88

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