The Latest Clearance Finds This Week at Target

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Here’s what has been spotted on clearance this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store– there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount that those who contributed to this post have. But I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check.

Keep sending us those emails and photos of your clearance finds and we will try to include them in our Thursday roundup whenever possible. Contributions are always appreciated!

TOYS: The big news in clearance this week is that the big drop to 70% on toys has happened for many of you today & yesterday! Kelley & I both had nice trips this morning and you can check out our finds on my post HERE. If it did not happen for you yet- there is a good chance that your store may go tomorrow. If you are new to the whole January Target Toy Clearance Hoopla- you can also check out my posts HERE & HERE.

 Emily reported lots of clearance in grocery this week including cheese, chili beans, canned pears, candy, gum, pop tarts and more up to 50% off. She found Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges for 30% off marked down to $1.95 and if you have the New You Target Coupon booklet, there’s a $1 off (2) Laughing Cow or Mini Babybel Cheese Snacks in there to make them even cheaper if you find the same. Emily also spotted Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 8 ct boxes on clearance for 15% off.


Kelley reported finding Stouffer’s Creamy Alfredo Pasta Family Meal on clearance for 50% off marked down to $3.14. Unfortunately, they are not signed as being included in the current Gift Card Deal for Stouffer’s but there is a $1.50/1 Stouffer’s Family Size 25-41 oz on Facebook if  you find the same.


 Just a few finds to report in health & beauty this week. Many of you have let me know you’re still seeing gift sets on the end caps including Axe, Dove, Caress and more, many of which are just sitting at 30-50% off. Teena spotted several perfumes on clearance at her store for 50% off including single bottles– White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor and Paris Hilton, both marked down to $5.98.


Emily found a Venus Embrace and Gillette Fusion ProGlide bonus packs for 15% off and Maybelline Line Express Eye Liner 2 pack for 30% off marked down to $5.58.

Emily and Heather reported tons of clearance in Home this week including dishes, mugs, cocktail items, window panels, throws, kids’ towels and more as much as 70% off. Heather found a whole end cap filled with bath accessories including kids’ 2 piece towel & wash mitt sets featuring Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, SpiderMan and more on clearance for 30% off marked down to $10.48 each. She also found Soap Pump & Hand Towel Gift Sets for 50% off marked down to $7.48 featuring Micky, SpongeBob, SpiderMan and Star Wars. Emily found lots of kids’ hooded towels at her store, also 30% off down to $10.48 each.

Emily spotted lots of mugs, dishes, bakeware and other kitchen stuff at her store on clearance. She found a T-fal 12 inch Grill Pan for 70% off marked down to $7.48 and a Threshold Porcelain & Bamboo Cake Stand for 50% off marked down to $9.98. Other finds include a Wine Cooler by Oggi for $5.98 and a Cocktail Shaker for $4.48, both 70% off and several nordic ware utensils and cookie cutters, up to 70% off.

Emily also reported finding Target Home Single Window Panels and Oversized Throws by Threshold for 30% off.

Another cute find was a great assortment of Disney Jewelry Trees and Clocks for 70% off and as low as $5.98. Lots of frames were also on clearance for 30% off in a nice assortment of sizes.

Finally, Emily found tons of light bulbs on clearance up to 50% off including GE Reveal, Energy Smart and more. She found a 4 pack of Reveal 75W bulbs on clearance for $4.08 and a 45W Reveal Floodlight Spiral (CFL) bulb for $6.98. With Target Coupons and MQs, she paid less than $1 for one and got the other for almost FREE! There are a few coupons available too…
$2 off (1) GE Lightbulb: Energy Smart CFL, or Halogen or Reveal or LED Target Coupon x1/27.
$4 off (1) GE Reveal Light Bulb Pack $4 +
Target Coupon LookBook Store Booklet
$1 off (1) GE Lightbulb Energy Smart, Reveal CFL, or Energy Efficient 1-6-13 SS x3/6
*Watch for $2/1 GE Manufacturer Coupon Peelies too!

There has also been lots of baby clearance & you can check out my recent post on that HERE.

–Feel free to let us know what your latest finds are in the comments below and big thanks for your emails, comments & photos to Teena, Heather, Cindy, Patricia, Sheila, Carrie, and Kelley. And a big special thanks to Emily! 

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  1. People in UTAH! I was very disappointed last Thursday when the Cinderella Vanity was not marked 70% at the Layton store. I scanned and asked an associate to make sure. They had, I believe, four left that morning when I was there. I went back tonight and there were only two and they were moved to an endcap. The sign on the endcap said 50% and they still had the 50% clearance sticker on the boxes. I decided to scan, again, just in case. I really didn’t think they would scan cheaper. I’m SO GLAD I checked because it scanned at $29.98! If you’re looking for one there is one left on the endcap! It was still there just before closing tonight.

  2. The CCM hockey skates were marked down 70% with the toys down to $17.48, from $49.99. I bought these last year for $14.98, and when hockey started this year I was sooo happy I made the purchase and had sizes for my two children, with their feet growing I got a few pairs in bigger sizes to stash for next year

  3. Was at my store Thur. morning. It’s under construction and renovation, they were still working on finishing set up on the toy section while I was there. Never a lot of stock to begin with or clearance at my store but they did have some toys in a half aisle marked 70%. Even with 4 kids, nothing worth buying. Other random toys in the aisles and end caps with 30%, 50%, and 70% stickers all mixed in. Scanned lots, but no surprises. But the biggest surprise was that some toys, like the Razor scooters, were stickered at 80% and 85% off! Got a $69.99 scooter for $10.54, AND a $19.99 Lego Star Wars V-Wing set for $3.04. There was a 70% off all Steelers sign, only a few ladies shirts left, got some cute ones for $3.88.

  4. I forgot to mention that I also found Vick’s Nature Fusion Cold & Flu caplets on clearance for $5.24 and Suave’s Waterless Foam Shampoo for just $1.37 (and had coupons for both,) which was nice.

  5. i made out like a bandit in the toy section!!! my target just marked them down today. got my daughter’s birthday and xmas done and 2 presents for cousins all for $40. love it!

  6. Thanks D – my local Target stores ended up doing a little bit of both (had some grocery items on an end cap, and others in there normal spots.) Wasn’t sure where to check, so appreciate that.

    Both my Target stores had holiday boxes of Celestial Seasonings Tea – Gingerbread Spice and Sugar Cookie flavors – on clearance for $2.03. (I had two manufacturer coupons for $1.00/1 that I used on two boxes.)

    They also had the Ghiradelli (Creamy Devotion w/32% Cacao) on clearance for $2.78 – didn’t have a coupon, but being the chocoholic that I am, bought two bags, LOL.

  7. Today I found flannel sheets with winter designs for $7.40, kids Cars metal thermos for $7.50(50%off, and they keep things cold for hours!!) store still had some good clearance toys too but I didn’t need them : (

  8. Yesterday, my Target in Montgomeryville, Pa, had Glade candles on clearance for $1.25 each. I used the Target coupon, $1.50 off 2, and a manufacturer’s coupon of $1.50 off 2 and got them for free. I had this offer twice, so I actually made $1 on the deal.

  9. I have been waiting for the toy sale and I finally got it today. It was so nice to see such as good deal!!! Thank you for sharing~~~
    Would you please tell us when is the next sale coming up. 🙂

  10. The grocery items that are on clearance – where can they be found? Are they where you normally would find those items? (Aside from the Christmas clearance section, which no longer exists in my local Target stores, I’m not aware of any grocery clearance section.)

  11. Both the Targerts in Methuen, MA by the Loop and Salem, NH went to 70%. Salem didn’t have as much as Methuen and some were still only 50%

  12. I got a Swiffer WetJet Mop for $4.98 (with my $5 P&G coupon) down from $19.99. Don’t know how well these work, but at that price, I’m willing to give it a shot. In Appleton, WI.

  13. Alot of the power wheels were marked $98-$99ish… down from $329. Good xmas presents for next year for you with toddlers.

  14. just wanted to thank you for the heads up on the target toy clearance because i scored a lot of good stuff today including a girls barbie ride on power atv for $68.XX regular price $229.99 now the gift box has been restocked! 🙂

  15. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. My Target had toys at 30% and some 50% yesterday and i was sure they wouldnt go to 70% today but after reading this post, i took my son there and figured we didnt have anything to lose.
    Oh my goodness! We spent just over $100 for a bunch of toys for his Birthday in April. I had to stop myself from buying more 🙂
    Thank you so much – we saved a fortune and he has some great toys to open for his 2nd birthday.

  16. Jenny…. I got that printer for $49.99 (orig $99) during their “Beat the rush sale” and it SUCKED!!! I returned it… and told them it wasnt fair that the sale was now over on the printers… and they let me pick out another $99 printer (HP 4620)… and adjusted the price to $49!!! That was AWESOME Customer Service! =)
    This printer works SOOO much better, has no problems connecting wirelessly and NO paper jams!!!! =)
    Just an fyi in case yours acts up… which it prob will if you just read the msg boards on HP.

  17. At my store, the aisles were still somewhat neatly organized at 3:00 PM (Indianapolis). There were way too many girl’s items, several baby items, and very few boys items. Still, I bought several items for the Toys for Tots drive next year. I got some great deals & appreciate the heads up.

  18. @Krissy and @JMM – which PGH stores? I am north of the city in Monaca. The Monaca Target has quite a bit of toys left (at least they did this morning) at 70% off. Haven’t seen any of the Bakers chocolate at ours though. Might try Robinson tomorrow. They seem to typically have more on Clearance than my store does, especially when it comes to clothing. I have also found that the Robinson Target markes down items a week or so earlier than my store.

  19. I was so excited to see so many 70% sale signs on toys…only to find that most of them were still 50% and 30% off instead. Yes, I scanned But was bummed. The prices they had on the product was what they scanned as…I just think someone brought the signs out too early. Twin Falls Idaho

  20. I scord some really good toys. Several puzzles, a memory game, Candyland for $3.20, and a cool wooden table that has musical instruments in it. Stuff was going fast!

  21. I found a HP 3521 wireless all in one printer @ 70%off, marked down to 29.99 (originally 99.99!) I managed to get the last one. They also had Samsung Net10 smartphones @ 50% off. Happy shopping!

  22. My target (la Habra ca) just marked down all the toys 70% off too! They were doing as I was going down the aisle so they were nice enough to retag my stuff for me and rescan them! Also the Christmas clothes all went to 70% off well most off it a few stragglers still sitting at 50%. One of the workers told me 90% of the toys are now at 70% off! Perfume sets went to 50% off too. I’m still holding out on the Christmas items hoping for 90% off!

  23. Just a heads up you can bring the items to the guest service if its lower price in d for price match.

  24. i wish my store had more stuff.. 70% off the toy clearance is for boys and babies which i have neither.. I will have to try another target this week..

  25. Scored a kitchenette at 70% off….picked it up for the Angel Tree toy drive next year as well as some Leap Frog, Hot Wheels and Fisher Price toys. Thank you Totally Target and its fans as I had no idea clearance like this was ever available.

  26. Pittsburgh here! I’ve been buying Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate Squares and Baker’s White Chocolate squares for $1.47 at 70% off! (I bought a few when they were 50%). They began in the holiday baking section, then got moved to the clearance section in the food aisle. (Some Ghiradelli and other items you have above were there too.)

    I also picked up some name-brand Baking Powder for $1. Bunch of spices were on clearance too!

  27. I have been waiting for those sets to go lower, but they are not!! Online they were $2.49. I have never been to a Target that has such a neat clearance section, usually stuff is thrown all over. This photo must have been taken right after opening. hahah jk

  28. Does anyone know if the Neiman Marcus collection is still available (on clearance) at the stores??..TIA!!

  29. Oh, also, I was there this morning and saw tons of toiletries on clearance, I just glanced as I walked by, but I saw lots of stuff in the oral care aisle.

  30. Does anyone think those Dove giftpacks will make it to 70% off? Or are they going to sit at 50% off until they go out of the system?

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