Baby Sale Early Preview Starts Today- Gift Card & Special Purchase Deals & More thru 2/2

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There will be a big Baby sale in stores starting next week on 1/27, but this sale is now live early on There are lots of special purchase deals, Gift Card Deals and discounts to be had online at starting today- 1/24 and lasting thru 2/2. If you checkout using your REDcard you will also get FREE Shipping plus 5% Off your purchases, plus you can also go through or go thru EBATES who are both offering 2% Cash Back on purchases today.

There are a couple of discount codes that you can use on some items- it may not work for all items- for example- neither of these codes worked for me on diapers, but they are both worth a try and in some cases you may be able to stack these codes. First there is the code AFF5Q113 to get $5 off a purchase subtotal of $50 or more. Also to note- if you have yet to sign up for baby mobile coupons- you can text BABY4 to 827438 and get back a welcome message with a unique 10% Off code that you can use online on your total baby purchase.


*Update: Swaddlers appear to be the only diapers left now in stock on (except sz 3 & 4)

When taking advantage of Gift Card Deals online- it can be a little confusing the way they calculate in your savings. But just keep in mind that Target HAS to add the Gift Card to your cart in order for you to receive it. Therefore you will see it added in on your subtotal but also deducted from your subtotal because it is FREE. Your final subtotal does not actually reflect the deduction for the Gift Card. You will pay the subtotal, AND you will also still receive your Gift Card (likely mailed in a separate envelope).

So for example, One of the very nice specials that starts today is for a FREE $20 Gift Card wyb 2 Pampers Economy Pack Diapers. There is also a special to get 10% Off when you buy 2 Pampers Economy Packs. So if you add 2 to your cart, your subtotal is $75.98, and now the $20 Gift Card is automatically added to you order, making it $95.98. They now minus the Gift Card because it is FREE with your order, and they deduct your 10% discount for buying 2 ($7.60), for a total deduction of $27.60, bringing your final subtotal down to $68.38. That is what you will pay, however, you will still be receiving a $20 Gift Card in the mail for your purchases, bringing your cost down to $48.38 for 2 economy packs after Gift Card & 10% Off.

Other Special Purchase & Gift Card Deal Highlights…

  • Free SnugaMonkey Bouncer with Purchase of a SnugaMonkey Cradle and Swing
  • Save 50% on a Crib Mattress with Purchase of Select Dolce Vita Cribs
  • Free Graco Dressing Table with Purchase of a Select Graco Crib
  • $10 Gift card with Purchase of 2 Select Similac or Enfamil Formula Tubs
  • Free Safety Kit with Purchase of Select Baby Gates
  • $25 Gift card with Purchase of Select Baby Joggers
  • Buy One, Get One 50% off on Select Sippy Cups, Infant Toys, Baby Toiletries, bottles, pacifiers
  • Free Handlebar Console with Purchase of a BOB Double Stroller
  • $15 Gift card with Purchase of an Angelcare Monitor
  • $15, $40 or $50 Gift card with Purchase of Select Motorola Digital Baby Monitors
  • $5 Gift card with Purchase of an Angelcare Bath Support
  • $20 Gift card with Purchase of a Select ErgoBaby Carrier
  • Save 50% on a Glider and Ottoman Set with Purchase of a Select Crib
  • $10 Gift card with Purchase of Select Boppy Pillows
  • $20 Gift card with Purchase of 2 item from the Chicco Perseo Collection
  • $20, $15 or $10 Gift card with Purchase of a Select Baby Cargo Stroller
  • $20 Gift card with Purchase of a Recaro Car Seat
  • $20 Gift card with Purchase of Select Ergobaby Carriers
  • $75 Gift card with Purchase of the Baby Trend Giselle Collection

If you are new to you can earn a $5 bonus for signing up, and if you go through EBATES, you will also get a $10 Gift Card to your choice of Target or other popular stores as a bonus in your account for signing up if you spend $25 in one transaction within 30 days.

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  1. Was able to purchase 2 boxes of Swaddlers, and used a new 10% off code. This was a better deal that using coupons in the store. Thanks!

  2. The diapers appear to be back in stock, but now they are not offering the 10% off 2. Darn :/ was hoping they would go back in stock with the 10% off still.

  3. Soooo frustrating I had the swaddlers in my cart was entering the gift cards and then when I hit continue it said out of stock!!

  4. Can anyone tell me if you can use more than one enfamil rebate check at a time? Can I use two $5 checks on. $20 container of formula?

  5. im hoping for an aveeno in store deal starting sunday. i see some of the aveeno is bogo 50%. hoping this carries over to the store or they have a giftcard deal.

  6. only size 3 available. Do you think I could exchange the size in the store? Or do you think more will be available next week?

  7. I just checked and the only diaper that is sold out is the Pampers Baby Dry size 4. EVERYTHING else is still available!

  8. Hey Jackie- I still see- if you are trying to get a certain size that is sold out please let me know- & I can add a note.

  9. shown are the tubs, also states “other select enfamil & similac included in offer”. I can’t guarantee it but my guess would be yes

  10. Question about the Enfamil…It looks like online that you can buy the tubs or the refill boxes online and get the $10 GC. Will this work on just the tubs in the store next week or on the refill boxes too?

  11. Yippie, just did this deal! I got 2 cases of swaddlers size 4 and even though I don’t have a RedCard i still got free shipping on them!! Looooooove Target!!!!!! Thanks for the heads up TT!

  12. Hey DIana- I can’t say all of them well- but most look to be- I am working on new ad now- and can confirm that yes the enfamil/similac will be. hth

  13. Will all these deals be available in store startinf on Sunday? I am really interested in the Enfamil buy 2 get $10 GC and I have some of the gift checks from Enfamil I want to use.

  14. Apparently you can’t shortcode text with Sprint anymore 🙁 Any other way to get the 10% off coupon? 🙁

  15. Awesome! I just purchased two size 3 boxes of diapers. After all discounts and Redcard savings I paid less than 13 cents a diaper! What a great deal on size 3! Thanks a bunch!

  16. @Renae- have you checked with your insurance about breast pump coverage? If you have insurance it should be 100% covered due to the affordable care act.

  17. The medella pump is on sale for $225…does anybody know if this is a great price or if it will be going down? I don’t need the pump for about 4 months…but I also don’t want to miss out on a good price either…

  18. @Edith- glad you got it! yw!
    @Meridith, Melind & Katie – yes this deal will be in stores starting on 1/27, but the 10% Off will not be, so as Meridith pointed out- if you don’t have at least $7.60 in coupons to use- it’s a better deal on line.
    @Adrienne- imo they will not honor that as a price match- since you have to buy 2 to get the 10% discount. Items are matched as an individual product price which will not reflect 10%. In addition to that, now Target excludes Competitor price matches on items where Target or the competitor is offering a free gift card as well. hth!

  19. Just an FYI…Toys R Us currently also has a deal for a $20 gift card with purchase of two packs of pampers. I was able to get some newborns and size 1s that way last weekend. I’d rather have the target gift card but I figure I’ll just have to buy my car seat or something at toys r us now 🙂

  20. Nevermind LOL Has about a 10 minute delay. I’m in 🙂 Thank you!! Buying baby shower gifts and this is perfect! Thanks TT!! 🙂

  21. I signup for the baby texts, but didn’t receive a 10% off code. Anyone else have an issue with that?

  22. I think they usually do the gift card offer in stores, but I don’t believe they will do the gift card and 10% off in stores. So if your coupons aren’t over $7.60 then you should probably buy them online.

  23. I also wondered this – I know their online price match was extended through the year so would they match the 10% off online price if you brought it into a store? Experts? Weigh in please! 🙂

  24. Anyone know if the buy two pampers, get 10% off will be available next week at the store? I have some coupons to use too.

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