The Latest Clearance Finds This Week at Target

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Here’s what has been spotted on clearance this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store– there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount that those who contributed to this post have. But I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check.

Keep sending us those emails and photos of your clearance finds and we will try to include them in our Thursday roundup whenever possible. Contributions are always appreciated!

 Well I have received some new reports this week of clearance in grocery, up to 50% off on pumpkin pie, bread crumbs, boxed potatoes, hamburger helper, chocolates, gum and  more. Teena found Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper for 50% off marked down to $0.76 and there’s a $1/3 or .75/3 in the 01-06-13 SS x3/3 to make it as low as .43 if you find the same! She also found Betty Crocker Yukon Gold Boxed Potatoes on clearance for 50% off marked down to $0.78 and Mrs. Smith’s Pre-Baked Pumpkin Pie, also 50% off marked down to $2.74. Here are a few more coupons for what’s been found….

$1/2 Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars x3/3 (pdf format)
-.50/2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes except Potato Buds and Pouch 12-9-12 SS x2/2/13
-$1/3; .75/3 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper 01-06-13 SS x3/3

-$1/1 Edwards or Mrs. Smith’s Pie 12-2-12 SS x2/2/13
$1/1 Mrs. Smith’s or Edwards Pie Product 23 oz+
$1.75/2 Ovaltine Products, any size or flavor
.50/2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes, any except Potato Buds and Pouch


Emily reported lots of finds this week in Health & Beauty up to 70% off including hair color, sunscreen, deodorant, soap, bodywash and more. She also reported that some of the hair color she found last week had been reduced to 50% off including Garnier Nutrisse and Clairol Nice ‘n Easy. I’ve included all the hair color coupons below in case your store has dropped too. Other finds include Pantene Conditioner for 15% off marked down to $4.70, GUD Foaming Hand Wash for 50% off marked down to $2.48 and GUD Hand Cream for 30% off down to $4.88, and Garnier Fructis Shampoo for 15% off marked down to $2.54.

For the men, Emily found tons of soap including men’s Zest, Ivory, Dial, Dove, Lever 2000 and more for 15% off. She also spotted Dial Foam Body Wash and Axe Shower Gel, both 15% off.

-$1/1 Clairol Natural Instincts or Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color 12-30-12 PG x1/31
-$2/1 Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam 12-30-12 PG x1/31
-$2/1 Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme, Any – 12-09-12 RP x2/19
-$1/1 Garnier Fructis Conditioner or Treatment 1-13-13 RP x2/23 ETS
-$1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo 1-13-13 RP x2/23 ETS
$1.00 off GARNIER FRUCTIS Shampoo or Conditioner 
$1 off any Two Dial or Dial for Men Body Wash 6oz or +
-$1/1 GUD Product Allure April 2012 x2/28
-$3/2 Pantene Products 12-30-12 PG x1/31
$1/1 Coppertone Suncare Item ETS

There have been lots of clearance reports in the women’s department this week, as much as 70% off on pants, sweaters, tops, coats, warm-ups, and more.

Liz found a coat by Mossimo on clearance for 50% off marked down to $34.98 and a ton of colorful denim pants for 70% off marked down as low as $8.38.

Other finds include a cute Mossimo pink warm-up suit on clearance for 50% off marked down to $9.98 and lots of dressy v-neck tees, also 50% off marked down to $5 each.

Patty found a cute dress by Converse One Star for 50% off marked down to $14.98. There is still a Shopkick and Target Mobile coupon available for a FREE $5 Gift Card with a Converse OneStar purchase of $35 or more valid thru 1/25.

Lots of cute clothes were reported in the girls’ department this week, as much as 70% off. Lots of dresses, fashion graphic tees, denim jeans, pajamas, hats, and more. Sarah found several dresses by Harajuku Mini for Target on clearance for 70% off marked down as low as $8.98. She also found several graphic tees on clearance as much as 70% off even though the signs said 30% off. She found several brands marked down to $3.58 including Hello Kitty, Disney, Angry Birds, and more.

Teena found some Cherokee Fashion Puffer jackets left on clearance for 70% off marked down to $11.98 and some sparkly Trapper hats by Xhilaration for 50% off marked down to $6.48. She also found some pajama sets by Xhilaration for 50% off marked down to $8.48.

Other finds include jeans by dENiZEN for 30% off marked down to $13.98, C9 by Champion warm-up hoodies and pants, also 30% off down to $10.48, and Circo Velour Hoodies for 50% off marked down to $6.48.

Lots of stuff has been reported on clearance in the boys’ department this week, up to 70% off on jackets, hoodies, robes, corduroys, thermal underwear, and more.


Bethany reported lots of Cherokee Robes and 2 piece pajamas on clearance up to 50% off marked down to $7.48 and Thermal Long Underwear, also 50% off down to $5 each.

Other finds include lots of jackets and hoodies by C9 up to 70% off and as low as $10.48 as well as a nice assortment of hats and gloves up to 50% off and as low as $1 each.

Melissa spotted lots of Circo items on clearance including fleece crew sweatshirts for $2.08. The sign said 30% off but they were stickered 70% off which just goes to show you that there are always surprises. Remember to scan too, sometimes items are priced lower than the clearance stickers.

She also spotted a whole display of Shaun White long-sleeve tees on clearance for 50% off marked down to $5.98.

Many of you have emailed me with lots of new clearance finds in kids this week including this adorable sweatshirt Tina found on clearance for 70% off marked down to $4.50. She also spotted these cute Circo Skirt Skeggings for 70% off marked down to $3.60.

Other finds include Cherokee 2Fer Shirts, pants, sweatshirts, and more. Seems like there’s lots of winter clearance that has to be moved so hope you find some at your store too.

–Feel free to let us know what your latest finds are in the comments below and big thanks for your emails, comments & photos to Sarah, Teena, Bethany, Melissa, Tina, Liz, Patty and Kelley. And a big special thanks to Emily! 

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  1. I found John Frieda haircolor on clearance for $5.98. IF you have the target IP and you find boxes with the $2/1 peelies, it is an awesome deal,because they still trigger the $5 gift card!

    Price breakdown when you buy 2 before taxes: $5.98 – 2.50 (GC) -$2 (peelie) – $1 (because you can only use 1 ofthe$2 target IPs).. makes for $0.48 John Frieda haircolor!!

  2. I have a manufacters pillsbury coupon for 1.00/2 pillsbury frostings, cookie or quickbread mix. It expires on 1/31/13. I apologize I am not sure what sunday paper it was from. If you get two of those cookie mixes it would make them .48 cents a box .

  3. dr bronners tea tree soap 16 oz was on clearnace for $7 . :)) tea tree is great for many skin problems. i love it.

  4. I am watching holiday jewelry which is on clearance at 50 percent off for the past 3 weeks. when does jewelry get marked down further?

  5. The Target in Fultondale, AL, had a lot of clearance. I got two women’s shirts and a toddler dress. However, I was mad to see a woman in the toddler clothing with TWO full carts of clothing, there was nothing left! She was bragging that she would just re-sell it all at consignment! She said she only had a teenager . . .

  6. Is there a particular day of the week when Target does it’s markdowns or does it vary each week with different items?

  7. Oh awesome! Thanks for posting the Mrs. Smith’s coupon. The pumpkin pies are only like $1+ at my store and they have tons! They also have the holiday pillsbury funfetti cookie mixes for 98cents. Anyone know of a coupon for those?

  8. You will typically find clearance on the back end caps of aisle, I always walk the perimeter of the store in order to check out all of the clearance.
    I was hoping to hit up another Target store today, but we are snowed in. Boo! A couple of days ago I was able to get my 1yr old son a BUNCH of clothes for next winter. L/S shirts/sweat pants/warm up pants for $1.50-$1.80, flannel button up shirts/sweaters/hoodies for $3-$3.60!

  9. Tracey- Target clearance is located on back endcaps in the departments, altho sometimes when items are recently marked down they will still be in their normal location on the shelves. Happy Shopping!! 🙂

  10. Hey Tracey- clearance is always usually spread out. SOmetimes it sits in the regualr aisles and sometimes it will get moved to the endcaps. The endcaps will usually never face the main aisles- so ie you will usually see clearance endcaps as you go around the perimeter of the store. But yes- always worth a shot to check the regular aisles for clearance mentioned too. hth!

  11. As I am a new shopper at Target I have a question. Are the clearance items on the shelf where the product would normally be or is there a special clearance section I should look for ? Thanks for your help and love your website !!!!

  12. Mine had the Pantene Dry shampoo for 1.64 on clearance…used the $3 on 2 and got them for almost nothing…..tried it this morning and love it, can;t always get a shower with 5 little ones running around 🙂

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