New B2G1 FREE DiGiorno Pizza Coupon & Deal

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digiornoThat awesome coupon for B2G1 Free DiGiorno Large Pizzas  (up to $7.01) has reset this morning. We have a nice deal going on at Target that starts today for a FREE 2-Liter Bottle of Soda wyb 2 DiGiorno Multi-Serve Frozen Pizzas thru 2/2…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 DiGiorno Pizzas ($4.50)
& Buy a 2-Liter Bottle of Soda ($1.79) = $15.29
-$1.79 (the 2-liter of soda will be FREE with deal thru 2/2
-$4.50 (use  B2G1 Free DiGiorno Large Pizzas
=$9 for all 4 items after coupons and deal

Also- I am not sure how the register will behave on this since the Qs make 2 of the pizzas FREE, but you can also try this…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 6 DiGiorno Pizzas ($4.50) & Buy three 2-Liter Soda ($1.79) = $32.37
-$5.37 (all three 2-liter bottles of soda will be FREE with deal thru 2/2
-$9.00 (use two B2G1 Free DiGiorno Large Pizzas
=$18 for all 9 items after coupons and deal

*Some of you may also have a B2G1 FREE DiGiorno pizzas from today’s 1-27 RP2 (up to $6.01)

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  1. Hey Steph- yes- you buy 3 pizzas, one 2-liter of soda- and use your B2G1 coupon and pay only for 2 pizzas. the soda is free with the deal. the 3rd pizza is free with the coupon. hth

  2. So the deal here in Az is that yeah its 2 Digorno pizzas n get 1 free 2 ltr. My question is can i use the coupon for the 2 pizzas all together I get 3 pizzas n the soda? Sorry sometimes using coupons confuses me. Lol

  3. ok, thanks for the info…the cashier pushed it thru this morning. forgot about that change! 🙂

  4. Hi Ashley- TQ policy doesnt allow for BxGx MQs to be combined with $/x MQs. the only other coupon you can combine with a BxGx MQ is a TQ on the non-free item(s). hth

  5. i found a $2/2 tearpad that i am hoping to combine with the b2g1….last time this q was out, i found a b2 get free dryers ice cream q and it worked with no beeps. fingers crossed on this one!

    6 pizzas and 3 sodas for $14 if all goes right!

  6. AJ, you are cracking me up!

    Love this deal, Hubby and I do pizza night every Friday after the long work week. We were taking advantage of the Domino’s gift card deal but now that it’s over this is great, and much less of a hassle than making one ourselves.

  7. Shannon, you must really have a big freezer LOL.

    How many pizzas will you be cooking on Superbowl?

  8. Here is my deal:
    Pizzas (12) $54 – (4) B2G1 MQs (takes of $28.04 total) = $25.96
    Pepsi 2L (6) $6- $6 (free wyb 2 sale)- (3) $1/2 MQs = +$3
    So, $22.96 for 12 pizzas and 6 2 liters or $1.91 for each pizza and the pop is free.

  9. I already went this morning to my local target and this was the deal I got: 6 pizzas (four regular, two stuffed crusts) and 3 sodas for $16.98 (not including tax). So you definitely get the third soda free with the two free pizzas. The coupons seem to ring up for $7.01 regardless of the price of the pizza so if you want the best deal just stick to the regular crusts and if your store is the same as mine it will only be $12.98 for 6 pizzas and 3 sodas (no promises though since I didn’t have that exact combination).

  10. Hey coral- not sure what you mean- the 2nd deal I believe reflects that- buying 6 pizzas & 3 soda? Just lmk if I am not understanding something you are trying to tell me. TY!

  11. I think this is a great deal!, but after the insert mq b2g1 from today’s rp, wouldn’t it be 3 free sodas, and 2 free digiorno pizzas? Thanks!

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