Clearance Alert on Dove Men+Care Body & Face Bars


While clearance can vary by region- you may want to be on the lookout for these bonus packs of Dove Men+Care Bar soap which are a 6-pack of Dove Men+Care Bar soap that come with a free trial size body wash. Some of you are reporting anywhere from 15-30% Off- as low as $4.82.

If you find them too- check your inserts- as you may have gotten that HUGE $4/1 Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar, 6 pack+ in your 01-27-13 RP to make these as low as .82 cents if you find the same- or like paying as low as .14 cents per bar! 🙂

-Thanks Thalia, Heather & to Valerie for the pic!

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  1. Hi everyone! I live in Dearborn Heights, MI, I just scored on the Dove men’s 6pk bar soap w/bonus body wash on 15% clearance for $5.85. I had the $4 coupon making them $1.85 each…only had 4 coupons though :(. Other finds were Dove men’s body wash w/ bonus deodorant on 15% clearance for $3.38 with the $2 coupon making them $1.38!!! Also Glade expressions starter kits on 15% clearance for $2.54 and with the $2 coupon I paid just .54 each. LOVE TARGET!!!!

  2. The bonus pack of the face/body wash was also on clearance 30% at my Target – $2.78. Only $0.78 after the coupon and it worked with the buy 3 get a $5 gift card!

  3. Are inserts usually regional? I only had SmartSource & P&G in my Sunday paper. Unless someone swiped it before I bought it.

  4. FWent yesterday to different Target was a full price, bought at other one for 15% off. Went back at 900amother today and clearanced straight to 30%. Short on Body wash q’s so got degree also 30%. Also this morning at Walmart was scanning clearance stuff. They had an Axe mini pack w/ full sz phoenix deodrant and a mini body spray and shower gel. I dont know original price but it scanned $1.25 so w axe q $1 off pd. 25 cents ea for 12.

  5. The soap packs were 5.85 at my target but I did not have my coupons with me so I will go tomorrow and the shelf was full. They also had the dove men body wash for 3.83 and it had the $5 gift card included so I purchased 3 and used two 2/1 coupon because the coupon states limit of 2 in the same transaction so 0.83 cents each. The had caress and dove antipersperants also in this deal.

  6. (Melissa) Inserts are regional. What I’ve learned is to keep up with couponing websites to find out what coupon deals are out there and purchase them from or ebay

  7. @Melissa- Some areas do not receive the Redplum insert in the papers. My area is one of them. They pulled there inserts from certain papers. I believe it was back in 2009. I never get the Redplum inserts, but my sister gets one insert in the mail every week and gives those to me. One is better than none, although I wish they still came in the paper for me!

  8. It is all the Dove Men+Care, so yes it is men’s. I found the clearance on an end cap, but you might also check the aisle, or even the “Stock up and Save”/seasonal section.

  9. There’s a $1/1 Dove Men’s ip still available, use that with two of the 2/1 to get 3 for .14 after gift card:)

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