Grab $15 Worth of New Printable Kraft Coupons!

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  1. Natalie- sorry for all the confusion- I thought you were talking about stacking against the sale. Now I realize you are talking about combining the B3G1 free coupon with a $1/3 coupon, and no- according to target coupon policy you cannot combine manufacturer’s coupons in that manner.

  2. Hey Alyson- at the store? I am referring to the sale- it is B3G1 free on the 20 ct. but lmk if your store is offering a B3G1 free sale on 10 ct or if you are looking at th einsert coupon- that’s weird I could swear mine just said 10 ct not or larger

  3. HI Natalie- imo this is not a match only because the sizes are different
    the B3G1 FRee is on 20 ct
    the $1/3 is on the 10 ct. hth
    wish they would just make it 10 ct or larger but that’s not what it says 🙁

  4. Ok… Sorry, I’m still learning… can I use the $1 off Capri Sun with the buy 3 get 1 free Capri sun coup from a few weeks ago? I’m pretty sure yes, because one coupon is for the 4th item free… while the first coupon is for $1/3… just want to make sure tho, thanks!

  5. I have no problem using them at my Target and even asked the supervisor and got told they would have no problem getting reimbursed – unless they say only or if they are store specific at the top – but he assured me as long as it says MQ at the top it doesn’t matter if it says redeemable at wherever!

  6. Some coupons even though they state manufacturer’s coupons, if they have a store logo or say redeem at can only be used at that store as manufacturer’s have set aside funds to pay only that store for the coupons. If another store tries to redeem them they will not be reimbursed. I’m not sure about the ones that say “redeemable at”. When I worked for a food manufacturer I don’t remember seeing those.

  7. @KKM- as noted in the post- mine do not say “only” they just state redeemable at walmart. it is a strong suggestional promotion by walmart- but these are regular manufacturer coupons that you should be able to use elsewhere. these are manufacturer’s coupons as stated across the top of them- they are not store coupons. hth

  8. Thanks for the heads up!
    Just one thing…. The Kraft shredded cheese coupon is for 16oz or larger and my local ad says 8oz 2/$4.
    Is this right?

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