Old El Paso & Pace Clearance Alert & Gift Card Deal

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Just a heads up to watch for possible clearance at your stores on select Old El Paso & Pace products. Emily found a whole bunch of this clearance in her Stock Up & Save Section of the store but it certainly can’t hurt to check the regular aisles too. She found 30% Off several Old El Paso products- vegetarian and fat free Refried Beans down to .88, Chopped Green Chilis down to .90 and more! She also found the Pace mild and medium chunky salsa on clearance for 30% Off down to $1.74.

The most exciting part of this clearance if you can find it, is that these items are all part of the offer for a FREE $5 Gift  Card wyb 10 select Mexican & Italian items and Emily confirmed that the Gift Card is still prompting despite the clearance. Even without coupons you can stock up super cheap, but there is a .60/3 Old El Paso products in the 1-27-13 SS x3/23 and a .60/2 Pace products 1-27-13 SS x2/24.

This Gift Card Deal is quite extensive and goes thru 2/23. If you would like more information on what’s included and more matchups- you can check out the Special Deals Page.

-Thanks so much for the picture & clearance heads up to Emily!

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  1. I bought 10 that were marked clearance, but they rang up regular price. I didn’t catch it until I read the receipt. Oh well! The $5 gift card makes it a good deal.

  2. Hey Jessica- the scanners won’t tell you but you can bring one up to a register or GS and ask them to look it up in the system for you- they should be able to see the info where it is awarding the Gift Card or not. hth

  3. I saw these on clearance yesterday at my target but was nervous as well to try and see if they giftcard deal would still come up. Is there anyway of knowing before you go to register? Like any certain code when you do the price checker? I am kinda a newbie at this couponing stuff:))

  4. Tracy, I was just going to comment on this. The clearance stickers had been removed, but clearly had been there…ringing regular price. I saw several other food items that had clearance stickers that had been removed.

  5. Just wanted to let everyone know I just went to Target and did get this deal. However, there was an employee on the aisle that said these items were on his list to come off clearance and that he would be removing the stickers. He said it was some kind of computer error. My items were stickered but did not ring up what they were marked. So watch for that. They did adjust everything at the register and card prompted correctly as well.

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