New B2G1 FREE Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes Target Deal

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If you haven’t grabbed this coupon yet- you can still print a $1.50/3 Ore-Ida frozen products manufacturer’s coupon HERE. The Ore-Ida frozen potatoes are back on a B2G1 FREE Deal at Target thru 3/9, and we also got a new $2.00 Off (3) Heinz Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes OR (1) Heinz Ketchup 38 oz Target Coupon (No Longer Available) x3/17 to stack. While many of us are able to use a manufacturer’s coupon on a SALE freebie, the same usually doesn’t work for Target coupons.

I am not quite sure how the register will behave on this particular deal, but from past experience, you will likely have to buy 4 Items in order to use both coupons. So your deal will look something like this…

ore-da-dealDEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes 19-32 oz ($2.69) = $10.76
-$2.69 (one will be FREE with Target Deal thru 3/9
-$2.00 Off (3) Heinz Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes
OR (1) Heinz Ketchup 38 oz TQ (No Longer Available) x3/17
-$1.50/3 Ore-Ida frozen products coupon HERE
= $4.57 for 4 or $1.14 each after coupons & deal

Or Cory let me know there is also a $1/2 Ore-Ida Products , so if your store does not have a problem with allowing a Manufacturer’s coupon on a SALE freebie- you could do this…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes 19-32 oz ($2.69) = $10.76
-$2.69 (one will be FREE with Target Deal thru 3/9
-$2.00 Off (3) Heinz Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes
OR (1) Heinz Ketchup 38 oz Target Coupon x3/17
-$2.00 (use two –$1/2 Ore-Ida 19 oz+ (must register)
= $4.07 for 4 or $1.02 each after coupons & deal

There are all different kinds of these large bags included in the deal- Hash Browns, Steam & Mash, Tater Tots, Sweet Potato Fries and more. Also – If you missed my post this morning- you can check out how to get Ketchup as low as FREE & cheap Ore-Ida Easy Fries at Target HERE!

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  1. Does anyone still have the coupon actually still showing up for them, the Target coupon? I can’t find it even after sifting through the Target coupons. I tried using the link and going to the website directly.

  2. I purchased 6 bags of Tator Tots and 2 ketchups. I had 2 potato coupons and 4 target coupons. None of them beeped. I was fully expecting a problem, but they all just cruised right on thru!

  3. I did 6 Ore Ida fries & 1 bottle of ketchup. Used 3 of the $2 TQ’s & 2 of the $1.50/3 coupons. None of my coupons beeped! All of them went through & I was able to get all 7 items for $3.76! I also did the GM cereal deal – 10 boxes of cereal for only $2.75!!!! And I got a heart gift bag for $.89, 4 Disney Princess & 4 bags of candy to stash away for kids parties. Total out of pocket was $15.16 & the savings at the bottom of the receipt says $71.47!!!! I had a great time at Target yesterday!!!

  4. 1.50/3 is now out of prints fyi. “We’re sorry, this Ore-Ida coupon is no longer available. Please be on the lookout for future emails from Ore-Ida with coupons and special offers.” Thanks as always for these great deals!

  5. I did the deal…..bought 6, 4 target qs and 2 ore ida qs, all went through, always hand them the target q’s first. my store isn’t particular…4 or less of ANY coupon, is taken. if the register takes it, they’re on board.

  6. i did the ketchup too and it said one or more items missing, i think it was probably supposed to be AND also and not OR. I mean, it makes sense that you need ketchup if you buy THAT MANY fries. lol. But i am not complaining. It came up, she looked at it, I told her i got the 38oz ketchup and she put it thru. I got 2 of them actually. Some of my other coupons said that too though even though I had the items, so it’s possible its a glitch in the system…

  7. Tina- I wondered the same thing. I bought the $1.99 ketchup today and when the cashier scanned the TGT coupon it beeped and said something like “did not fulfill purchase requirement.” She didn’t even question and pushed it through, but I walked away wondering if I did something wrong.

  8. The Heinz at my store was 2.69 and I got two of them, was able to use two $2 off coupons. And the Ore-ida was around .99-1.89 with the same buy and get deal, but we already have a ton of fries so we needed ketchup really.

  9. The Target coupon says $2 off 38 oz. Heinz Ketchup. That size ketchup was only $1.99 at my store, so I will bet that it is supposed to say “AND” instead of “OR”. (In other words, you have to buy 3 potatoes AND the ketchup, not OR which is the ketchup only.) Just a thought……Anyone else notice this? They will probably change it when they notice it. 🙂

  10. I dont think you could use the MQ with the .99 extra crispy easy fries but you could use the TQ and get them for .32 per box 🙂

  11. I have a mac running OSX 10.6.8 and have recently had a JAVA update and can again print all online coupons.

  12. Is anyone with a Mac actually able to print coupons?? Apple has disabled Java for all Macs and I haven’t been able to print for weeks! Is there any work arounds/??

  13. rigt that is why I worded it the way i did- most ar enot going to be able to do that. MQs USUALLY go thru- but TQs no and some stores won’t allow the MQ beep or not- but it is still a very nice deal even if required to buy 4.

  14. Yes, it did. Thankfully, they’ve always taken the two coupons on free items. The stores out by mom in Syracuse do not allow the double stack on free stuff.

  15. that great Sarah. You can certainly try- Any beeps for you? ie did they have to force the TQ thru? If they did – many stores may not allow it.

  16. Wouldn’t you only need to buy 3? I bought 3 and with the $2/off of 3 Target coupon and the $1.50 off of 3 MFC that means .. $1.88 total or that’s what I paid. My store allows the MFC off of a free item.

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