Target Valentine’s Day Clearance- Up to 70% Off + Hidden Find – Disney Mini Dolls as low as $1.49!

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Valentine’s Day clearance should now be at 70% for many of you if your store has anything left, and Purple Dot in Dollar spot should be at 70, and candy should now be down to 50%. I hear there were several of you who did not find a drop the day after Valentine’s day, but I hear it was a register issue, and hopefully that has been resolved and the clearance is on for most of you.


Kelley even found me a few bags of the Lays 20-pack chips down to $2.08 at 70% Off so I was happy to get some cheap snacks for Austin’s baseball team after the games!


We also have a new stack on M&Ms this morning- and it will be good on the Valentine’s bags of M&M’s. Kelley found the M&M’s Minis Treat Packs 11.23 oz bags for $1.74 and Loose Valentine M&M’s Bags for $1.59. This will make them super cheap after stacking the following coupons.

-$1.50/2 M&M’s chocolate candy 9.34 oz or Larger Target Coupon x3/17
-$1.50/2 M&M’s Brand Chocolate Candies 9.9 oz+ 1-27-13 RP x3/10

What can be found will vary from store to store, but definitely worth taking a good look around for anything you might want to stock up on for next year. And be sure to scope out other areas of the store. Check in home & housewares, and check in the regular grocery aisles too as you never know what you may find.

You may also want to check out the Small Disney Princess Little Kingdom Dolls found in the checkout lanes. Thanks to heads up from Courtney, these seem to be part of the Valentines day clearance, now scanning as low as $1.49 if your store is at 70% Off! These would be perfect for Easter Baskets or Stocking stuffers and there is nothing Valentine’s about them!

If your store still has quite a bit of Valentine’s clearance left- you can expect it to move down again to 90% Off probably in 2-4 days for some of you, but it could be later for others. Unfortunately each store can vary- but keep a close eye on it- especially if you have a lot left at your stores. Good luck!

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  1. Did anyone happen to buy or see a Smores cookie in a jar mix? The tag fell off of mine and not only do I not have the name of the cookie company but I don’t have the recipe?

  2. My store in Bristol Va has 90% off as of today. Got stuffed frogs for princess party favors for .49, Lego Friend packs for favors for .49, Nordicware baking pan $2.29, Sesame Street characters were .59, found 2 My Little Pony packs for .50, rolls of red wrapping paper for .29 and .19 to save for Christmas. So glad I forgot to buy diapers yesterday. Rebought valentines and returned the ones from yesterday.

  3. Went to 2 targets today, got some 90% off vday outfits, 80% off on musical mobiles and really nice $1and bin stuff. Going to some more tomorrow.

  4. @Jennifer, not sure if you are talking about the Target M&M coupon but it can be used on any M&Ms. Doesn’t specify Easter only. I used mine last night on valentines mms and it went through, no problem.

  5. I’ve been noticing at my target that they are taking the coupons off of packages. They had been taken off the bags of chips (it was obvious where they had been) and I’ve noticed them taken off of other things as well. Is this common? I went into the stock up and save section and clearence stickers were being taken off and the items were being marked up. I’ve never seen this happen before! I did find lots of valentine goodies at 70% off for great Easter basket gifts!

  6. Found a TON of bags of chips at my Target today with $2 off 2 coupons on them! Grabbed 4 at $2.09 a piece and used 2 coupons making them about $1 a piece! Thanks for the tip!

  7. @ April: The new M & M’s coupon is for Easter products only. So you can’t use it on valentine’s or regular M&M’s. But there is a printable $1.50/2 coupon good on any M&M’s you can use!

  8. Also my Target had candy signed at 15% off, but they all scanned at 50%, so make sure you scan! Never believe the signs!!! I also got a gift bag for $.89, it was under a 30% off sign but was 70% off! Going back today for the rolls of wrapping paper, most of them were not valentines looking, just red stripes. Hope I find some hidden Lays bags in the regular aisle, should have checked!

  9. Wish I could find the Rapunzel doll! But I got 4 dolls yesterday, check the toy section if they aren’t at the checkout, I found about 10 of them in the toy section & all scanned at $1.49!

  10. wow im so jealous! i wish my store looked like yours! i went by a couple of days ago and looks like a hurricane struck… you can imagin, broken stuff all over. the only good thing was that i found the chips in the bodega section but bought them for 3.49, still not a bad deal, it was a now or never deal. if i had waited for a bigger markdown i would not found a thing!

  11. I got 5 bags of the chips! 🙂 I’m gonna go back tomorrow and get more. Also, I wanted to mention that the Heinz ketchup 38oz were going on price cut for 2 for $4 at my store! And the Chef Boyardee’s varieties were 89cents and had a buy 5 get one free deal going on them.

  12. I found the last lays 20 bags of chips for $2.09 and I bought every small princess little kingdom doll in stock Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Belle, Cinderella $1.49 each Wow what a savings Thanks once again This is why I love Totally Target I check it all day!

  13. Thanks so much for letting us know about the chip bags. First Target I went to had none. Second Target had tons, in the regular chip aisle. Large price sign said they were over $6 ea, but the rang up at $2.09 ea. Yay!!!

  14. Also be sure to check out the Buddy Biscuits (dog treats). The Valentine’s varieties (Carob, Peanut Butter, and Blueberry) are on clearance, $1.49 for a 16 oz. box).

  15. I got the heart shaped wilton cake pan and LOVE cake pan 70% off! 2.99!!! Super excited!!!! My neice is going to cooking school and bakes cakes on the side to help pay for it. She will LOVE these!!!

  16. I was able to get a few of the princess dolls,.nice to add to gifts or easter baskets. Also I read on another blog comment that the single My Little Ponies were ringing up as well, they are in the regular toy section, normal price at my store was $5.04 I think and rang up at $1.51! They have one pony and an accessory like a comb or purse, some had a DVD that has an episode of the show on them. Awesome! Also there are Angry Birds K’nect packs that have hearts on them ringing up around $1.49. Keep your eyes peeled! Happy shopping! 🙂

  17. Went to 5 Targets today to stock up on birthday party goodie bags and Stuff for Easter baskets. For my daughter’s Candyland party I got 3 bags of bright colored bouncy balls for 90 cents each, striped picture frames and plastic plates with cupcakes on it, all 70% off. I also bought a pair of polka dot socks for each girl goodie bag for 30 cents each. For my son’s Superhero party I found a box of 16 Valentine’s Day cards with glow sticks (Batman themed) for $1.19. I bought 2 boxes. I also found Spider-Man plush dolls for $1.49. I found sparkly picture frames that will go nicely in a gift basket on Mother’s Day. My kids teachers’ will also get one on teacher’s appreciation week. The picture frames were either pink or red and they rang up for $1.20 each. Easter basket fillers include a cupcake notebook that comes with a pen and a small bag, nail polish, Dora books, Dora socks, Dora ponytail holders, and pink and red fuzzy socks. All 30 cents each. For the boys I got Jake and the Neverland pirate tattoos, pencils, erasers and plates. The MOST exciting find was The Lego Friends packets I found in the Valentine,s section. They rang up $1.19. I bought 15 to put in the Valentine’s goodie bags next year. Another steal was the LaLaLoopsy mini doll for $1.49.

  18. Keep your eye out for the little bags of Lego Friends Emma ice cream truck, it is also ringing up V-day clearance, so $1.19 for the bag 🙂

  19. I got the great deal on M&Ms at 9 cents a bag after coupons! Woo hoo! It was strange, though, because the Wilton’s Valentine’s merchandise was still ringing up at full price as was the pink frosting – I thought for sure those items would be a part of the sale!

  20. I just got back from Target. The vday stuff is market at 50% but was ringing in at 70%. They have a lot of the infant outfits in valentines section that i want to go 90% off but unsure if they will make it there. I did get the 1.49 princess doll for my neice so I was pretty excited:)

  21. My target was marked to 70% this morning but had NO candy. I went yesterday and there was no candy or snack items (there were 2 boxes of premade V-day sugar cookies and 3 boxes of cookie mix and that was it). There was still a bit of items 70% in the dollar section and I will definitely check the barbies out tomorrow!

  22. Yes, be sure to check the dollar section. My Target has “purple dot” items marked down to $0.30. It’s mostly Valentine’s items, but also check the “Play Pack Grab & Go” packs (they have a small coloring book, crayons, and stickers). Only the ones with the purple dots are on clearance. At my store they had Star Wars and Jake & the Neverland Pirates variations, but the were intermingled with the newer packs so I had to dig for them (totally worth it for me though).

  23. Is valentine’s candy ever marked down 90%? (I mean if it still on the shelves) or is 70% the lowest it will go? What day next week do you think it will get to 70%? During Christmas clearance I found some candy and stuff in other areas and it was maybe a few days after it hit 90% and they wouldn’t sell it to me. They said it was “salvage”.

  24. THANK YOU for the heads up on the Lay’s 20-pk chips! Mine were in the Stock Up section of Target where they have all the club size items and were not marked! I got the last 2 bags at $2.09 each 🙂 🙂

  25. Crystal- what did the Dora cups look like? Headed there this afternoon and would love to look for those! I’ve got a huge Dora fan in the house!

  26. At my store the chips were not marked but due to this site I knew to scan them! I went to 4 stores and found a variety of different things on sale at each store. Each store is 20/30 mins of each other. Also, check the $1 sections. I found socks for $0.30 each and Dora cups 70% off. The Dora cups have nothing that relates them to Vday.

  27. I’m jetting to my target when my hubby gets home with the car!!! I want to get those princess dolls for my lil one! Hoping I won’t be too late!

  28. Wow so jealous your target has so much left over. Mine had no candy left and one row of misc stuff (nothing good though)

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