More Hidden Target Valentine’s Day Clearance Finds: My Little Pony Figures as Low as $1.51 & More!


One of my favorite things about clearance at Target are all the hidden surprises you can find! The items that are not stickered, are not marked and in with all the regular stuff! They are in plain sight, but “hidden” because you would never know they are on clearance unless you scan! This is why I always give the scanning machine at Target a big workout when I am there! πŸ˜‰

Courtney & Victoria both let me know about a great find on the My Little Pony Single Figures hanging in the toy section. These are unmarked, there is nothing Valentine’s about them, yet it looks like all of them are part of the clearance and scanning as low as $1.51 if your store is at 70% Off (regularly $5.04)! These will make great fillers for Easter Baskets!


Another unmarked find perfect for Easter Baskets and other things are these 2-packs of Sesame Street Figures. Lisa found them sitting on a shelf in the regular Toy aisle, unmarked, unstickered and scanning as low as $1.79 if your store is at 70% Off (regularly $5.99)!

And last of all- I mentioned this yesterday- but Jennifer let me know that she found the same Small Disney Princess Little Kingdom Dolls that are found in the checkout lanes in the regular toy aisle too! So be sure to check for them there if you don’t find them up front and they are scanning as low as $1.49 if your store is at 70% Off!

Valentine’s clearance should be hitting 90% Off soon – maybe as early as a day or 2 for some of you, but there is no guarantee that any of these finds will last until then. So it’s a gamble to wait for the drop to 90% Off- but it’s up to you whether or not to takeΒ  a chance. There is also no universal date it will happen- stores can drop on different days so it is something to keep an eye on closely.

Happy Hunting and let me know if y’all find any other hidden Valentine clearance!

-Thanks so much to Courtney, Victoria, Jennifer & Lisa!

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  1. ugh! i was just there getting the princess dolls! now i have to go back and check for these, my daughter loves my little pony! i did see onesies and baby girl socks 90% off (.49 and .39) not sure if they are valentine or not but the rest of the valentine stuff i scanned was at 70% still.

  2. Truthfully I have made a habit of checking Totally Target AT THE STORE BEFORE I LEAVE THE STORE!!! (:
    Thanks for the deal updates!!!

  3. OMG, My boys and their skateboarding friends (12/13) all love My little pony, they all wear hats & Shirts! It’s like the new thing for Boys! I hope my store has them tomorrow, if so I will be the coolest mom ever! My list just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Thanks Kerry!

  4. I try to take a photo of the holiday seasonal isle once it is set so that I can remember what to “scan” after the holiday is over. Your right in saying it is a gamble to see if things stick around between 70% and 90%, we buy for Toys for Tots so I try to wait until 90% and hope the hidden deals stay hidden but congrats to those of you are who finding the hidden deals πŸ˜‰ I love 90% day and try to visit more than one store in my area.

  5. @tricia – Thanks for the tip! I’m heading to Target today and working on a gift basket for baby shower. I’ll be sure to check out the baby clothing section.

  6. I almost always wait until 90% too. I don’t NEED this stuff, but it is a heck of a lot of fun getting it at 90% off!

  7. umm what does this stuff have to do with valentines day and how do these people find out these prices do they scan everything?

  8. I sent an email earlier to which included a picture of some hidden Valentine deals I found today in the store. They included men’s valentine boxers, which were in the men’s section not marked that were $8.99 and ringing up for .89 cents! I also found toddler boys Thomas, Spiderman, Star Wars, and Mickey Mouse Valentine shirts in the normal baby/kids clothing section not marked that were $9.00 and ringing up for .90 cents! What a deal! I would share my photo on your Facebook page, but can’t figure out how. I did email it you though and you can feel free to share!

  9. Awesome! I found tons at my two Targets! I love to buy things like this for my birthday closet. I bought this time at 70%. It’s getting too hard to wait until 90%. Too many people are catching on to the good deals! πŸ™‚

  10. @Jennifer Yes scan everything, you never know if it’s on sale or not! I always scan everything in my cart before I head to the check out!

  11. I was able to get 4 different pony dolls and 2 different of the sesame dolls @ the sale prices! I found the barbies at the check out but they didn’t look well made so I passed on them. Thank you so much for the tip!

  12. Yay! 5 ponies, 4 different princesses, 1 sesame street pack. Also make sure you check for crayon packs, notepads and bubbles in the valentines section. They were all 24 packs and already 70% even though the sign said 50%. I buy gifts all year long for Christmas and birthdays.

  13. Thanks from WI!! While wandering the store sick, waiting for my prescriptions, I checked your site & was able to go buy 5 My Little Ponys!! First time my store has ever had any “hidden gems” that were on clearance.

  14. I think this was mentioned somewhere else on this blog, but I found a mini lalaloopsy doll for 70% off- it was in the toy section. The packaging had a heart on it and there was no clearance sticker on it!

  15. Valentine men’s boxers were $8.99 ringing up at. 89cents and Valentine boys shirts including Thomas, Mickey, Spiderman, and Star Wars were $9.00 ringing up at. 90cents!!

  16. Sooo thankful for your hard work and your great web site… I seriously check this site multiple times throughout the day. Made it to Target today- 3 ponies and 24 princesses later, I am still beaming over this deal- especially when my little girly girl has a birthday in July!!! I actually told the cashier about both deals and she was going to get some for her grandbabies. Gotta love it when your receipt says, “You saved over $80.00!”

  17. Hopefully there will be some “boy” toys on hidden clearance after easter, can’t wait to find out! Was so happy to find tons of ponies at my store today!

  18. Got 8 princesses today in KC,MO. I was thinking b-day closet, but I’m starting to think if I can get 2 more they can be b-day goodie bag prizes. I’ll have to check another one tomorrow and see if any of the other little friends, too. Thanks!

  19. I take pics of clearance stickers so I can just check everything at the scanner without toting it all there to scan. I must admit, I hide things as well waiting for at least 70%. I take pics of where I hide things because I tend to forget. “Found” 2 Transformer Kreo packs I forgot about today. LOL Is that awful of me?

  20. I don’t think you are awful, but Mamal said, if you have to ask the question about something being wrong than deep down you already know the answer. I personally don’t hide things and wait for them to go down in price… but I do rebuy if I find it at lower price and return on the higer price reciept. To some people, hiding things is no different they chagning your mind and putting them back in the wrong place… but I have know others to put things back inside laundry hampers, suitcases, behind shower curtains or behind boxes of regular priced food merchandise. My favorite are the people who try to hide holiday items in with the regualr toy or food items. It’s like a game of which one of these is not like the other… and yes, if I find it and want it , I buy it.

  21. Actually, I’d like to know how many different Sesame Street packs there are, too, if anyone knows. πŸ™‚

  22. Crystal: I bought Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Rapunzel, Jazmine, and Tiana. There were also dolls with the rubber dresses and the harder “clip-on” dresses. I hope this helps!

  23. Crystal – For princesses, I have seen: Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Aerial, and Sleeping Beauty.

  24. Crystal: I was Abe to purchase four different Sesame Street packs: Count Dracula & Elmo, Abby & rosita, cookie & tellie, Bert & Ernie.

  25. @ JenB Do you have a picture of the mini lalaloopsy doll, would love to look for it, but didn’t have time to scan. Thanks!

  26. @Lindsay- I finally found the lalaloopsy mini doll that is part of the clearance. I scanned all the ones that had hearts on the boxes, but all those were full price. The only one ringing up as part of the clearance is in a heart-shaped box itself. Given that, they should be easy to spot. I only found one at my two stores.

  27. The Hoover, AL Target had a lot of the Sesame Street figures left (as of last night)- Not too many of the dolls or my lilttle pony. . .

  28. Just left Target- got some Sesame Street (1 of each) and 2 of the MLPonies, the last 2. Didn’t find the princesses but will check 2 other stores later ;). Thanks a ton. Oh and I also found a TON of clearance in the back of the store- large pack of cotton balls for $2.48 and some other random odds and ends ;).

  29. My store is at 70 percent off, but NONE of these toys is on clearance! I scanned them, and they are coming up $4.99 and $5.04. Think the prices were a mistake and they caught on?

  30. I wonder if it is by location? I was going to go at lunch but now I’m not sure if I want to make the trip if my store doesn’t have this sale.

  31. @Lindsay S- The lalaloopsy doll is the “Crumbs Loves (doesn’t say loves- it is a heart) Chocolate” and like Heather said, it is in a heart shaped box itself!

  32. The clearence price attaches itself to an items dpci thats how people find these “hidden”gems until they go in and correct the non clearance dpci these items are never meant to be clearance,many will find these all corrected today so back to full price.:(

  33. My target went 90 today but all the toys are now back to full price. I think Target has caught on and done something. Where are you findind the boys shirts at. All I saw was hello kitty shirts,dresses and shirts at mine. I have a boy is there ever anything in the bigger girls clothes?

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