Printable Coupon of the Day: $1.50/2 M&M’s Candy

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I posted this early this morning, but I thought I would bump it to the top for those who haven’t been around. We’ve got a great new coupon valid for $1.50 off two M&M’S Brand Chocolate Candies 9.9 oz or larger.

Plus, if you haven’t yet, you can grab the new $1.50/2 M&M’s chocolate candy 9.34 oz or Larger Target Coupon x3/17 that we got on Sunday. This will give you a whopping $3 off any 2 bags of M&M’s 9.9 oz or larger.

You can hunt around to see if your store has any Valentine’s M&M’s left- since most of you should have candy at 50% Off now to make for some super cheap candy! Mine were down to $1.59, so just .09 cents after stack. But if you don’t have any luck with the clearance- M&M’s Chocolate Candies are on sale this week for $2.89 thru 2/23, so $2.78 for 2 bags or $1.39 each. And watch for bonus bags with 10% more in them for the same price!

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  1. I found some Valetine’s day M&Ms 70% off for $.95 bought 2 and used the TQ $1.50/2 and the MQ $1.50/2. Had no problems using them and had an overage.

  2. My coupon beeped too, the cashier checked to make sure the bag was the right size, then she put it through. What a great deal 😀

  3. I scored some M&Ms yesterday for .9 cents a bag. So excited! The selection was slim and I went to a different Target on Friday and It was maybe a row total of stuff. Seemed really picked over on Friday already and worse yesterday. They were also putting out Easter stuff yesterday and prepping the rows.

  4. As appealing as valentine candy sounds, I am saving mine for Easter M&Ms! My parents host a huge egg hunt each year, and the adult children are obligated to bring candy when they come. Any money I can save will be appreaciated, and I got the M&M coupon twice. Kerry, any predictions as to when we will see the Easter candy? Thank you, Kerry!

  5. I saw on some of the Valentine bags of M&Ms a $1 off sticker. I use it along with the $1.50 off MC and got two bags for 30 cents each.

  6. As appealing as 9 cent bags of Valentine M&Ms are…my coupon stacks will be going toward the very best candy that is available only 1 time per year. If you’ve never had M&M Peanut Butter SPECKLED EGGS, you don’t know what you’re missing. They’re bigger than regular peanut butter M&Ms and the proportion of chocolate to peanut butter is PERFECT. I know that I sound obsessed (and I am), but they are the BOMB. Soooooo goood. And at $1.50 off per package, what a deal. (Of course this assumes that they’re still available in 2013. I haven’t seen them…but I haven’t looked for them either. Too soon and I gain too much weight!!!) Happy hunting all!

  7. I could not find the lower priced bags but got 2 packs of fun size for 0.24 each (they are 1.74 on clearance).

  8. Great deal! Got two bags: one peanut and the other peanut butter for 0.09 cents each. I got the last bag of peanut m&m’s, it seems.

  9. I posted about my issue on the fb page, but the Target Q beeped for me and the mgr said it was because the Target Q was only for Easter M&Ms (b/c that’s what is on the picture). I explained that it said ANY over so many ounces and pointed out my Vday ones were over those ounces and she rolled her eyes, sighed and said, “Just give it to her.”

  10. I bought 10 bags today! 5 dark chocolate and 5 cherry. I also found a Starbucks gift set without a barcode so I asked about it and they gave it to me for $3. I also found a throw pillow that was marked 30% OFF (ORIG $29.99 and marked $20.99) I REALLY wanted it but would not pay $20.99 so I scanned it and it was actually 70% off so was only $8.98!

  11. Scan it even if the signs don’t say 50% off, mine said 15% and they scanned at $1.59. I also got 2 bags of hershey’s kisses for the same price & used the $1/2 MQ

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