Purina One Beyond Dog Food 3.5 lb as Low as 33¢

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Wow! If you were lucky enough to get the regional Target Coupon for $2/1 Purina ONE Dry Pet Food Item 3 lb+ in your 1-6-13 SS x2/28, you are in for a super nice deal on Dog Food. As always, unadvertised Deals can be regional too, but I hope you find the same offer as I did at my store for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb (3) Select Purina One Beyond Dog Food thru 3/16.

Unlike Target printables, Target insert coupons do not limit you to one per customer, so you can stack three of them for an awesome deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Purina One Beyond 3.5 lb Bags ($6.49) = $19.47
-$6.00 (use three $2/1 Purina ONE Dry Pet Food Item 3 lb+ Target Coupon 1-6-13 SS x2/28
-$7.50 (use three $2.50 off 1 bag Purina ONE beyOnd Dog Food
= $5.97 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 3
= .97 for 3 or around .33 cents each after all coupons and gift card!

Even if you don’t have the Target coupons to stack- it still works out to be $2.32 each after three MQs & Gift Card. Unfortunately the Cat Food is not included as far as I know. At my store there were only Sale signs on the Purina One Beyond Cat food 3 lb bags at $7.02 each. But it is still a nice savings…

Purina ONE Beyond Dry Cat Food 3 lb Bag $7.02 (Sale thru 2/23)
-$2/1 Purina ONE Dry Pet Food Item 3 lb+ Target Coupon 1-6-13 SS x2/28
-$1/1 Purina One Dry Cat Food 3 lb+ Target Coupon x2/25
-$2.50 off bag Purina ONE beyOnd Cat Food
= as low as $2.52 after stacking $2/1 TQ with $2.50/1 MQ (regularly $7.39)

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  1. hey i tryed looking for this sale at my local target in texas but did not see it in the add and when i scaned the items in store the price was 6.49 instead of the regular price so i dont know if i should try to purchase and see if i have any luck, what you think?

  2. When does this deal end? I know another dog
    Food deal I was looking at doesnt end until march 16th or something like that

  3. Thanks Kerry! So, if I did have 2 Target MQ’S & 2 MQ’S & wanted two boxes of hair dye, can I do two separate transactions then at Target? I see a lot of great deals at Target (thanks to your great work!), but after my 1st bad experience, I’m hesitant to shop there again. 🙁 So, I want to make sure next time I try (hopefully this weekend) that I “get it right”, so if I have to separate my transactions I can do that as I go along!
    Thanks Again! 🙂

  4. hey Tammy- it does make sense- and according to wording on target printables- yes- it is one per customer. Target iinsert coupons have wordin that limits you to 4. that’s why I like them so much 🙂

  5. Kerry – I’ve been wanting to ask this (since my one & only trip to Target with coupons – tough cashier, 1st thing out of her mouth was “I HATE COUPONS”!), but above you wrote: “Unlike Target printables, Target insert coupons do not limit you to one per customer…….” so does this mean you can combine a Target Q & a MQ, but only for one product? For example, if I have a Target Q for say, hair dye & a MQ Q for hair dye, can I only buy one hair dye? (I wouldn’t be able to use 2 Target Q’s and 2 MQ’s on 2 boxes of hair dye at the same time?) Hope that made sense!! 🙂
    Thank you!

  6. Is friskies included in this? I don’t have the $2 Target coupon but really need some pet food! I have the $4 dog one…ugh! Can’t find a good match up!

  7. Hey everyone!

    Just FYI, my target didn’t advertise this sale. The dog food was listed on price cut for $6.89. I went ahead and had them scan the dog food and it rang up at the $6.49 price and it triggered the $5 gc! So even if you don’t see the tag advertising it, I would still go to the register and have them check!

  8. YEAH – finally a regional target that made it my way. I never see those Johnson & Johnson TQs so I was elated to see this one. Tonya, I have one TQ to trade, sorry it is not more. Just email me dcadenise at aol dot com 🙂

  9. Hello!

    I’m in Riverside County California, does anyone know what area of the country this sale is going on? .

  10. @Cynthia- I also got one of those $4 coupons with the sample. It will make for an even better deal! All three bags will be FREE!

  11. Kerry, my target coupon is 3.00 off a 8 lb or larger bag, any deal ideas with this coupon please. Not sure why it is for such a large bag and not the smaller one? Thanks in advance.

  12. I received a sample last week and it had a $4 coupon for any size plus I did get the $2 Target coupon so I can get one bag for $.49

  13. My goodness! I have already gone to Target twice today for coupon emergencies! Now I need to go back and get this deal. I was lucky to get those $2 Target coupons!

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