Valentine’s Day Clearance Now Up to 90% Off + More Hidden Finds: L’il Webkinz as Low as 49¢ and More!

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So I hear quite a few of you found up to 90% Off on Valentine’s Day at your stores today. If your store didn’t drop today, it may happen tomorrow- but always scan to be sure, as it is possible for signs not to get switched out. I understand that pickings are slim at this point- but I find it sure is fun to hunt! So if you like a challenge here’s an update & a few more more things to hunt for! 🙂

First off- thanks to a heads up from Brandy on my Facebook page, here’s one more hidden clearance find to look for on the L’il Webkinz. These were hanging in the regular aisle, and if your store is at 90% Off they should scan as low as .49 cents!


I have also gotten several e-mails from Tarah today, who just seems to be having an absolute blast at her Target, which is 90% Off. She found several of the finds that I posted yesterday now at 90% Off! She found My LIttle Ponies now at .50 cents, and the Sesame Street Figures at .59. She also found a couple other things- this mini Lalaloopsy Doll with a heart on it in the regular aisle down to .59 cents, and the Lego Friends Ice Cream set down to .39 cents. There is also a Chima Lego set to watch for that is part of the clearance. It is set #30251. You can check at the registers for the Lego sets too just in case.


Ashley also sent me pictures of some cute Valentine’s Day Apparel she found. She found the Valentine Men’s boxers in the Men’s dept regularly $8.99 now ringing up 90% off at .89 cents!  The kids Valentine shirts were in the kids/baby clothing dept and were originally $9.00 and ringing up 90% off at. 90 cents! 


Also check out this picture that Brooke posted to my Facebook page of her haul today! Her store went 90% Off today and she made out like a bandit! She said her favorite finds werre a $1 fondue set for two and .50 cent kids clothes for her soon-to-be-here nephew! She spent $46, and saved a whopping $285! Wow! Nice trip Brooke & thanks for sharing! 🙂

Happy Hunting and let me know if y’all find any other hidden Valentine clearance!

-Thanks so much to Brandy for the heads up on the Webkinz and to Tarah for all your toy pics today! Also a thanks to Ashley for the clearance Apparel & to Brooke!

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  1. I think stuff has been “fixed ” here in Memphis. One day the princesses by register were scanning 1.49 now they aren’t. 🙁

  2. If anyone can pick up some extra MLP & disney dolls for 90% I’ll pay you for them and shipping. Email me [email protected] I was looking for 4 of each at least. They’re all normal price at my store.

  3. Thank you so much for your post!! I picked up a ton of mlp and stuffed toys!! I was so excited!! thanks again

  4. Almost didn’t stop last night since I thought everything would be gone but I got 3 webkinz, a few disney plush and a few sesame street toys all 90% off. I forgot to check for the MLP. : ( I always seem to forget something….but a bonus was a pair of baseball cleats for my son for 85% off!

  5. My Little Pony toys were 70% to 90% here in Northeast OH. Also, the Sesame Street Friends were 70% to 90%. Stores within 15 minutes of each other were different prices. Valentine’s clearance was 90% and related candy was 70%, but cashier had to adjust price because they rang up at full price.

    This sounds a bit gross and call me on it if you think it is, but I checked the expiration dates on the candy and the ones I purchased do not expire until March/April of 2014, so I thought what the heck, let’s stock up for next year! Valentine’s + 3 bags of candy all for $4.65 instead of $15.46! Sounds good to me! I also snagged heart shaped pillows, a blanket and tattoos the other day for my daughter’s gift next year. She will be three and totally into all of that for her “big girl” bed. These items were only 50% off, but still not bad to pay $15 for her gift.

    A couple of days ago, I scored the adorable skip hop bibs for 70% off which made them just $2.40 instead of $8.00!! I got the owl, monkey and lady bug. 🙂 Also watch for clearance Swaddle Mes. Thanks to Totally Target’s post, I found 2-packs marked down to just $6.58 instead of $22.99! This is such a big help with the upcoming arrival of my own baby and also for shower gifts for friends. I’m thinking swaddles, bibs and Sesame Street toys for everyone!!! LOL

  6. The Seattle City Target still has some V-day clearance. Some chocolates and candy 70%.
    90% lots of bags, a lot of boxes of valentines. I found some really cheap baby clothes and kid tshits.
    As a lot of people said i did not find any of the toys, i scanned and all were full price.

  7. Hello all. Just came back from target. I saved $314.55! Everything I bought was 90% off. Look for the Buddy Biscuit dog treats. Only .49 cents for a 16oz box. Only the boxes with some type of hearts, there was was that was full price. Look for boots n Barkley dog toys. The was a pink top and purple rope that was .49 cents. Also boots and Barkley chicken plush toys (has a heart in the center) those were also .49 cents. The Monsters Inc Boo dolls are .69 and little memo plush was .69 as well today. Seseame street mens boxers (hearts) rand up .89 cents and a bunch of kids clothing. Anything basically that looks “valentines” or has lots of hearts were pretty much 90% off. I needed to search for everything since these items were not in the clearance sections, but it was def worth it and maybe worth another trip 🙂

  8. If anyone can get some little pony things and the princesses for 90% off I’d pay you for them and shipping my store was cleared out. I was looking for atleast four each different types if possible. Email me [email protected]

  9. @kc I lucked out and found plenty of Thomas shirts at my Target, hidden, but I found them. Thank you anyways, sorry for the trouble.

  10. I went into my local target and to my surprise there were some bags of the valentines 20 count doritos chips and they rang up .69 cents!!! Hauled a cart of 12! I donate snacks to my kids class and my daughter is starting tball so these will be great!

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE POSTS! My daughters 4th birthday is coming up and i was able to get the sesame street, webkinz, one boo doll, and my little ponies for 70% off! im checking another target today to see if they went down to 90% im so happy i ran out and got them just in case they ran back up in price!

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I scored the sesame street duo the other night for my twins, a sweet nordicware heart shaped pan ( bonus) and today grabbed webkinz for 49 cents.

    THANK YOU !!!! 🙂

  13. This morning I was able to pick up (10) Lil’ Webkinz $.49 ea. and (3) My Little Pony’s $.50 ea. and a couple other valentine clearance items like tissue paper $.25 and a bag of individual box’s of pirate tatoo’s for $.50 that I’ll save for Halloween. There was about 25 Lil’ Webkinz but I didn’t end up taking them all. What an amazing deal!!! Wasn’t able to find Lalaloopsy. Maybe I’ll pick up more Webkinz later today at another store. I’m in N. Orange County CA and I love that there are so many Target stores around.

  14. @ Jan…April 1 those Sesame street guys will most likely be 50,percent off and then April 3rd. 70 percent off

  15. If you have kids, and there are any good valentines left, they are at 90% off and you can put them away for next year. I got some transformers and tinkerbell for .30 and .40 cents. Can’t beat that when you consider we will be paying full price next year!

  16. Went today and was able to pick up mini Disney plush for .69, although I was hoping to get some Lil Webkinz for my kids and they were not .49 at my store in Texas. I also checked the sesame street characters and they were 4.99. I read the post from kc, and I guess that is why. Would have loved the for my 13 month old!

  17. P.s. the Sesame street figurines are part of Easter stuff, now. Probably why there was the change. I am already looking forward to easter clearance: ) so much good stuff!!!

  18. Astrid, perhaps my replies are being moderated out? my blog link is in my name here or I can use facebook where you can PM directly. I will comment on this post on the facebook page.

  19. I managed to find the 90 % off webkins and little ponies and sesame street characters but the disney mini dolls and lalaloopsy dolls were ringing full price here !

  20. WV Target Valentines are 90% off today. However, Disney Princess Mini Dolls, My Little Pony, and Lalaloopsy are NOT 70% off any more.

  21. My store is so odd with clearance….they still have Christmas boxers & PJ sets at 30% off and yes, I scan everything!!!!

  22. nothing but scraps left in the valentines aisle in upstate ny…a handful of valentines day kits and some decor but thats it… but the sesame figures were in the toy aisle…they were actually tagged at the lower price but there were still quite a few left. I picked up some for birthdays, easter baskets and potty rewards.

  23. If anyone can get the Thomas shirt in 4T, i will trade or pay for it as well, my son is a Thomas FREAK! I’m willing to pay for the shirt and shipping so you can “make” money for buying it for me. Please let me know!

  24. @CMarie…mine too. I went this morning and bought some things at 70 percent but went back this evening to get more and it was 90 percent, except the Sesame street were still 70 percent..will return the items I bought at 70 percent 🙂 I think this is the only time I have kept track of my receipts! So much fun.getting these deals!

  25. Thank you all for your posts! My store went from 70% to 90% sometime during the afternoon today! The toy items all mentioned remained 70% but Valentines, including the bag of chips, went to 90%.

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