Sobe Lifewater 50¢ Starting 2/24 No Coupons Needed

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It’s been a LONG time, but this deal is finally coming back! I love Sobe, and there are rarely any coupons, so I love when this deal comes around, since it makes it a little easier on the wallet to treat myself to these drinks. 🙂 I know many of you look forward to this offer coming around too, so I thought I’d give you a heads up & share the happiness!

Starting Sunday, February 24th, Target will be offering a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 10 Sobe Lifewater which will be priced at 10/$10. I really wish there were coupons out there, but even without them- after the Gift Card it’s like paying .50 cents each.

You can see the rest of the Sneak Peek for 2/24 – 3/2 with coupon matchups on my post HERE.

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  1. Yes, buy 20, get $10 CG. However, I would split up the transaction to pay littlest as possible OOP and use the CG to pay down the 2nd transaction.

  2. woohoo! My son loves these, and we are able to stock back up this time. I think we had 60 of them the last time around. yay! You made my day Kerry!

  3. Too bad it’s not just Sobe drinks, love their orange cream, pina colada, citrus energy, and mango melon!

  4. Oh heck, yes! 🙂 Last time they had this sale, I bought a few on the first day. My family loved the drinks so much, on the last day, my mother and I cleaned up. Yes, we cleared the shelves. It was a Saturday evening before the sale ended and there were not that many left.

  5. Nancy, it depends on your store and the volume they take in each day. Our store here is a smaller volume store, so they limit you to 2 deals (transactions) per day. I go with my husband and our housemate so we can pick up 60 in one trip. Later in the week, I may head back and do the deal 2 more times. If your store is larger (usually around bigger cities) and you want more, please be curtious and call ahead so they can order extra. No one like a shelf clearer. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the heads up. Baseball season is starting, so we take these to the ball park all the time. Do you know if I could buy 10, get the $5 card and then buy another 10 and use the $5 card in back to back transactions?

  7. I am new to the Endorse app but until feb 27 they offer 20% cash back on sobe beverages, with a $3 cash back limit, so that should help too!

  8. Great thanks! My husband takes them to work. .75 each was the lowest i have been able to get them for so fare.

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