The Latest Clearance Finds This Week at Target

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With the excitement of Valentine’s day clearance coming to close, here’s what else has been spotted this week along with any coupon matchups I could find. Remember- clearance can vary greatly from store to store– there is no guarantee you will find the same or for the same discount that those who contributed to this post have. But I try & list specific varieties, prices & other details when I can, since not everything gets stickered and sometimes it’s worth a quick scan to check.

Keep sending us those emails and photos of your clearance finds and we will try to include them in our Thursday roundup whenever possible. Contributions are always appreciated!

HEALTH & BEAUTY: Lots of great finds reported this week in health & beauty up to 30% off on body wash, mouthwash, bar soap, and more. Emily found Caress beauty bars, 8 ct on clearance for 30% off marked down to $4.64 and Gud Body Mist for $4.18, also 30% off. Here’s a roundup of coupons for what’s been found….

$1/1 Caress 6ct+ Bar ETS – MQ, the Walmart logo doesn’t print
-.75/1 Caress 12oz+ Body Wash or 6-bar+ pack ETS 1-27-13 RP1 x2/24
$1 Off Up & Up® item $3 or higher TQ (No Longer Available) x3/2
$1.50/1 Gud Product Facebook Coupon
-$1/1 Any Gud Product Allure Magazine April 2012 x2/28
-$1/1 Olay Bath Bar, Body Wash or In-Shower Body Lotion 1-27-13 P&G x2/28


Emily found quite a few new finds in the baby department this week including a few Skip-Hop toys, socks, bibs, and more on clearance up to 70% off. She spotted Plum Organics Baby Organic Brown Rice Cereal for 50% off marked down to $1.98 and if you have the Target Baby Mailer, there’s a $3 off 10 Plum Organics Baby Food items x3/23.

There are some new clearance finds in grocery this week including Starbucks VIA 8 ct single-serve packets. Emily reported them on clearance at her store for 50% off marked down to $3.48. There are insert coupons that would make them as low as $2 if you find the same…

-$1/1 Starbucks Via 5ct+ 2-10-13 SS x3/15
-$3/2 Starbucks Via 5ct+ 2-10-13 SS x4/15
$1.00 off wyb (1) Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

Many of you have sent me emails and pics letting me know you’re finding tons of sleds on clearance up to 70% off and as low as $5.68 for single foam sleds and $2.98 for the saucers. Emily spotted some Tony Hawk skateboards on clearance for 50% off marked down to $20.34, something to keep watch for bigger drops. Shovels have also been spotted on clearance for 50% off marked down to $4.98 as well as other cold weather items. Some of you may even be seeing 70% off soon.

Emily reported finding a few new toys on clearance this week, up to 70% off including Thomas & Friends, Marvel Avengers, Winx, and more. She found a Frutti Music Bar Playset for 70% off marked down to $8.98 and we still have a 20% off Winx Toy $7.99+ Target Coupon x2/25. She also found a Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Set for 50% off marked down to $19.98. Tarah let me know she found several craft kits on clearance at her store up to 50% off and as low as $4.98.

Lots of stuff on clearance this week in home. Many of you let me know of finds up to 70% off including luggage and travel accessories, fitness equipment, throws, baskets and more. Emily spotted a whole end cap filled with an assortment of plates and other kitchen items. Both ceramic and melamine plates were marked down 70% off even though the sign said 50% off. The ceramic plates were as low as $1.18 and the melamine as low as $0.18 each.

Emily found tons of bath towels, mats and accessories on clearance up to 50% off. There were several items from the Nate Berkus line including a shower curtain for 50% off marked down to $12.48 and a Bath Rug for $9.98, also 50% off. Also spotted, kids’ Pillow Pets including a Disney Cars 2 one for 70% off marked down to $4.48. These are so cute and cuddly! There were some Circo kids’ decor items marked down 50% off and as low as $7.48.

Last week in clearance, we reported several DVDs & Blu-rays that were found on clearance up to 50% off. Well, Emily let me know she found some in her store this week for 70% off, including: Congo for $1.50, A Thousand Words for $5.98, Forest Gump for $2.98, and Almost Famous for $2.25 to name a few.

Jackie spotted several Disney Junior activity books at her store on clearance for 50% off and as low as $3.98 including sticker, coloring and painting books.

Finally, some of you are still finding tons of Glade Expressions Spray Mist starters still on clearance at your store. Even though it seems to be stuck at $2.54 for most of you, there is a $2/1 Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist Starter to make the starter kits as low as .54 cents if you find the same.

–Feel free to let us know what your latest finds are in the comments below and big thanks for your emails, comments & photos to Tarah, Elisa, Trish, Heather, Denise, Angie, Doreen, Jackie and Kelley. And a big special thanks to Emily!

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  1. anne – I went to two local Targets to see if I could snag a deal on a case of Duraflame logs, like you were able to. One of the Targets has several cases left, but they were only 15% off – same with space heaters, etc. I went to my other local Target, and they had only one case left, and it was full-price (no markdown at all). 🙁 70% off a case of Duraflame logs, with that $3.00 coupon (which I’ve got a few of!) is a GREAT price!

  2. * The Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish was down to 2.68 clearance price at my store, and the 3.001/ printable coupon scanned with no beeps or anything! I was expecting a hassle about adjusting it down so I was pleasantly surprised at overage.
    * When I bought 2 of the Sally Hansen real nail polish strips that are on clearance for 3.50, a catalina coupon printed for 2.00/1 on the same product. I’m saving it to see if they get closer to $2 on clearance. I have had this happen each time I bought this product, so if you are buying more than 1 you might want to ring them up separately to get multiple catalina coupons.
    * I bought 2 packages nestle tollhouse morsels (valentine seasonal item) on clearance for 1.60 ea and used my 1.00/2 insert coupon, making them 1.10 ea. A catalina coupon for 1.50/3 printed, meaning I’ll get another 3 bags @ 1.10 ea when I use it.

  3. Hey Katrina, I’ve had a few problems at my local Target also. FYI – Walmart accepts Target coupons. They had a sign posted at their registers (one of the cashiers was kind enough to point it out to me). He told me if any cashier gives me a hard time about it to point out this sign to them. I am in New York. Perhaps you could check with your local Walmart. I hope this helps you.

  4. @Meshia Tate You lucky, lucky girl! I scoured the sales at Black Friday trying to find a good deal on a 50 inch LED. They all seemed so expensive! I finally broke down and settled for a plasma, which actually turned out very well. I found a display model at HHGregg with built in wifi and 3D for $650. But I’d take your deal any day!!!

  5. I went to my Target here in Phoenix and I purchased at 50 in led Westinghouse tv for $349 on clearance….added bonus was I used my redcard to save my additional 5%! I’m one happy girl….

  6. Got the 3rd degree at my Target this past Saturday when I tried to use my coupons. I don’t understand why they have to make their customers feel like criminals for using coupons printed off their own website. I complained to the store mgr who looked like he was all of 16 yrs old and basically was told that their corp offices are cracking down on coupon use and that I can expect more of this kind of treatment in the future. Talk about TERRIBLE customer service. I actually walked out of the store empty handed. If they don’t want my business…fine. Never have these kinds of problems at Walmart and they’ll actually pay me for any overages on the coupon!

  7. Hi Emily – The photos, text, and coupon links are a combination of clearance finds. So in addition to Olay being on clearance, Caress is also on clearance but there are only coupons for Caress. HTH.

  8. don’t forget to scan! at my store in south FL, the my little pony was still .50 and it looked like they had actually restocked! webkinz were still .59 too. princess dolls were back to regular price though. i didn’t see any sleds either 🙂 haha!!

  9. Those of you thinking of dropping anything off for a local children’s hospital, those Disney Junior activity books are perfect activities for littles ones stuck in bed. My son loved those kinds of things when he was there, and you just can’t ever have enough. It was great to have something that wasn’t a video game!

  10. I’m glad I have good cashiers at my Target, nobody freaks when I hand them a 4″ stack of coupons, they all get excited to tell me how much I saved. I’ve had so many ask me how I do it, and I direct them to this website. I never get told I can’t use coupons, and they never even complain when the coupon beeps, they just look at it, and send it through.

  11. i went out of town and found the elmo toys and spider man on clearance for $.69 and $.49 but i stopped at all targets on the way back home and they were regular price the elmo toys had a sale sign for 4.99 scanned them and they were that price 4 targets on my way home and only one had them on clearance

  12. I found the Duraflame logs (case) on 70% clearance for 5.98. That is 2.98 cents after the $3.00 off coupon. The Q was either a RP or SS, can’t remember date. Check binders.

  13. Of course you can use coupons on clearance stuff. I think cashiers panic and don’t want to get in trouble so they come up with any excuse to not take coupons. Twice in the past week, at 2 different stores, I’ve had cashiers PANIC at the sight of my handful of coupons. At Walmart, the young girl said she couldn’t take 2 printables because they had the same barcode. @@ I calmly showed her where to look for the PIN numbers to see that they weren’t photocopies. I only hope she remembers this for future guests. And yesterday, an older guy ran off with my coupons to have a manager make sure they were legit. Of course they were, and then he told me some story about a $25 million coupon fraud ring around the area or something. Really? And he’s worried about my .75 off of gravy coupon?

  14. I did find My little pony with a dvd in the toy dept they werent marked but, when i scanned them they came up .50. also, found the sesame street toys for .69. these were in the toy isle in chicago, il

  15. The my little pony and Disney princesses went from ringing 70% off for me, back to regular price the next day. Not sure why that is. I was really hoping to see them go 90!

  16. Does anyone know if the disney and my little pony toys are scanning on clearance prices at any stores right now? Going to Target tomorrow and wanted to know if anyone was having any such luck?

  17. Kerry, I didn’t find the toys such as My Little Pony, Disney Dolls ect that were on clearance at my Target . I did find Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse clothes still in the little girls department sizes 6m-5T scanning 90% off. They were not even marked clearance nor were they on the clearance rack. They were the valentine Hello Kitty and Minnie and Mickey clothes. Also an Elmo shirts were on the rack as well. I racked up and bought my daughter and her 2 friends 2 outfits each for less than 2.30 each. SCORE!!! This was in Mobile, Alabama. :)))

  18. I was at a Target yesterday and the Valentine’s day stuff was 90%. Included baby bibs and onesies for 39c!
    V-Day wrapping paper was 29c down from $2.99. Red foil paper is Christmas too!
    Boxes of party favor crayons had been $5 so 15c. ( forget how many were in there but will be great for a bday party) and gift bags were 39c and 29c.

  19. Sammy – I have found myself doing the same thing. They seem to think we are taking that discount out of their paycheck, and it’s extremely annoying to be looked at like I’m doing something wrong!

  20. It seems like many cashiers do not want to accept coupons, it has happened to me many times. I use to try to fight it but now I save the stress and just don’t take the item that they deny my coupon on, I figure it’s a sales loss for them.

  21. Clearancing shovels is funny here in the Blizzard of Oz, but that’s what I saw yesterday. One store was already at 70%, but the other one was holding out at 50%. People were going to buy them regardless of price. My old shovel is still working fine, but I’ve got nearly 12″ to us it on.

  22. I use target coupons on clearance items all the time. No where on the coupon does it state it cannot be used on clearance… I would just argue that point next time : )

  23. No, that’s not true. You should be able to use a q on clearance. Their policy doesn’t state anything about not being able to use a Target q on clearance. I would go back and speak to the manager personally or talk to corporate

  24. I was using a target coupon on the nature made gummy vitamin and I had the right size and the right kind to use the coupon. The cashier said their supervisor told them that they can’t accept a Target Coupon on clearance items. Is it true?

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