Up & Up Digestive Health Products as Low as 7¢


Another nice high-value printable store coupon new today is the $1.50/1 up & up® digestive health item Target Coupon x3/30. There are several lower -priced items you can pick up in the Digestive Health aisles for cheap with this coupon. Prices can vary by region- but here’s an idea of some different things you can grab with this coupon…

Up & Up Stomach Relief 8 oz Bottle (like Pepto) $1.87 (Sale thru 3/2)
-$1.50/1 up & up® digestive health item Target Coupon x3/30
= .37 after coupon & sale

Up & Up Antacid Tablets 72 ct $2.03 or 96 ct $2.17 (Sale thru 3/2)
-$1.50/1 up & up® digestive health item Target Coupon x3/30
= as low as .53 for the 72 ct but you can get 24 more tablets for an extra .14 cents

Up & Up Women’s Laxatives 30 ct $1.57 (Regular Price)
-$1.50/1 up & up® digestive health item Target Coupon x3/30
= .07 after coupon

Up & Up Dairy Digestive Aid 12 ct $2.09 (Regular Price)
-$1.50/1 up & up® digestive health item Target Coupon x3/30
= .59 after coupon

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  1. I found the 96 ct up and up version of tums on sale for $1.93 too! Made for an awesome deal after I compared and saw they were the same as Tums. I also found the bulk bags of cotton balls (600!) on clearance for $2.48 and used the .50/1 coupon. made for a good deal! I think i am stocked for life now!

  2. Awesome! I wait for the up and up digestive health coupons to load up on generic Tums….. Im pregnant and popping at least four of these suckers a day!

  3. My local Target had the 96 count Up & Up version of Tums (same ingredients) on sale for just $1.93, so after using the $1.50 Target coupon, ending up getting it for just $0.43!

  4. The berry-flavored up & up Tums are far superior! Plus, it’s a 96 count bottle instead of just 72 for a few cents more.

  5. The Up & Up version of 72 ct Tums were on sale at my store for $1.79!!! So, after the coupon, I only paid 29 cents! Yeah!!!

  6. I used mine on infant gas drops – those things are so rarely on sale and the up & up work fantastic. They also have more doses for cheaper price than pharmacy brands. Such a great deal. Regular price is $3.64 so getting them for $2.14 is amazing!!!

  7. My local Target (MA) had the Women’s Laxatives at $1.47 on price cut. I didn’t grab them, but that info might help someone else!

  8. I use the Up & Up antacid tablets (just like Tums). They’re great & I’m happy to see this coupon. I hope they don’t give me any trouble when I use it on the antacid since the coupon shows a box & I’ll be buying a bottle. (My Target is sometimes picky like that!)

  9. The Up and Up Pepto tastes HORRIBLE! I actually threw out the whole bottle after one taste and went back to buy the real thing.

  10. Has anyone tried these brands? I have never tried them, so wondering if they work just as good as the name brands 🙂

  11. Thank you! I was able to get an Up and Up Stomach Relief for .37! We just ran out of the Pepto so the timing is perfect. I also picked up the Up and Up dishwasher detergent — got two for 4.98 with a $1 TQ. I think that’s a great deal!

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