New B1G1 FREE Edge Shave Gel Printable Coupon

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edge-shave-gel-couponHurry and grab a great new coupon for B1G1 FREE Edge Shave Gel ETS  (up to $3.00) while it lasts! This one always goes super fast so be sure and print it while you have a chance. The Edge Shave Gel sells for around $2.44 regular price at Target…

Edge Shave Gel $2.44 (Regular Price)
B1G1 FREE (up to $3.00) Edge Shave Gel ETS
= $2.44 for both or $1.22 each after coupon

You can always print and hold for a sale too- as we often see this product go on price cut. My coupon printed with a 30-day expiration date. There were also bonus packs on clearance recently, but I am not sure if any of these are still hanging around at stores.

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  1. Trudi….if they had said no….I would have had no issue. They get money for both coupons from the manufacturer, so no one lost out. I just posted what you could do, and left it to you to follow or not. When I did it….the cashier and the people behind me were excited to see the total go down. This couponer is respected at his regular stores. They say hi and cheer me down to zero.

  2. Hey Aaron- maybe other stores have different policies- but Target’s published policy is that you cannot use another MQ along with a B1G1 MQ on the item you are buying. The only other coupon you can use on the non-free item would be its opposite- a TQ – so you could use a B1G1 MQ and then a $1/1 TQ if you had it. hth & makes sense
    Their full coupon policy can be found here:

  3. I thought the BOGO ‘applied’ to the free can and the $1 off applied to the one you were still paying for… It’s only sketchy to me if you use a BOGO and then a $1/2 or something…

  4. @Brian – this is CLEARLY against Target coupon policy – whether or not your Target takes it – this is the kind of stuff that gives couponers a bad name. Purposefully misusing a coupon just to see what you can get away with – wow.. not cool man.

  5. Kerry, I have done it. I am lucky that my target isn’t that strict about coupons…if it beeps, they take it.

  6. Hey Emily- it does not exlude bonus packs so I would think so- howvere coupon value is only up to $3. so you would need to buy 2 packs of 3 = $8.48 – $3 (use b1g1) = $5.48 for 6 bottles so under a buck each.

  7. Could this coupon be used on 3-packs of the shave cream? My Target has them in the clearanced remains of the bulk seasonal section for $4.24 each (15% off).

  8. Hey Brian- unfortunately the Target coupon policy does not allow manufacturer’s coupons to be combined that way. The only other coupon that can be used on the one your are buying is a Target coupon if you had it. hth

  9. with the last bogo…they had released a 1 dollar off 1 can in the paper…making it 2.88 for 4.

  10. wait for an edge coupon to come in the paper…..use one on the first can and the bogo on the second.

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