P&G $15 Beauty Rebate Accepting Multiple Receipts

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I know there were many of you who were concerned about the P&G Beauty Rebate having to be on one receipt and were told that when you called. But after calling to confirm this information yesterday, I was told the rebate could in fact be done in multiple transactions and they would be updating the form. Looks like they accomplished that today- as the form has been updated to read “receipt(s)” and you can download and print the form HERE.

If you are not familiar with this rebate- you can get a $15 rebate when you buy $50 worth of Select P&G products between 2/13/13 and 4/30/13. Products include Aussie, Clairol, CoverGirl, Crest 3D White, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Ivory, Olay, Pantene, Puffs, Safeguard, Secret, Venus & Vidal Sassoon. Total amount of purchases needs to be $50 BEFORE coupons- which is awesome!

You will need to mail the rebate form you can print HERE along with your original receipt(s) with store name & purchase price circled by 5/31/13. You will also need to enter the UPC codes from products purchased on the form. The rebate will be in the form of a gift card which you should receive in 6 – 8 weeks.

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  1. duny – I would just attach an additional sheet – or call them.. the number is on the rebate form, but I think it is 877-821-2357 hope this helps!

  2. does anyone knows what i should do if a have more then 8 upc #s to write in? should i write it in the back? please help first timer lol

  3. Does anyone know what is safeguard products? ? Is that like tampax and always or no??

  4. Woo hoo . Got 2 bottles Vidal shampoo, 2 conditioner, 3 hairspray, 1 gel. 2 pkg Venus Spa Breeze Razors, and Loreal face wipes. After coupons Total $4.33. Saved $67!! And qualified for the rebate on one receipt.

  5. Thanks for the update, Andrea! I was just about to drop mine in the envelope when I saw that on the form. I came on here because I knew someone would have the answer. Thanks!

  6. I just called the number and they said it would be okay to just write in the UPC codes from the bottles of shampoo. 🙂

  7. Hey Melanie- the purchase price is what you go by- so ie if it is on sale for $7.49 but it’s regularly $8.99 and you use a $2 coupon that makes it $5.49 you circle $7.49. hth

  8. when they say graphic, does that mean we have to cut out each upc? Is there a limit to how many receipts?

  9. I have a question. Is the $50 before sale/clearance prices, if your receipts list the prices before coupons and sales?

  10. Hey Patty- re Original UPC from the package – it states to “include a graphic if possible” . If you can’t – I am sure listing the UPC # is fine.

  11. I submitted multiple receipts for the last rebate offer and NEVER received the rebate. So disappointing.

  12. I am wondering about the original UPC requirement…I bought large bottles of Herb. Ess., and know I can’t use it all up in time to cut the UPC from the bottle. Can I just write that on the form? It does state they want the original UPC. Not sure what to do!

  13. Hey Emma’s Momma- I don’t believe so- P&G rebates have always been BEFORE coupons as long as I have been doing them anyway, so you should be fine.

  14. Does it make a difference if the new rebate form doesn’t say $50 BEFORE coupons like it did before??

  15. Sonja, I hope you purchased those soap bars on separate receipts and days. With the four like coupons per household per day verbiage, your basically telling on yourself to P&G lol and your rebate could be denied.

  16. I just used 30 of the $1 Olay bar soap or body wash coupons at a dollar tree but when they scan the products it doesn’t say the name it just says bar soap so i was wandering if how they would allow it

  17. did anyone notice that they took of the phase the 50 dollar purchase amount is before coupons

  18. They sent my rebate back last time claiming I didn’t submit all my receipts and that I had 30 days to re-submit it. They were all there. I haven’t had any luck with these rebates yet. 🙁

  19. Another thing I noticed about this rebate being different from the P&G ones in the past, is this one seems to want the original UPC’s from each package.

    This is what it is: Original UPC from the package (include a
    graphic if possible

    In the past, you just had to write the UPC numbers down, not include the actual UPC

  20. I got:

    1 Pantene Professionals (7.99-2.50 coupon)
    1 Head and Shoulders (7.29-1.00 coupon)
    2 Pantene (5.99 each – 4.99 from BOGO – $3 from B2G$3 off)
    2 3-packs of Puffs (4.49 each)
    4 Vidal Sassoons (3.99 each – $2 sticky coupon on each)

    =$52.20 – $19.49 coupons – $15 rebate = $17.71

  21. What of you by the Combo Crest 3D Whitestrips from Costco. It’s marked at 29.97. Would that count towards the $50.00??? Thanks so much!!

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