Circo Crib Sheets Just $2.99 at Target thru 3/9 & More

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There’s some nice sales going on this week in Circo Crib Bedding thru 3/9. Theere are crib sheets as low as $7.99 in a bunch of different patterns & solid colors, and 4-packs of flannel blankets for $8.99. We’ve got an awesome $5/1 Circo Infant Bedding printable & mobile to use to get sheets as low as $2.99 & the blankets as low as $3.99…

-$5/1 Circo Infant Bedding Item Target Mobile Coupon x3/8
-$5/1 Circo® infant bedding item Target Coupon x3/30

Check in on the other Circo crib bedding items too! Sale prices are averaging between 10-20% Off.

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  1. The circo coupon reset and I was able to print just once. Yayyyyy! I guess I’ll be making another trip to target.
    I love this coupon!

  2. Glad I held off last week, I picked up a sheet with the mobile coupon today, went through no problem (I was expecting problems after some of the comments last week). I will probably go back and pick up another with the printed coupon later in the week. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Yes, Jennifer, you should be able to use one mf coupon and one target coupon per item. Just be sure you hand them the $3 off $15 coupon first.
    I went to Target today and got a circo waterproof crib mattress pad marked down to $8.99 and used my $5 off mobile coupon. So happy I now have a backup if I ever need to change the pad in the middle of the night. I was kicking myself for not having a spare when my daughter got a stomach bug and was puking in her crib. 🙁

  4. Jennifer, in the past I have used a $ off frozen food catalina with manu. coupons and target coupons stacked in the same transaction without a problem. You *should* be ok! Hope that made sense 🙂

  5. I tried to use the mobile coupon because I found a crib sheet set for 2.49 and it didnt work. I went to costumer service and after a little bit of chatting they gave $3 back (apologize offer that the manager used) the coupon never went thought, according to them, so i will try to use the coupon again.

  6. I’m not sure where to post/ask this but I received a catilina (Target coupon) today for $3 off beauty purchase of $15 or more. Can that be combined with other Target coupons and MQ for say Revlon and other make up items?

  7. LOL Christine!!!! Oh you just made me laugh up out loud! Good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee when I read that! 🙂

  8. has anyone tried the crib sheet with the mobile coupon yet? I had issues with it last week and didn’t want to try again if it still wasn’t working, even though my target people were super nice

  9. Kerry seems to make the most blunders when she has not had enough coffee, or at least thats always her excuse. 🙂 give her a break, todays her bday and she wants to party her “as” off!!!! lol

  10. I’m glad I held off on buying these last Saturday! I will pick some up this week 🙂

  11. Also, you might want to proof read that post, you have quite the typo there. Made me laugh. It’s Monday.

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