New Search Feature for Printable Target Coupons!

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If you haven’t noticed yet, there is an awesome new search feature to the Coupon Site!


You can now easily search for a Target Coupon by entering it in the new search box. Finding a specific coupon is a breeze with this new feature! Just enter which brand you are looking for and it will automatically bring the coupon or list of coupons for that brand up for you to click on. I am thrilled about this & hope y’all find it makes your lives easier too! 🙂

For a matchup of all current Target Coupons available right now- you can always view my Target Coupon Page. And if you’ve ever wondered how you can tell the Target Coupons from Manufacturer’s coupons before you print you can check out my post HERE.

-Thanks so much for the heads up on the new search box to Tali!

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  1. Karen-I have Mac too, try just printing 3 at a time. Mine didn’t want to work at first, but does ok with just 3. They come out smaller than normal too.

  2. Anyone else have problems printing from there? I have a Mac and I’ve downloaded their new coupon software and it just keeps spinning and no coupons!!

  3. Hey Lisa- I had no clue- I thought I was late to the party- you know- not noticing it even though I am on there every day – but I don’t think so- I think they may have started it yesterday afternoon. I LOVE it too! 🙂

  4. The APP on the iPad etc has a search box too…
    but when using a laptop I just use your link…. soooo much easier =)

  5. now if only we could get on board or at least change it back so we can scroll thru all the coupons at once and not click next page every 10 coupons.. grr!!!

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