Daily Deals for Wednesday, March 6th

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oral-bHere’s the Daily Deals up on today. As always- all Daily Deals Ship FREE, plus you can also go through or go thru EBATES who are both offering 2% Cash Back on purchases today. You can also try using the code WM7CNKC3MP to get $5 off a purchase of $50 or more.

*Oral-B Professional Care 1000 Rechargeable Toothbrush $39
There is also a mail in rebate for $20 HERE, making it $19

*Oral B Dual Clean or Floss Action Refill -3 Ct Replacement Heads $22

*The Tooth Book (Hardcover) $6.50

*Select Toothbrush Holders $3.74-$7.49

If you use your Target REDcard (Credit OR DEBIT card) you will get an additional 5% Off your purchases. And if you are new to you can earn a $5 bonus for signing up, and if you go through EBATES, you will also get a $10 Gift Card to your choice of Target or other popular stores as a bonus in your account for signing up if you spend $25 in one transaction within 30 days.

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  1. Anyone know the UPC code for the Oral-B Professional Care 1000 toothbrush? I got 2 of them at $19.48 when Target had them clearanced but there is a UPC code sticker over the original UPC code on the box. The sticker UPC code is 0-69055-86133-8 but the UPC code on the box is 0-69055-85963-6.

    The weird thing is the Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 1000 (also clearanced at Target for $19.48)UPC code is 0-69055-85963-6 (which is the same UPC code of the original box UPC of the Oral-B Professional 1000 toothbrush).

  2. My Target had these Oral-B Professional Care 1000 toothbrushes clearanced along with the Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 1000 toothbrushes for $19.98!!!!! I looked up to seeif there was a rebate so I bought 4 of them!! Silly me, I had them ring all 4 up seperately, not realizing that you can send in for 2 rebates per address. I will send the rebates to my 2 daughters, who are out of college and need the $$!!

  3. The $10/1 MQ was from a box of Crest toothpaste that I bought last year. The $10/1 TQ was a regional coupon found in a SS insert. I purchased the brush and then went to customer service to get a refund for my two coupons. This way they don’t show up on your receipt!

  4. These were ringing up for $39.99 in store today with a bonus brush head included. I had a $10 TQ and $10 MQ so this should end up free after rebate!! So excited!!!!!

  5. Kerry & Suzee
    Ladies Thank You so much!!! I feel so much better now and I sincerely appreciate all the information.

  6. Thia – I spoke to P&G too and specifically told them the EXACT details of buying it online at Target. They explained to me that since it was a TARGET code for a $50 purchase and that other purchases could be made in the same transaction (IE the code was not specifically for the Oral B) that it would NOT affect the rebate. They said the “other offers” or coupons meant strictly specifically on the Oral B. The person I spoke to listed out the requirements to qualify and seemed extremely knowledgeable. I would call and ask to speak to a supervisor if you don’t get your rebate.. hth!

  7. Kerry,
    My husband and I placed two seperate calls to 1-888-292-0702 this number can be found on the actual rebate form. We were told both times that we would not get the rebate as stated on their form “Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, including coupons.” I appreciate you calling, I just don’t understand how we can get two different answeres.
    If I do not receive my rebate, who should I call?

    Also, I purchased my Oral B 1000 inside Target and they rang up at $39.99. I did NOT go have to go through Guest Services. My package had an additional brush head, it was in a blue & yellow box.

  8. Hey Misha- see the comment i just made. I made sure about this this morning before I even posted. regarding price matching Target store to – I am pretty sure that you cannot do that since it is a daily deal- a limited time offer. hth

  9. Hey Thia- I spoke to a person at P&G this morning to verify the terms of the rebate and address these same concerns. I was told that a store online coupon code would be fine- just no P&G maufactuurer’s coupons are to be used in store to purchase this item. Regarding the requirements stated in the rebate for purchase- your submission does not have to be the actual invoice from target. The shipment confirmation email or purchase order that you can access by going into your Target account will suffice as your receipt for purchase. All of the requirements asked for in the rebate are met. Either of these things will contain the purchase date, description & name of item, item price, and obviously the name of the retailer that you purchased at- hth

  10. I was wondering the same thing. Can we use our email order confirmation as receipt? Also, does price match their online prices? Thanks Kerry!

  11. Kery,
    The rebate clearly states that the purchase price MUST be circled – Target online invoices do NOT include prices. Also the rebate states – NO coupons, isn’t the $5.00 off $50.00 a coupon? Either way if you do not do as the rebate states they can void the $20.00 cash rebate.

  12. Hi was just wondering if you could use the 10.00 off rechargeable power toothbrush x3/31 target coupon? (not sure when and which sunday insert I found it)The rebate mentions you can’t use a coupon but it also mentions after coupons and savings its very confusing…

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