FREE FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld at Target

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We got a great Target Mobile Coupon today for $10/1 Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing System. The coupon actually specifically points out that it is valid on the FreshSaver Handheld model which is pretty shocking- but that’s what it says! πŸ™‚ They are actually on price cut right now at Target plus the FreshSaver Handheld will be FREE after stack…

FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld in White or Red $16.99 (PC thru 3/23)
-$10/1 Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing System Target Mobile Coupon x3/22*
*FreshSaver Handheld or Smart Seal or Black
$10 Off any FoodSaver Vaccum Sealing System
= FREE after stack!

FoodSaver Black $69.99 (PC thru 3/23)
-$10/1 Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing System Target Mobile Coupon x3/22*
*FreshSaver Handheld or Smart Seal or Black
$10 Off any FoodSaver Vaccum Sealing System
= $49.99 after stack (regularly $79.99)

I am not sure when these price cutsΒ are valid thru- but even if you don’t make it there today- the regular price of the FreshSaver Handheld is just $19.99- so still FREE after stack. πŸ™‚

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  1. My store has been sold out for over a week as well as online. The mobile coupon expires tomorrow & the sale is over Saturday. Someone should have thought about this! Bummed I won’t be getting one for free.

  2. Cheryl, yes the handheld was right next to the larger one at my Target. I just went today and got the last one! So if you don’t see it, your store may be sold out.

  3. I have looked for this and I can’t find it in the store. Is the hand held one by the larger ones.

  4. I was able to purchase 2 of these with my mobile q and my husband’s mobile q as well as use the 2 $10 mfr q. I also purchased the quart sized foodsaver bags on price cut for 7.99. Overall, I got 2 foodsaver handhelds (16.99 each) plus 1 pkg of food saver quart sized bags (7.99) for $1.97!

  5. I just got this deal and it was great! Because the 2 $10 coupons (mfg and Target) totaled $20, I got the overage to pay for my other items I was purchasing! Thanks for this.

  6. i got 2 of them, but i took my hubby along and he did one transaction with his mobile q and i did one with mine. you CAN only use the mobile qs once, but my guess is that they are doing multiple transactions with different phones. we have 2 smartphones in our house hold so they both get the mobile qs for times like this. πŸ™‚

  7. I just signed up for the mobile target. Do you think it will be too late to get this coupon? I’m not sure how all of this works. I would love to get it, but am afraid I won’t be able to. Thanks for your help.

  8. If you can’t find the coupon, click the coupon link in the original post at the top of the page, it takes you right to the print coupon screen. It does NOT print an ad at the bottom of the page.

  9. Got mine, too. Was a MM for $3.01, too. So I bought some of their bags 18ct for $7.19 – $3.01 = $4.18. Not too bad!

  10. I got one this morning. No problem using both coupons. Anyone know of a deal on the bags?

  11. How did you get three? I usually can only use my mobile Q’s once. Those of you who haven’t got yours i would get one soon, last year Target had a printable that had no restrictions and they pulled it and rereleaced it w/ a price limit so you couldn’t buy the hand held(this is what Iheard anyways) Also i couldn’t find in my local store. Another question,Iprinted the Foodsaver Q at least ^ monthes ago, does anyone know the guideline of how often they are reset?

  12. how is it that some are able to buy 2 or 3? i thought the mobile coupons were one time use? Can you use the coupon again? or does it take off automatically from both if you buy 2?

  13. I just got 3 of them at a local target! and I only had to pay tax which was $2.10!! I LOVE THIS DEAL

  14. One local Target was cleared out. The next Target had several on the shelf. This was a nice freebie —thanks! πŸ™‚

  15. If you are getting this, register your unit and sign up for the food saver e-mails. They will offer up amazing sales throughout the year and you’ll be able to stock up for cheap. The last time I got 6 bags at buy 3 get 3 free, a $10 coupon code that I found on retailmenot, upromise cash back, and free shipping. I stocked up and plan to again when they offer another great sale. These work fantastic but I tried recycling the bags by washing and reusing. They did not work as well after washing so now we just buy them when they’re on sale. They also have the bags at bed bath and beyond so you can use their 20% off coupons on them if you run out and they’re not on sale at target.

  16. Does Target give overage on their coupons? They always adjust mine so I get no overage.

  17. I just did the deal. No issue at ALL! Plus I got $3 towards the bags I bought to go with it. THANK YOU!!!

  18. I just got back from Target and had no problem with using the mobile coupon and the manufactures coupon together. And I did get $3 applied to the balance of my purchase as the handheld was on a price cut for $16.99. We missed out on this last time so I’ve very happy to finally get one!

  19. I just got one. They scanned the Target coupon first, no problem. The manufacturer coupon beeped and she entered it manually. I don’t think she knew quite what she was doing, but I got $3 overage!

  20. Has anyone tried to see if it works yet? I got some of the handheld ones the last time they were free with coupons and gave them to my friends as christmas gifts. since i got it for free I got one pack of bags to go with it. of course i used coupons on the bags as well lol….it would be nice to get another of these to give as a gift again this year.

  21. Jennifer–
    You may have just not received yours yet. Sometimes I get my text early in the morning before the coupons are posted on here and sometimes its later in the afternoon. Not sure what pattern Target uses to send the texts! πŸ™‚

  22. Allison- The Zevia coupon stated one per purchase and per customer. I bought them at Safeway last time. The cashier pointed it out to me, but she was so nice and said she will do it in different transaction, for reimbursement purposes.

  23. Allison, Im not one to run to management when I cant use a certain coupon. But I think your particular Target has the coupon policies all wrong. And in this case I would talk to Target Headquarters or whatever its called. It just seems so unfair. Either they dont understand the policy or are just refusing to follow it. Maybe someone can enlighten them.

  24. If you have them scan the $10 TQ first, then stacked with MQ will give you $3 overage!

  25. Thanks so much Kerry and Alexis. I’m always having problems at that Target.The reason I go there sometimes is that it is the only Super Target closer to me, and they tend to have more product on hand. I remember a while back with mederma deal being free after the $2 coupon. They had pulled all of from the shelves. Also, had a bunch of zevia $3 coupons when they were on price cut, would have been $0.33 each. They told me I could only use one coupon, since it stated one per purchase, I now know that was wrong, but that is what I have to deal with at that Target.

  26. How did you get this I have target mobile coupons but didnt get this one and I really want a food storage system

  27. Allison you should ask to speak to the GSTL at the checkout because that’s not correct you should be able to use a manufacturer + target coupon per item…Maybe print out the Target coupon policy and take it with you.

  28. Hey Allison- my take on that is that it cannot be combined with another manufacturers offer- ie you cannot use $10/1 MQ and Buy a Foodaver and get a free refill MQ together. Many manufacturer’s put that wording on their coupons to prevent them from being combined. Purina has worded their coupons like that for years- I remember having a conversation with a rep from Purina a few years ago- and I was told they put it there for 2 reasons- one- because many people are under the misconception that if they have 2 different coupons for one item ie a $1/1 and a $2/1 thyey can use both on the same product. And two- because they frequently have B1G1 & $ Off coupons circulating at the same time and do not want these coupons used togeth. That is my take on it- but all stores do have the right to refuse any coupon- so unfortunately you are at the mercy of your store. But I will say – even if they refuse it, after a $10/1 and price cut- it is like getting 65% off the regular price of $19.99

  29. Hi Kerry. Thanks. The last time this came around I had actually bought two. Then the team leader came and told me I couldn’t get them, must have been watching me to see what I bought. I asked why, and he said the offers couldn’t be combined, meaning I couldn’t use the target coupon with the manufacturer coupon, it was either or. I just printed the foodsaver coupon and it still stated may not be combined with any other offer. What’s your take on this? Thanks for all you do.

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