Shopkick App: Having Trouble Finding Your Coupons?

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I’ve received several emails and comments about how to find the Shopkick Mobile Coupons so I thought I would do a quick how-to post. These instructions are for the new version, 3.0 and higher. For those of you having trouble- I hope you find it to be helpful.

When you open your shopkick app, the first screen should show a stack of the Shopkick Lookbooks for all the different stores. If Target is not on top, you can swipe thru them or pull on the little tab to show a list. I find the tab to be the quickest way.

shopkick-mobile2Once you find Target, tap on it and the next screen will bring up several different Target Lookbooks PLUS the Big Deal Book. Your mobile coupons can be found in the “Big Deal Book”. Notice the print above the book, ie. In-Store 3/9-3/22. This is the expiration date —starting 3/9, your mobile coupons are valid thru 3/22.

To see your Shopkick mobile coupons, tap on the Big Deal Book, and then swipe thru the offers. For details and exclusions, you can tap on the info symbol in the bottom right corner. Remember to wait until you are at the register to use the coupons- they expire 12 hours after tapping the word “use”. Once you are at the register – tap the words “Use This Deal”, and up will come a coupon & bar code for the cashier to scan. You can only use each coupon once.

For more information about how Shopkick works, you can see my post HERE. For a complete list of the new mobile coupons that became available today along with matchups, you can go HERE.

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  1. If you get the message that “shopkick has stopped” go to the app center and act like you are going to down load it, but you need to UPDATE it to version 3.4 and then it will work!

  2. I find that my shopkick app is horrible when I have the WiFi turned on. When I am in Target and turn off my WiFi and use the 3G it works great. Not sure why though 🙂

  3. I get irritated everytime I try to use the app. It never recognizes that I’m in the store so I never get the walkin points or scanning points :-/

  4. What might be the problem if my Shopkick app will no longer even pull up? I’m on an Android and have some gift cards in my Shopkick account and would like to use them. However, when I click on the app to open the program, I get the error message ‘Unfortunately, shopkick has stopped ‘. I have rebooted my phone several times and tried over the course of several days and still get that same message. I always click ‘Report’, but have seen no improvement. Suggestions are MORE than welcome! Is this a Verizon issue, Shopkick issue, my phone issue, what?!?! The fear I have of removing the app and re-downloading it is the gift cards I have earned on the account… Help, please?!

  5. Tina– I too was frustrated by this and finally figured it out. When you are looking at the $2 reward, you should see a number “1” to the left. Tap on the “1” and it brings up a wheel (I use an iphone – not sure how android looks). Scroll thru to choose your reward. Whatever amounts you qualify for will show up – if you have enough for a $10 GC, then it should show up. Just select it and the next screen should show you how many kicks it will cost you and now you can tap on “I want this”. HTH

  6. Tarah – This happened to me too – if I’m right, the register thinks you’re buying a gift card and wants to know how much you want to put on it. I had to tell them it was a shopkick gift card that I wanted to spend. They hit a different key for that. Ask for the manager if you have any more trouble. HTH

  7. I just recently redeemed for a 10 gift card with my points to Target but it doesnt work. : ( It tells the cashier to swipe gift card to add funds. Any idea why this doesnt work?

  8. Free ibuprofen with the $2/2 Up & Up pain relief items. 24 count is $0.97 at my store!

  9. Any clue how to redeem points for larger amounts than the first amount that shows up? I have about 3500 points and when I click on gifts, specifically Target, the only thing I am showing is 500 points worth $2. If I click that, it says that if I want it, it is not refundable once clicked. I think I have enough for $10 or so, but can’t figure out how to redeem for larger. Any help would be appreciated :)!

  10. I downloaded the app for Shopkick a couple of months ago and didn’t do really anything with it. Then I started it about a month ago and I love it. I’m always in Target and as soon as I get out of the car I go to the shopkick app and love hearing the ding when I get my points when I walk thru the door. I have almost got enough points for my first 10.00 gift card! I love it!

  11. Thank you for posting this Kerry as I find SK to be very hard to use….not user friendly…:-(

  12. Michelle & Brandy – You can link any credit/debit card (only a few exceptions) to shopkick and earn points for every purchase. They have switched back – I linked my paypal debit card and now I get 1 point for every 1 dollar I spend at Target. You can check your kicks bank for total points earned. Kicks will show up in your bank once the number of days in the return policy have passed. The kicks add up even faster now!

  13. I have. I haven’t had any problems at all. I’ve actually gotten the notice from ShopKick that i made a purchase while i’m still at the register. lol

  14. I have linked my card. Works like a charm. They used to give points for every purchase at Target but now just if it’s more than $50.

  15. Has anyone linked their card to shop kick? I was thinking about it, but just scared of doing it.

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