B2G1 FREE Juicy Juice 8-Pks = as Low as 66¢ Each

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I am so happy that there is finally a nice deal to go with that high-value $1/1 Juicy Juice insert coupon that some of you may have gotten in the 2-10-13 RP. There’s a new unadvertised offer for B2G1 FREE Juicy Juice that some of you may be able to find at your Target stores valid thru 3/30 for a great deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Juicy Juice 8-Packs ($2.49) = $7.47
-$2.49 (one will be FREE with Target Deal thru 3/30
-$2.00 (use two $1/1 Juicy Juice Product 2-10-13 RP x4/10
= $2.98 for 3 or right around $1 each after coupons & deal
If your store allows a coupon on an item made FREE by a SALE- use 1 more:

-$1/1 Juicy Juice Product 2-10-13 RP x4/10
= $1.98 for 3 or .66 each after coupons & deal

If you don’t have insert coupons- there is a $1/1 Juicy Juice Fruitifuls coupon HERE that is still available to print and the Fruitifuls are also included at $2.49.

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  1. Bummer, not in Hawaii! I got excited and ran out to Target, but they’re regular price here 🙁

  2. The bounce dryer sheets… Where do I start! I thik they (target employees) are taking them off the shelves. This happened last time with the venus razors. I can get a straight answer when I ask when these items are coming in. Last time with the venus razors she told me they are expecting alot of them the day after the sale (gift cards) I was told they are getting more dryer sheets on Monday (yesterday) I drove 50 minutes to the nearest Target and guess what no dryer sheets. (I was there right when they opened up) I did ask if they had any and the young lady checked and said no, They are coming on Wednesdays truck. It is very furstrating… They should not even put out the coupons if they cant get the merchandise!

  3. the coupon is on juicyjuice.com… you don’t have to have gotten it in the paper.

    my target usually allows us to use coupons on free items… i think it depends more on your cashier than anything. we do a lot of couponing there and have learned who to go to during checkout- they like giving us the deals we come up with. our target has also been out of the bounce dryer sheets. i went in there the first day this deal could be done and the shelf was empty and has yet to be restocked… i know there aren’t couponers in there buying them up everyday. i’ve noticed this with a lot of other coupon items in the past too. i either get there just in time to get the last of the item on the shelf, or they’re totally out and don’t restock until the sale or coupon is over. way to not get business from the people who don’t have coupons for those items either.

  4. Thanks! I have been looking for this deal to show up again. I have a lot of coupons to use. I will start using them slowly to see if some TQs show up before the end of the month.

  5. They removed some of the fisher price toys too! It irritates me! I am going to check a few if my other targets this week. My usual store is getting kind if rude and snappy when you ask a question 🙁

  6. @Erica- I did the bounce deal the first day the coupon came out, after that the shelves have been empty and the manager who is so rude told me I can only take 3 boxes because he was going to accept 1 mq & 1 tq. cause according to him I didn’t read the q correctly even though in the same q it states no more than 4 identical q (I had 6 boxes) @Christine N-im with u on that one it happened with the cereal deal too so here in Pacoima CA we are used to that when something its free we’re not gonna find it.

  7. they are not in my store either… i did notice though that they took down all the 25 ct up and up ibuprofen and even removed the .97 sign and its just an empty spot now. i imagine as soon as the coupons expire we will see them on the shelf again, but why put a coupond out and then remove the product? i dont get it….

  8. Has anyone been able to do the bounce dryer sheet deal I have gone to all the target’s in my area and the shelves are bare. Even though this coupon was not on in my region I bought them through ebay it seems to me that Target’s is deliberately removing the items off the shelves. I couldn’t find a jar of pasta sauce either what a shame 🙁

  9. @ Sarah The computer at my store says can’t accept coupon on free item when they scan the coupon.

  10. @sarah, yes thats pretty much how you figure it out.. either it will go thru or it will beep and they will either say no or put it through.

  11. How do you know if your store allows a coupon on a free product? I guess just try it if they said no they say no..

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