Update on Unilever Health & Beauty Gift Card Deals


UPDATE: This deal is now working at the Registers! You can check out my post HERE.

As I posted on Friday, many of you will see the above 4-page spread advertisement in your RP insert today for what looks to be two different Gift Card Deals on Unilever Health & Beauty Products thru 3/23. Even if you don’t see the advertisement above- you may still see these deals at your stores. I plan on doing an update with a full matchup on what is included, however, I received several e-mails from readers that despite seeing lots of Gift Card signs advertising these deals in the store- the Gift Card was not prompting at the register for any of the brands. 🙁

Kelley also confirmed that it is not working at her store either, so I think I will hold off a bit on that update and I plan to test it out later today at my store too. If any of you find that the register is automatically prompting for the Gift Card at your store- without requiring any manual intervention from Target Team members, please let me know. Once I can confirm it is working at the register, I promise to do a full rundown of the deals, a matchup and post some deal scenarios for you!

-Thanks so much for your e-mails JC, Tess & Heather & I hope they get it working for everyone soon!

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  1. Just got back from target in okc ok and got 8 suave professionals sham/cond., 2clear men shampoo,2twin degree deodorant,2suave lotion,1suave Moroccan styling oil,4simple face items also 6 boxes of bounce and 4 poise items paid $33 and got 3 $5 gift cards

  2. Just got back and bought 2 Suave Shampoo, 2 Suave Conditioner, 2 Simple foaming cleansers, and 2 Simple wipes. Wanted to see if 4 Suave would work, but she rang them up mixed. Got the gift card without a problem twice in the same order.

  3. @MeleP I can’t stand KMART. They have some great promotions but seldomly work! I have some major horror stories about that lol.

  4. @Danielle Miller, I do the same thing and take a picture of the sign on the display or shelf. One time at Kmart I showed them the picture of the display with a huge sign stating the sale. Customer Service ignored it and said they have to check themselves. Sure enough they return and said they don’t see the sign. I walked back there and they took it down! Can you believe that? That was my experience. Hopefully, no one else has to go through that.

  5. Just an FYI that might help. If I know there might be an issue with something like this, I take pictures of the shelf tag with my phone. Then instead of sending someone back to check a price and have trouble finding it, I pull it up on my phone and I don’t have to depend on someone else to report back with the correct info.

  6. Can someone helps me to print target coupons? I am very frustrated 🙁 Please Please help!! I don’t know what to do anymore. Thank you in advance!!!!

  7. I just got the girft card today! I bought 2 twin packs of degree and 2 clear shampoo and it prompted the %5 giftcar!!!

  8. @sara in SOCAL if you are close go to TARGET at WESTMINSTER MALL……that is the only one that is cool!!!!

  9. I have not tried this deal, but wanted to add that the register prompts for a gift card BEFORE coupons are scanned. So that can not be the issue.

  10. I had Same problem with coupons at target saying coupons say’s cannot be combined with other coupons or sales so target wouldn’t let me get sale price it was one or the other

  11. uggghh ok will try later in the week then….not willing to face all that drama today! 🙂

  12. Monday morning, gift card did not prompt. After quite a delay at the register and a supervisor confirming that I had 4 qualifying products, I was also given a $5 credit on my total instead of a gift card.

  13. Wow, glad I am not the only one having problems at my stores. Friday I went in and shopped, had to have the manager called for my coupons (seems they are all price adjusting down at my store now B1G1 coupons). Went out and had lunch with the kids came back for another trip and the earths best frozen food Tim’s weren’t ringing up at all! I bought 4 different items for the kids to try and only 1 rang up with the price. They asked me well how much was it?? Really the manager is too lazy to go back to check the price? I am getting beyond frustrated

  14. @JOJO- I agree!!!! I live in So Cal also and they have gotten worse, they make up policies, treat you as if you’re a criminal even though you are abiding by their policy and what the coupons state!

    They are also the worst at accepting own Target coupons, especially printables! I was faithfully shopping their for the past 15 years and it WAS my favorite store!

  15. Intried to do the Suave Keratin deal at my store today (SoCal) and the gift card did not prompt either. And then n top of that, the BOGO coupon beeped and is triggering an error message saying no matching items. The manager dissected my coupon and even went up to security to verify (like as if the coupons I had were fake…which I clipped from red plum today!) then she came back and told me, “oh you canonpy use one of these BOGO coupons. I disagreed saying, it says on the coupon a maximum of 2 like coupons on same shopping trip. Then she tells me, “well if you want to use both coupons, then you cannot get the $5 gift card, it is one or the other! ” Wow!! I said. I replied saying, where does that say in your promo that I cannot use manufacturer’s coupons? I plan to call Unilver and Target corporate offices tomorrow. I was upset when I left the store. And it seems to me that the associates and even managers at Target are making their own policies as they go along. A lot of inconsistencies across the board for sure! Getting really frustrated with how they treat customers in general! Too bad, my son loves to buy his Legos and Star Wars toys at their store. I have been shopping with them for a while now, but lately I am getting frustrated on how their customer service is….especially if you have coupons to use. They are definitely going the wrong way with this…that’s too bad. 🙁

  16. I live in MN and there were signs posted a $5 gift car would be issued for the Tresseme shampoo and conditioners, but when I went to check out my cashier didn’t get a prompt for a gift card. I had her scan the other shampoo and conditioners to make sure and sure enough it was a no go 🙁

  17. @sonja, they are target printable from the website. use the new awesome search feature and they should pop right up!

  18. In Kenosha, WI they had the signs up but nothing prompted to give the $5 GC so I asked…. they checked said that they knew about it so they would give me the $5 GC but couldn’t get it to work so they just deducted the $5 off my order….got a double pack of Degree deodorants, 1 clear scalp shampoo, 1 Keratin shampoo, 1 Keratin conditioner. Used 1 buy a degree deodorant get the Clear Scalp shampoo for free in the 3/10 paper, also used 1 BOGO coupon for the Keratin shampoo and conditioner in the 3/10 paper….so that worked out awesome…deodorant was $3.99 and the Keratin was $ 2.89 which equals $6.88 but they took $5 off so $1.88 for all 4 cause of the free Clear scalp shampoo with purchase of deodorant and the BOGO coupon for shampoo and conditioner. And paid with a $5 GC from the deal from last week so walked away with all for FREE!!!! LOVE IT!!

  19. @christine n that was a really good deal 🙂 i was wandering if the $1/1 tqs are printables or tqs that were in the Sunday paper?

  20. i got $5 taken off of my bill. i got the 4 suave keratin. used 4 $1/1 tqs, used 2 b1g1 mqs and they took off the whole $5 which is the up to amount. so i made $6.02 and still got $5 off my order for the gc so $11.02 total mm. i didnt notice that it took off the $5 on my 2 free ones until after i left the store.

  21. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and my store had these posted all over the place! But when I was at the check out, the cashier rang up my Clear shampoo and conditioner, along with two Suave professionals products, and it did not prompt her for the gift card. I mentioned it, and a manager overheard and said the register has not been catching it, but told the cashier to just ring in a $5 target coupon. All in all, I saved $9 and only spent $6 and some change!

  22. The target in my area apologized and is holding my cart until Monday when corporate can get all computers updated. Ball dropped between uniliver and target computer programers I heard

  23. I picked up 8 qualifying Unilever products and I even saw the “buy 4 unilever products and get a free $5 gift card” label on the shelf when I picked up the products. However, the gift card offer didn’t come up when the cashier rung me up. Instead of holding up the customers behind me I decided to go to the customer service desk. They sent a sales associate back to check the sale tags but they claimed none existed. I went back and sure enough they had taken down all the sale tags. From one of the floor managers I found out Target corporate sent an emergency message to the store telling them to remove the sale tags because it was not ringing up properly at the check stand. Target was nice enough to still give me the 2 $5 gift cards. But I have to wonder how they can do that? Place an advertisement for the offer in the paper but then remove the sales offer at the stores simply because it’s not ring up the offer properly at the register? I doubt it would be that hard to fix something like that in their system. Someone at Target corporate seriously screwed up.

  24. I live in Chicago went to 2 different target stores. The first one told me there was no gift card promotion on the 4 suave I was buying. And the second store the casher told me to take it to customer service and they would give me the gift card. The lady at customer service said ” that was not a target promotion so there was nothing she can do about it”. o_O

  25. A Target in Hemet, Ca. gave $5 back in cash to my friend who purchased the 4 Suave cg deal. The gift cards weren’t prompting.

  26. I just realized that I didn’t get the gift card either and I bought 4. Going to go ack.

  27. I did the deals and the cashiers were aware of it not prompting…..good thing for me the
    Clear men shampoo has $2.00 off coupons on the bottle which my cashier scanned plus took off the free price…..i got 4 keratin shampoo /conditioners, 2 double pack degrees , 2 clear men shampoos and found 2 glade sprays on clearance and paid $3.68!!!! She just gave me 2 $5 off discounts to make up for my gift cards..

  28. Lots of the items in the 4-page spread ad were marked at my store. I bought 2 degree and 2 clear scalp for men (used 2 buy one degree, get the clear scalp for free); it did not prompt for a gift card at the register, but they did “push it through” by selling me a $5 gc, then deducting it from the total.

  29. I bought some items too and when I got home (I’m wraggling a newborn) I discovered that the deal didn’t work for me either…….. I will be back to get my money back I guess

  30. I tried it today with a combo of 3 of the Unilever Items (Suave, Degree,Simple) required to prompt the (3) $5 GCs and yes…it does not work. The Target manager told me the system isn’t working and that they can only deduct $5 off of the total. She also stated that any manufacturer coupons will not be accepted as the $5 credit is in a form of a manufacturer coupon so that will void the use of at least one coupon per combo. She also told me (which I found strange) that when the deal is activated that manufacturer coupons will still NOT be able to be used on the deal. I asked her how does she figure that when the deal will generate a $5 Target GC and not count as a credit off the total purchase, She had no answer for me and just walked away. I guess she doesn’t like couponers and tried to discourage for making my way back to Target when the deal is activated.

  31. It wasn’t working on the deals for me today. I tried 4 simple products- no gc.i tried 4suave Moroccan keratin products no gc. Degree no gc.

  32. I don’t think Kerry is saying they won’t honor the signs – i think she is just wanting to know when it starts working or if it is already working for anyone at the register automatically! I think I will wait til tomorrow to go!

  33. I called target about the ad and they said to just bring it with me when I go,so hopefully it goes as planned

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